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Tudent but whenever one wants an UNUSUAL TEST IT DEALS WITH IT test it deals with it thoroughly Many items in it can only be found in literature not easily availabloe to a student Difficult issues are dealt with in depth Love that I can rent books for cheap through here My professor reuired that students have this book for readings and to understand how to perform tests by hand For the first few chapters this book is a godsend as Are The Tables In The Back HOWEVER the tables in the back HOWEVER book also frustrated me to no end Examples don t always line up on pages that talk about that specific test Tables in the back can be labeled as 1b and further on also be labeled 1b so I have mine covered in post it notes to differentiate between which 1b correlates to which test Additionally the book itself will mention tests that can be performed but says it will talk about those later and over explain a method with little true explanation as to how to perform the test I DO NOT recommend this book for any statistics class for beginners I used this for an advanced class and honestly it did help for the first few chapters but going into advanced topics my friends and I looked for the examples of how to perform a test rather than the explanationIf you have to buy it good luck I used other statistical texts provided by my advisor that were far simpler in their explanations of tests and I understood why certain tests were used from other books rather than this one Don t order if you need help with stats This book simply gives you examples of stats used for real life papers however it doesn t give you any steps and isn t great for explaining why specific tests are used or how to interpret them Book is as horrible as the class Gives a good review about statistics and how to apply them in biological settings. Ariance; Multivariate Analysis of Variance; Simple Linear Regression; Comparing Simple Linear Regression Euations; Simple Linear Correlation; Multiple Regression and Correlation; Polynomial Regression; Testing for Goodness of Fit; Contingency Tables; More on Dichotomous Variables; Testing for Randomness; Circular Distributions Descriptive Statistics; Circular Distributions Hypothesis Testing For all readers interested in biostatistic. .

Do not be fooled by the photo I received the international edition instead of the version pictured here False advertising unfortunately We returned the book in proper time then was charged for it saying we damaged it then it was returned this is not the book we sent back I had to buy this for class and it was the correct one I had to buy 5 stars I hated this book first edition as a text in grad school because it did not go through derivations or explain any of the background where all the formulas came from Then the second edition turned out to be an extremely useful reference book when doing research and actually using the various statistical procedures I am an epidemiologist but also do other types of statistical analyses The many examples are very helpful if you have a dataset that is similar enough The book covers a broad range of statistical procedures not including epidemiologic statistics such as incidence prevalence relative riskrate Odds Ratios Cox Proportional Hazards regression Poisson regression I have bought and used all 4 of the previous editions over the years and Zar has become the first book I look at when trying to decide which procedures are appropriate for the data at hand non epidemiologic data From a uick perusal of the 5th edition I still would hate to have to learn this stuff from this book I need to go through the derivations and assumptions in detail to really learn and deriving proofs need to go through the derivations and assumptions in detail to really learn and deriving proofs even the simplest procedures from the sketchy descriptions in this book is very difficult or impossible for me I much prefer the approach of Hogg the sketchy descriptions in this book is very difficult or impossible for me I much prefer the approach of Hogg Craig Breslow and Day and other mathematically detailed books that outline derivations and show the curious reader where the formulas and procedures come from and what assumptions need to be mad. Zars Biostatistical Analysis Fifth Edition is the ideal book for readers seeking practical coverage of statistical analysis methods used by researchers to collect summarize analyze and draw conclusions from biological research The latest edition of this best selling textbook is both comprehensive and easy to read It is suitable as an introduction for beginners and as a comprehensive reference book for biological researchers and other.

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E for them to be valid In fairness Zar is well referenced so you can often find an article or book that does provide mathematical detail So the 4 stars is a weighted average of 5 stars for usability as a reference text and 2 stars for the usefulness of this book as a primary textbook when first learning the material Also the book title implies coverage Of Epidemiologic Statistics Which Are epidemiologic statistics which are covered at allIncidentally I ordered the hardcover version new and it arrived in terrible condition The binding was separated from the cover in both front and back I could not find the option to call for customer service to reuest a replacement so I mentioned this complaint in my review but have not factored it into the 4 star ratingADDENDUM With a little searching of the website I finally found the customer service line for called them re examined the damaged binding and now believe the book actually was damaged in shipping On closer examination the binding does appear to be of reasonable uality but it seems the book was dropped on its open side which tore the binding at both front and back covers offered me a partial refund to compensate for the damage to the book which I believe is a fair amount I will repair the binding myself which I prefer to the hassle of returning the book and getting a replacement sent Five stars for s response to this problem Not the same edition as the Hardcover version it is linked to International softcover lacks All Appendices Which Bolster appendices which bolster book with everything from random number tables to z charts and their relatives which are necessary for using many of the analysesRegret buying I have used this book for many years teaching and have found it to be one of the most thorough texts available It is perhaps too long for a first time Advanced users Introduction; Populations and Samples; Measures of Central Tendency; Measures of Dispersion and Variability; Probabilities; The Normal Distribution; One Sample Hypotheses; Two Sample Hypotheses; Paired Sample Hypotheses; Multisample Hypotheses The Analysis of Variance; Multiple Comparisons; Two Factor Analysis of Variance; Data Transformations; Multiway Factorial Analysis of Variance; Nested Hierarchical Analysis of .
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Biostatistical Analysis (5th Edition)