E–book [75 Years of Capitol Records (EXTRA LARGE) (English, French and German Edition)]

Are bonesThis is so sad as reats such as Johnny Mercer Stan Kenton Nat King Cole Peggy Lee as well as the reat producer Dave Dexter are all mere footnotes This was the Capitol familyalong with Sinatra Martin Nelson Riddle Billy May Judy Garland June Christyetc No Taschen fumbled the ball and sadly appears to have one for the big bucksThis book COULD have been truly a complete work of art with a amazing story unlike RCA Victor and Columbia Capitol was uniue in each wayIn the future please pretty please be COMPLETE and interview people that are knowledgeable on future subjectsRich HargroveVirginia Beach Virginia Capitol Records had some of the most beautiful record label designs but scanning through this book I didn t see a single one reproduced That should ve been a warning bell to me Disappointments pending The book s massive size can t mask other omissions Short shrift The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States given to thereat artists of the 1940s 50s and 60s especially Nat King Cole Capitol s female vocalists and its Country music roster A little too much

*space iven to *
given to Sinatra way too much space iven to no name artists of recent vintage Too much is missing here and Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth given the largeaps in label history the size of this book just isn t warranted You ll find it difficult to store Usual superb job from Taschen Some amazing pictures A bargain iven the lavishness and the reduced price First off this is a very BIG HEAVY book It is much bigger than I expected Because the cover is designed to look like an LP I expected it to be that size but it is much bigger It comes in a large display box like most higher priced Taschen volumes The outer cover is a sort of slipcase that folds out It is mostly a picture book with little text which is just fine I counted at least 9 pages devoted to *SINATRA AND AT LEAST 16 PAGES *and at least 16 pages to The Beatles You expect a book this expensive to be nice but this book is REALY REALY nice First I love this book It is orgeous beautifully published with high uality images Rare photos from the archives Different enres of music are represented The PUBLISHER s packaging is outstanding Urales y críticos musicales así como cientos de imágenes procedentes de los extensos archivos de Capitol Records seguimos la evolución de la discográfica y el devenir de buena parte de la música más relevante de los siglos XX y XXI A través del pop el rock el country la clásica el soul y el jazz este relato fotográfico y musical incluye a las figuras más flamantes exitosas y creativas del sello así como a auellas otras ue tuvieron un solo éxito y vivieron un efímero paso por el estrellatoEn el camino nos encontramos en los primeros 20. 75 Years of Capitol Records captures the essence and soul of an iconic player in the formation and continual development of the music industry Growing up the kid of a record company exec this brought back vivid memories of what it was like to see this world through a different lens The imagery and stories will keep you and anyone who is fortunate enough to thumb through hours of enjoyment This is such a big book that if it slips through your hands it just might chop your feetThere are some meat in this book although it s mainly a picture book with a few essaysIf your main interest is the early years of the record labelyou might be disapointedThe big stars are well representedCOLESINATRAMARTINTHE BEACH BOYSTHE BEATLES but what about JUNE CHRISTYPEGGY LEE and so many othersIt s a complete overview that oes from 1942 to our timeI would also liked album covers on displayThey only featured a *Few Near The EndSo To Resumeit S Not A Bad *near the endSo to resumeit s not a bad but it could have been so much better Outer decorative slip casebox was ripped in 3 or 4 places near to the handle plus the lengths of selloptape that had been stuck all over it made the condition much worse The book itself had large scratch marks on the front of the old record coverOverall condition was much poorer than advertised present for my brother loved it Some of the vintage shots are extraordinary and Barney Hoskyns overview is first class However I was sorely disappointed in the book as a whole because although it s advertised as the official account of Capitol Records from its founding year to today many important Capitol artists from the early days et only the briefest of mentions while a number of what I consider essential names are missing entirely Also a key Capitol division which was very instrumental in the early days of television is similarly forgotten True to par Taschen Publishing has done a terrific piece of work with outstanding color packagingetc IF you desire to read and admire the artists and history of Capitol Records from 1962 to the presenthoweverfrom 1942 at it s birth to 1962 at it s prime the coverage is De los Beatles a Beck de Sinatra a Sam Smith por este libro desfilan artistas ue marcaron una época tras cruzar las puertas de la famosa torre de Capitol Records uno de los edificios más singulares de Hollywood y el hogar de uno de los sellos discográficos más destacados del mundo de los últimos 75 añosPara rendir tributo a una extraordinaria historia de la música rabada TASCHEN presenta la retrospectiva oficial de Capitol Records ue abarca desde su fundación en 1942 hasta la actualidad Con un prólogo de Beck ensayos de historiadores cult. He book comes packaged in a custom designed box with a plastic handle for carryingThe old LP looking disc on the front of the package looks like a old plated regular size LPI agree with other reviewers it is a heavy heavy book Couldn t read it or view the photos without putting the book on a table or the floor and then carefully flipping through the pages Impossible to do so in one s lap because the book is too heavy and large It was difficult to use the index and then flip back and forth between the index and the pages when looking up a specific artist s photos and references in the book because of the large width length and depth of this tomeIt is definitely a coffee table piece but is an art book at the same time that honor s the label s legacy in music Of course it could not possibly include *ALL OF CAPITOL S ARTISTSMY BIG COMPLAINT THIS IS *of Capitol s artistsMY BIG COMPLAINT This is I had to ive this book only 4 stars threw it in a shipping box that was too large for this book The shipper threw some thin brown paper over it in a shipping box that was too large for this book The shipper threw some thin brown paper over top of the book The special case that the publisher designed with a carrying handle was damaged badly during shipping Please see photosIF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE AN ART BOOK FROM HERE Don t It won t be shipped with the care it deserves And it deserves the utmost care This book is a treasure trove for music record lovers I bought this for my husband whose band recorded for Capitol in the 1970s and is featured in this book It was a birthday surprise Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies gift for him and he was delighted The book is extremely large and heavy but strikingly beautiful filled withorgeous photographs of musicians spanning the years Some of the shots from Capitol s earlier years are magnificent Many happy hours can be spent Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch going through this book Just one word of cautionit is a very very large and heavy book It will need a special place in your home to comfortably display it A very large and heavy book beautifully presented photographs with profiles This is a superb collection of Capitol Records recording artists many of them REAL stars Beautiful book well worth the money paid fabulous value andlorious reading. Años de Capitol con artistas de la talla de Miles Davis Nat King Cole The Kingston Trio y Frank Sinatra; Beach Boys The Band y The Beatles en la década de 1960; figuras mundiales del rock como Pink Floyd Wings Steve Miller Band Bob Seger y Linda Ronstadt en la década de 1970; y estrellas contemporáneas como Coldplay Katy Perry y Sam Smith Hito ineludible para los amantes de la música 75 Years of Capitol Records es un homenaje a un poderoso Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood gigante de la industria musical ue ha creado la banda sonora deeneraciones pasadas presentes y futuras. ,

75 Years of Capitol Records (EXTRA LARGE) (English, French and German Edition)

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