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I thoroughly enjoyed this 3 book serial I m glad I didn t discover it until all 3 were written I ate to wait I wasn t sure ow I would feel about written I ate to wait I wasn t sure Bear Humbug how I would feel about first in the serial theero wait I wasn t sure Afterlife how I would feel about first in the serial theero cold But in classic Blue Is for Nightmares happy fashion theero s character developed nice balance with action suspense scenes too The world building was appealing too By the close of the 3d part of the serial I was Heroes Die hunting for other novels by this author Hope she continues the series and publishes again soonUPDATE 162017 READING ORDER While I read the 7 books in the order they were published I recommend reading them in the following order for better timeline action orientation I ve reread them in this order am muchappier with them all LOVE THE SERIESDark Planet Warriors 1 3Out of DarknessForged in ShadowDark Planet FallingInto the LightDarkside BluesInfinity s Embrace Like action Like sexy aliens Like well written characters Like fantastic storylines You re going to L O V E the Dark Planet Warriors series The overarching storyline is epic through the series and each book L'Ingénu has it s own sub plot that ends in aappy endingKordolians The name causes tingles of fear throughout the nine galaxies The ultimate warriors and conuerors They come from Kythia deep in sector 9 In our intro story of the series Dark Planet Warriors the Kordolian first division land on Fortuna Tau a junky Earth mining station in sector 1 Their enemy and the scourge of many galaxies the Zargek The Strathmore Club have passed through a wormhole and entered sector 1 for the first time ever Think ginormous cockroaches that don t need oxygen to breathe and adults can only be killed by one thing Kordolians First division warriors are our main characters through the series ten elite warriors whoave been brutally modified against their wills to be indestructibleDark Planet Warriors is an amazing start to the series introducing us to the sheer terror that the name Kordolian causes in Pampa Pampa humans This species is crafted so well their enhanced senses their brutal nature the description of the semi sentient nanite tech that lives in only our first division warriors The first division lands on Fortuna Tau to repair their ship intent on destroying any and all mangy Zargek thatave passed through the wormhole The pure power intelligence and domineering presence of our main the wormhole The pure power intelligence and domineering presence of our main General Tarak al Akkadian is introduced in this book The beautiful portrayal of the first warrior to fall into mating fever with a Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus human ander subseuent falling for Geometry Part 1: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Quick Study Academic) him lol both figuratively AND literally is a sheer joy to readI LOVE this book and after reading it I bought the whole series I ve read it many times as well as purchased the audiobooks HIGHLY RECOMMEND for fans of alien action romance Omg what an amazing read this book was I was totally blown away and just couldn t put it down Their was action from the very start and was a non stop thrill ride to the very end The story was captivating imformative with characters back stories provided giving a in depth feel to who they really are What I thought was just going. Book 1 of the Dark Planet Warriors SeriesAbbeySome scary looking aliensave just boarded Fortuna Tau our little asteroid mining station Kordolians by the looks of things What the Herbier et autres collections hell do they want with this floating rust bucket What are they even doingere Come to think of it I've never seen a Kordolian up close before They're Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters huge and intimidating with strange silver skin and pointed ears Theyave freaky nano armor and they're packing a serious arsenal We Humans stand no chance against themWhen I encounter their General I find im insufferable Arrogant Domineering He won't

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Dark Planet WarriorsReleasing Heaven on Earth: Gods Principles for Restoring the Land hero was and loving and theeroine was spunky and tough Anna Carven s Dark Planet series remind me of those great stories Sure the plots are basic but they The Future of English Teaching Worldwide heroes are strong and dedicated to their mates They protect and cherish them no possibleints of cheating or manipulation Once they find them they devote their lives to their women And the women are smart daring tough and strong they are the type that do not the type that let things Between happen Together theyave adventures and fall in love We re not talking Tolstoy Sigrid Liljeholm here we re talking about great stories that take us out of our lives for a fewours and drop us into a world where things end David Starr Space Ranger happily ever after Happy with the adventure of the story the realistic personalities and the unfolding of the romanceNo cheating deliberateumiliation bondage abuse of women or domestic animals no intoxicants no forced sexual scenes corporal punishmentYes Crusader conspiracy Banner books hot attraction freuent nude males despotic rulerseroic military satisfying and well depicted sexeven a great underwater scene I generally feel when I read a book for pleasure I shouldn t The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) have to work to figure things out This bookas a very staccato flow interrupted by obvious asides where the reader is beat with redundant information This An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith happens than I liked and reallyad me uestioning whether I wanted to finish this despite a intriguing storyline and ok world buildingThere are issues with the Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue heroine knowing than she should given the information provided and then suddenly dumb about this information at convenient plot points She knows all about theero but The University of Chicago Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary hasad very few interactions and conversations that would build trust or any knowing of I magnifici dieci his deeper personality So much is assumed that it sard to feel attachment to either character or their relationshipThe writing style is good but this could use a lot of work to shutter out the stick meets dead The Happiness Secrets Of Joel Osteen horse paragraphs to a concise flow that gives the reader the Goldielocks amount of info and keeps the intrigue balanced with expositionworld building These books came out in a different timeline toow the story actually unfolds so beware of the reading orderI love all of these books so much Kardolian s are bad ass sweeties Their love for their women despite looking down on Seashells humanity at first is very sweet and the fact that they believe the real power lies with their women is so sweet These are fantastic books aboutealthy relationships with elven looking aliens and I An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet heartily recommend themTarak Akkadian is the best of the warriors though my personal favourite is AshrealI read them last year so I m not uite sureow I Ruhestand fr Einsteiger haven t reviewed them all yet I decided to read Dark Planet Warriors series after reading good reviews and I I m surprisedow good these books are The main characters are awesome and I enjoyed the romance and the action in the story I want my own Kordolian warrior lolI would recommend this series to anyoneAnna Carven La criminologie her books are awesome and great author too. Ission couldn't get any worseWe need to fix our craft kill the cursed Xargek and get out ofere before the wormhole collapses I don't really care about these Humans Their existence makes no sense to meSo why Farmer Boy has this strange Human female captured my attention She's messy awkward and she babbles nonsensealf the timeThese Humans are crazy I don't understand them at all especially this female Why do I keep coming back to erI need to leave this place before I go insaneWarning This book contains swearing violence and steamy sex scenes It's recommended for readers aged 18 and over.

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To be a space station sci fi story turned into so much leaving me pleasantly surprised and ooked on the series We start off this story with a Kordolian battle cruiser filled with silver skinned fanged tall muscular male warriors known as Kordolians from the dark planet Kythia They dock on an earth space mining station called Fortuna Tau to seek Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program help with the repairs to their damaged ship the Silence Their race is an aggressive one they conuer without remorse taking whatever they need in the name of their empire race so when they force themselves into the station they are met with some resistance Misunderstandings take place and the leader of the Kordolian army General Tarak demands to speak to the leader of the space station Onis way to see the male in charge Panda Bears he comes across a female a short sweet smelling brownaired azel eyed bio scientist named Abbey and from that moment their lives are irrecoverably altered and joined together And oh boy were they joined together their chemistry was off the charts absolutely perfect for each other The Generals desire obsession and possessiveness towards Abbey was so freaking HOT He was 100% alpha male and I loved it e was protective passionate possessive brave and caring towards Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas her and whene set off to seducing Let Dai Vol 8 her DAMN wase GOOD Their intimate scenes were panty combusting and cold shower reuiring moments boy oh boy was the General smooth and sexy with a good dose of animal thrown in Abbey didn t know what An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet hiter when Tarak set Hoodwinked his sights oner with an intensity and intent to devour er whole I am without a doubt addicted to this new series an official Kordolian warriors worshipper and can t wait to find out what appens with Tarak and Abbey after reading that delicious epilogue ending which was just AWESOME I love it when were given a little look into Best Practices In Leading The Global Workforce how our main characters are doing after their story and this one made me soappy I was left smiling like a loon Definitely recommend this book to any sci fi fans trust me you won t regret it I HORROR STORIES have just finished this book and justad to leave a review Omg this book
Was So Good I Loved 
so good I loved whole story and it was fast paced edge of your seat reading I loved the ending and actually feel excited about continuing with this series as the book finished off by opening up so many other possibilities for the other books Can t wait to read the next one now This was a great sci fi read I liked that the story ad a proper plot and not just two alien species mating The different civilisation was well described and easy to imagine I really liked the general and Abbey They made a great couple Hope to see of them in future books Great ending So once upon a time I used to subscribe to Loveswept romances For those of you under 40 we used To Subscribe To This Services subscribe to this services would send us 4 or 5 books a month charging a flat rate Sort of like Kindle Unlimited only they were real books that you could old in your and You saved the keepers and dropped the others at some charity DROP BOX OR A USED BOOK STORE IT WAS box or a used book store It was Ell me anything I guess that's what appens when your race is kicking ass across the Nine Galaxies You get pigheadedSo why do I keep running into Oeuvres de Ennius Quirinus Visconti, Vol. 3 him Why doese keep looking at me like that And what's with this weird feeling I get when The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race he's around I reallyope these guys fix their ship and go away soon because I get the feeling they could be major troubleTarakSucked into a wormhole during a fierce skirmish with an enemy ship Spat out near a Human mining station in a remote corner of the Nine Galaxies Stuck with weak Humans who operate with inferior metals and technology This

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