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This is an in depth reference for every aspect of orizontal and vertical geometry Contains base theory then all of the necessary euations for calculating sight distances vertical curve lengths orizontal and vertical curve obstructions Some of for calculating sight distances vertical curve lengths orizontal and vertical curve obstructions Some of values used should be cross referenced with values from the AASHTO Green Book as some of the design values in the book may be out of date Also discusses spiral curves compund curves unsymmetrical vertical curves There are euations detail narratives and example problems in this book that I ave not seen in any other manual An excellent companion to your Green Book CERM and HCM The book arrived on time and in The Condi. This Text Presents The Basic Principles Gover. condi. This text presents the basic principles gover. Route Location and DesignY I guess I m the old guy now This book should be inserted back into college curriculum for engineers and Land Surveyors Book arrived on time in great conditions Description was very Accurate The Item Complied With The item complied with reuirements for which I bought it and Bloodleaf helped complete my goals Good shape and adorable used as reference dated material formulas and computation exercise This book is a legend in many ways Itas added to my library a new depth to route surveying The derivations of euations are developed using Calculus for all to see Good ExperienceThank you Book was in Very Good Shape And Better Than I Had Expected A good shape and better than I The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle had expected Aard to find book at a very good pric. N systems with particular reference to ighwa.

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printed I was about the possible condition It was in good condition as advertised The book I recieved was evidently a library book at one time What a loss for that library That library must not ave catered to technical readers Just because we can now do these calculations in AutoCAD does not mean we do not need to know ow to do them without AutoCAD Everyone still needs to learn this information for the day the electricity goes off and we still need to move forward I ve used Mr Hickerson s Book For Years As A Reference When for years as a reference when with spiral curves and super elevation one of the older engineers always ad a cop. NING THE LOCATION AND DESIGN OF the location and design of