[E–pub/Pdf] Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story By Malka Drucker

Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust StoryWas yurek he thought it was safe to go out On The Street But He Was Wrong He Got Sniped the street but he was wrong he got sniped the end the jew kids found out their dad was alive they didn t want to leave the rose but they had to in the end THEY HAD A REUNION WITH JACOBS BROTHER KID HIS had a reunion with jacobs brother kid his and with jacobs brother kid his father and and mela I liked this book because it shows a great deal of emotion for a shorter novel I only give it four out of five stars because I feel it ends to uickly It doesn t really tell us everything that happens after WWII is over The story is about a Jewish boy named Jacob He grew up wealthy but after Germany invaded Poland he and his family are seperated His father leaves because he knows it is not safe for him to stay Jacob s brothers Soloman and David are sent to family in the country and Jacod is sent to the ghetto along with his aunt and grandmother Later the aunt sends him to live with a family outside of the ghetto who change his name to Genyek This family consists of a mother a father a daughter named Marishka and a son named Yurek The two arents Jacob Marishka and Yurek change alot through out the book The two arents start out feeling unsure of themselves but by the end Stories of the Holocaust always bring tears to my eyes It was a sad sick time for Jews Although it does not ersonally affect me or my family it angers me to know that something so horrendous could happen Read this with my fourth graders and they were all moved by help that Jacob and David got from Alex and Mela and got really emotional with all the death This book was well written and I found it to be Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pretty appropriate for young readers It s not like it speaks anything but the truth well based on the truth 5 stars 710 hearts So Iicked up this book because a friend recommended it as having made her cry If you know me you know I m a sucker for beautiful heart breaking stories Well I didn t cry so I felt a little cheated haha But the book was good Wow It was good guys It started off much faster than I expected It s also uite short So the result was that I gulped it down in about an hour an. T to school and layed hide and seek in the woods with his friends But everything cha. D a half Had to ut down my university textbooks and just finish this because it was just sooo gripping all those hairbreadth escapes my word I don t even really know what to say about it though Beautiful Yes There was so much true love di My name is James and i thought that this book was a very good book This book always had you On The Edge Of Your the edge of your wanting to read It was very action acked and always had you on the edge of your heels wanting to read It was very action acked and was very good Jacob was always running and hiding for his life against the Nazis and he ends up living because the Rosland family ends up keeping him in hiding and safety risking everything to save Jacob and their own family from the evil nazis Jacob is a young Jew living in Poland when the Nazis invade and life changes drastically His aunt slips him through the ghetto wall and he goes to live in hiding with a Christian family who ut their lives on the line to try and save Jacob They must move a few times to escape suspicious but their loyalty to is strong Suspenseful story The only thing that bothered me was that Jacob cannot control his impulses getting him in trouble several times but that just didn t seem realistic to me Given everything he had seen and experienced I doubt he would have done what he did Jacob s family was wealthy lived in a large home in Warsaw Poland with servants With the coming of the Nazi s in September 1939 Jacob s home is soon gone his father gone his younger brothers gone Jacob moves in with several female relatives in the ghetto where everyone believes women and children will be safe But one day when he is eight he is slipped through a hole in the ghetto wall and meets Uncle Alex Alex romises two things he will keep Jacob safe and will not take his religion from him Those Learner Strategies in Language Learning promises areut to the test as Alex struggles to keep his wife and two children safe as they shelter Jacob Every knock on the door is a heart stopping moment Even a simple glance out the window brings danger to the familyMust read for anyone interested in the Holocaust World War II or historical fiction in genera. Nged the day the Nazi soldiers invaded in 1939 Suddenly it wasn't safe to be Jewish Jacob was a young Jewish boy living a wonderful life with his family He went to school had friends and enjoyed laying in his neighborhood in Warsaw Poland When German forces started invading Poland and sending Jewish Paradise Run people to concentration camps Jacob had no choice but to join a new family who was willing to hide him While the facts of this true story are incredible the telling of it is why I can only give it two stars I felt like somearts of the story were very rushed and blunt not giving me enough time to connect with the characters or build suspense There also were a lot of characters most of them with multiple names as disguises so I had a hard time keeping track of them all While I m glad I took the time to read this book I fee This was an excellent introduction into the Holocaust for young readers who can handle it Jacob loses a lot of eople in his life due to the horrors of Poland in WWII and he is in constant danger himself as are the non Jewish eople who hide him He faces hunger fear and many other kinds of stress and Frustration That Children Should Never that children should never to face But we are never exposed directly to the sickening graphic imagery of the brutal concentration camps When my 3rd grader was assigned this I immediately thought Whoa A little too soon for 9 year olds But you can tell from the title that it has as happy an ending as Help Me, Jacques Cousteau possible and there is enough hardship in the story for tweens to maybe start realizing they could feel some gratitude for their fortunate and luxurious lives very good holocaust story this was kinda of a sad book because a lot ofeople died the book is baised on a true story the main Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen personjacobhelped make the book he lost his aunt hannah a vary good friend who s name is yurek his mom brother and grandma two vary braveeople alex and mela rosela did the most dangrous thing you could do during the holocaust hid not one but two jews in their house they risked their and their kids lives to save two other kids before the war ended one of the roselans kids got shot by a nazi the boys name. Once Jacob Gutgeld lived with his family in a beautiful house in Warsaw Poland He wen.