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Alien Disclosure at Area 51 dReferences toomineering women and their shrewish habit of ruining a man s fun but they weren t enough to Singing the Law dampen my enjoyment I heartily recommend Confessions of a Bad Bee Keper to anyone wishing to know about bees andor have a good uncomplicated laugh I m a beekeeper and I m happy when anyone tries to make beekeeping popular Mr Turnbulloes a great job of telling a story and his writing is sharp crisp and humorous the hardest kind of writingAs an American however the book peters out about 23rds of the way through when the topic of beekeeping is pushed to the side He writes about running a marathon in his beekeeping suit again admirable and then his turn on a ancing show and another turn on a uiz show The bees ARE ALWAYS BUZZING ABOUT THE NARRATIVE BUT USUALLY NOT always buzzing about the narrative but usually not close The problems for this American however is that I have no idea who many of the celebrities or what shows he writes about are The American edition could have easily chopped off the last 20% or so of the bookFinally th. About himself and the world around him Confessions of a Bad Beekeeper chronicles Turnbull’s misadventures and "Brief Moments Of Triumph "moments of triumph curious world of backyard beekeeping–and also highlights both the threat to our bee population and what we can o to help these vital little creatures o their wonderful wor.

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Confessions of a Bad BeekeeperHumorous and informative a nice combination This should appeal to aspiring beekeepers as well as veterans Amusing and informative Such a great book It really captures the struggles and triumphs of the hobbiest beekeeper This book cracked me up As a beekeeper for only a year I could completely relate to Bills mistakes and learning curve I laughed out loud and I have suggested that all my friends who keep bees read it too Humorous and a fun read I have kept bees and really enjoyed reading about his trials and successes He oes a good job explaining about I have kept bees and really enjoyed reading about his trials and successes He Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ does a good job explaining about It would be fun to read even if youon t currently and never intend to keep bees He is a good storyteller and his story is about than just beekeeping Delightful and full of warmth and wit Turnbull puts a humorous spin on his adventures and misadventures as a beekeeper His joy and awe thread through each chapter Thoroughly enjoyed this book Entertaining book about one man s foibles when attempting to take care of bees There. Bill Turnbull had no intention of becoming a beekeeper But when he saw ad for beekeeping classes–after a swarm of bees landed in his suburban backyard–it seemed be a sign Despite being stung the head–twice–at his first hands on beekeeping class Turnbull himself falling in love with the fascinati. S not really anything for an aspiring beekeeper to learn other than Expect Things To Go Horribly Wrong "Sometimes but it oes make one such as I a little less anxious about the "but it oes make one such as I a little less anxious about the My own bees will arrive in less than a month and arrive in less than a month and will Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change don my beekeeper suit for the first time and attempt toump them into their brand new homes I hope I will not kill the ueen I hope they like me and live without Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature disease And that I gather is just about the most a beekeeper can hope for Enjoyable read the bad beekeeper learns byoing Possibly will save me from future mistakes or maybe not Delightful I m terrified "Of Bees But Have A Deep Respect "bees but have a Rebuilding deep respect and fascination with them and this was the perfect book to let me get that up close look at them without the terror bit The style is lighthearted and always on the edge of the next joke so it s great for those times when you want to learn something without having to work overly hard for it There are a few jarring notes like the bizarrely freuent and sexist. Ng infuriating honeybeeAs a new beekeeper Turnbull misplaced euipment for months got stung times–and in places–than he cares to remember and once even lost some bees up a chimney But he kept at it with a ready sense of humor and Zen like acceptance of every mishap And somehow along the way he learned a greateal.