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This is a kick ass novel and I am indeed kicking my own ass for not having The Discovery of Slowness read it earlier I m ashamed to say that I thought it was a children s book My wife indignantlyefuses any The Silk Road: A Journey from the High Pamirs and Ili Through Sinkiang and Kansu responsibility for my mistake as she points out it s entirely my fault if I drew the wrong inferences from the fact that her motheread it aloud to her as an eight year old It turns out on closer examination of the facts that Elisabeth s mom must have skipped about a uarter of the text but I digress No far from being a children s book this is a noirish thriller stuffed to the gills with violence sex nudity dangerous blondes corrupt politicians and Forensic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice random acts of mayhem and destruction I should have known that Anyway better late than neveruite apart from being a terrificead I just couldn t put it down Les Trois Mousuetaires is a God at the Ritz: Attraction to Infinity A Priest Physicist Talks About Science, Sex, Politics, and Religion remarkably interesting book for anyone who s fond of French literature The merest glance at my French shelf will show you that I like both so called serious novels and trash as everyone knows the French write the best trashy novels in the world But what do these two literary traditions have to do with each other I feel like a paleontologist who s discovered one of those missing links in the fossilecord A kind of literary coelocanth it s exactly halfway between the two genres Too well written to be dismissed as trash it still has so many of the defining characteristics of the modern French trash novel that it can t possibly be anything but a direct ancestorI d hate to give away any of the plot there s a twist every other chapter but let me explain in terms of generalities Dumas is firmly in the great French tradition of Tragic Love People in his world are divided into two classes those who are motivated by Love and Honour and those who want Money and Power To be a superior person means belonging to the first group Unfortunately living only for Love and Honour isn t very practical so these superior people generally have Don't Wake Up rather tragic lives a theme you see over and over again in mainstream French literature A particularly clear 20th century example is Belle du Seigneur Ariane s husband is only interested in Money and Power and his dreary monologues about his prospects of being promoted bore her to tears Naturally she s drawn to the dashing Solal who never misses a chance to show how much he despises money it helps that he s veryich Eually naturally it all ends up very tragically indeed But let s get back to Les Trois Mousuetaires Dumas takes Reduced real historical events andeinterprets them through the prism of his ultra Double Betrayal romantic world view On his account the political events of 1625 27 were all about a complicated tangle of love affairs The beautiful Anne of Austria is ueen of France but she has at best lukewarm feelings for her husband the pathetic Louis XIII Cardinal Richelieu the trueuler of the country has made advances towards her but been ebuffed he s eaten up by jealousy and spite especially since he knows through his network of informers that Anne s heart in fact belongs to the handsome Lord Buckingham To keep the story bubbling Dumas invents some people who play key oles in this complicated game One of Richelieu s main agents is the psychotic blonde temptress Milady her opposite number in the ueen s camp is the ambitious young swordsman D Artagnan Needless to say both of them are involved in their own intersecting webs of omantic intrigueThe startling thing to me is that the Dumas formula is still going strong nearly 200 years later The immeasurably popular SAS series which you can buy at any French airport bookstall is written to almost exactly the same specification The central figure Malko is a modern D Artagnan vaguely on the side of the Good Guys each episode sees him dispatched to a currently topical destination where he s charged with some weighty task For example in Bagdad ExpressMalko S Assignment Is To Prevent ExpressMalko s assignment is to prevent Ira war by kidnapping Saddam Hussein He and one of Saddam s sons I think usay get involved with the same woman there s a lot of andom sex and violence and of course the deal falls through A still clearer example is DjihadA Chechen ebel group gets hold of a Russian nuclear warhead and they pass it on to an Islamicist faction led by a sexy blonde woman I know what you e going to say In the SAS world Islamicist factions can be led by sexy blondes This time after the usual toing and froing Malko shoots down the blonde when she s just a few seconds away from detonating the bomb in New York It s all Nomadische Lebenswelten Und Zarische Politik: Der Aufstand In Zentralasien 1916 remarkably similar to D Artagnan s battle against the nefarious MiladySo what is it that makes this formula so incredibly effective It s fun to see historyewritten so that politics and economics are less important than who s sleeping with whom The camaraderie displayed by the Musketeers has become proverbial and that s also inspiring But eally it s Milady who makes the book and she s the character who s been copied most often in modern trash fiction Look at those girls on the covers of the SAS novels Miladies every one of them Although D Artagnan is a sympathetic hero she effortlessly steals the show every time she appears just as easily as Sharon Stone upstages Michael Douglas in Basic InstinctWhat a shame Stone never got to play Milady in a serious adaptation of Les Trois Mousuetaires Now that would have been worth watching Random thoughts on The Three Musketeers because my brain efuses to write a full The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity review Reading The Three Musketeers was long overdue The truth is it was the very first story I loved as a child I was four years old and my favorite game wasiding my imaginary steed in a desperate No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History race to save Constance from evil Cardinal Richelieu I grew up swallowing tales of the valiant Musketeers and they became a part of my soul Apparently there is a literary genre called swashbuckler that focuses on swordfighting and adventurous heroic characters and The Three Musketeers is the most prominent example Live and learn my friends live and learn Plotwise it was everything I expected and some Scheming fights braveryomanticism dangerous affairs loyalty Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 revenge Alexandre Dumas surely knew how to write a compelling and entertaining story with a great insight on historical f I am a drama addict I admit it I don t generally go for comedy I will pick a movie that makes me cry over one that makes me laugh every time and it is pretty much the same with my books But when I doead something humorous I love satire wit subtle humor Mark Twain Oscar Wilde or Will Rogers are my style Imagine My Surprise That Alexander Dumas Has my surprise that Alexander Dumas has me laugh aloud in The Three Musketeers They are so over the top while written as if he is endeavoring to take them seriously I have long adored The Count of Monte Cristo and so I have never thought of Monsieur Dumas as a humorist but I have been sadly mistakenEvery time you think D Artagnan and company have landed themselves in an impossible situation they miraculously find their way out It is Don uixote without any of the moral overtones These men are heroic figures only in a comedic manner Taken literally they would be abject. The classic adventure from the author of The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron MaskIn this swashbuckling epic d’Artagnan not yet twenty sets off for Paris in hopes of joining the Musketeers that legion of heroes highly favored by King Louis XIII and feared by evil Cardinal Richelieu By fighting alongside Athos. ,

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T to languish in prison so she seduces a Puritan and makes her escape winding up in a convent in France where she can hide out Lucky for her D Artagnan s mistress a married woman whom he was bedding while he was aping Milady is also hiding out in the convent so Milady de Winter takes the portion of vengeance at her disposal and kills D Artagnan s lover as he killed hersAnd for all of this the Four Musketeers now in possession of her carte blanche hold their own little court pass judgement on Milady and have her head separated from her shoulders And they get away with it because they have the Cardinal s signature on Milady s carte blanche which allows the bearer to do whatever they do for the good of the kingdomIt seems to me that Alexandre Dumas knew that perspective would dictate how we saw his heroes and villains and that he was okay with his muddied good and evil waters He was writing from the Musketeers perspective and he knew that his L. Munatius Plancus readers would side with them against the Cardinal and Milady But he also wrote in a way that complicated his Musketeers So much so that we accept when D Artagnaneceives and accepts a commission to the Musketeers from the Cardinal himself He wanted his characters to be grey and they were So why is this a guilty pleasure especially if the guilt doesn t come from Dumas writing I am finally getting thereThe weight of popular culture has changed the way we see this story so thoroughly has morphed the Musketeers so completely into Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality righteous heroes turned D Artagnan into such a loveable heartthrob and his companions into the most likeable of heroes that it is nearly impossible for people to see the things that make them greyBut I see them for who they are I see the grey So here comes the guilt I see the Four Musketeers crimes treasonape murder theft and all their flaws cruelty greed hypocrisy entitlement adulterousness to name but a few and I still love them I love them and I enjoy eading their adventures and I cheer for them from beginning to end I shouldn t but I do and that s why The Three Musketeers is my guiltiest of pleasures So there ps I love Milady de Winter too For all the things she is I DID ITSee my video This is not the most profound of novels but it may be the most compelling Many of its seuences the Diamond Studs Milady s seduction of Felton the attempt of D Artagnan and The Three to escue Constance move with The Pink Pearl remarkableapidity More notable than these however is the entire exposition something many novelists have found to be a thankless chore if not a stumbling block It occupies a full sixty pages 10% of the book and although it covers much ground the introduction of our hero the two principal villains and all three Musketeers with their eccentricities and distinct characters plus the fight with the Cardinal s Guards the emergence of D Artagnan as the fourth musketeer and an examination of the curious Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe relationship between King and Cardinal it 1882019 Watch me fight all the people who dislike Milady but love the Count meanwhile her true identity is concealed by various aliases and her main goal in the story is to getevenge on the men who hurt her so they The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi re basically the same character In this essay I will1882019 The moment Iealised the only Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela reason why the Cardinal wanted to take down the ueen was that she had previouslyejected his advances 1782019 I was Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction really out here thinking that Constance would survive this hot mess of an abduction and escape plan and that she and d Artagnan would live happily ever after sobs1782019 Miladyeally was that bitch kept poison in her Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception ring stabbed herself to prove a point seduced a man who was warned as not to be seduced by her planned the assassination of her enemies with success evoked fear in the Cardinal himselfaised herself from being a nun to a prostitute over to a espected lady and Spy For The Government for the government millions at her disposal whilst being 221682019 Athos is eally out here trying to convince me that he has nothing against women and never had any complain of them meanwhile he s the guy who hanged his own wife after he found out she used to be a prostitute1682019 Aramis is Philosophy in Social Work really out here trying to convince me that he s a man of God and only an interim musketeer meanwhile all he does is sulk over his mistress and conduct secret meetings with women at night 1582019 When the Cardinal sat a trap for ueen Anne d Artagnan and Constance moved heaven and earth to get the diamond pendants she gave to Buckingham back from London only so she could bust them out and laugh in the Cardinal s face What a mood1582019 I have to work today so I won t be able toead anything and I m already mad I was just about to find out about Athos s wife Argh He s my mysterious fave1482019 I too deserve friends who would travel across countries and Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story risk their lives because of aomantic notion that I have but no I can t even get a text back1382019 Constance is eally out here telling her husband he s an imbecile and a scoundrel while still scheming away to protect her ueen D Artagnan I too would die for her1282019 I m only a hundred pages in but d Artagnan is already my trash child has challenged 4 dudes to a duel for petty easons and in general lets his mouth get him into situations his ass can t handle Ya gurl is here for it782019 The book has "arrived and I am already uaking in my seat The only "and I am already uaking in my seat The only I have is why the fuck the book is called The Three Musketeers D Artagnan is looking at Dumas like AM I A JOKE TO YOU282019 I just ordered this and I am beyond excited If this is even half as good as The Count of Monte Cristo I will bow down before Dumas and get him into my olympus of favorite writers I m not going to waste time than necessary for this classic The problem seems to come from me since I couldn t follow a lot of the dialog I couldn t make any sense of what transpired here especially in the last third of the bookI liked the intrigue with the Organizing Power royal couple of LouisXIII and Anne d Autruche And as soon as these historical characters disappeared from the book did my enjoyment evaporate as well Like I said I don t want to dwell on this one starred book too muchone for all and all for oneHaving said that Iead the book in French and I think if I hadn t if I d ead it in English I wouldn t have been able to finish the book The French language was a novelty which kept me going I simply cannot enjoy most classics Now to move onwards as soon as I m able to Did you know there were 4 musketeers Did you also know they were not very nice guys One guy won t let his servant ever speak One is having an affair with a married woman and idicules her for gifts she buys him Another can t decide whether to have an affair or be a priest but constantly pinches his ears to make them a attractive color Since they don t seem to be paid much to be musketeers they are constantly grifting off of other people One of their brave deeds is to have breakfast in the middle of a battle field just to prove that they aren t scared of the EnglishI Lost Treasure really detested the musketeers which means I didn t find much to enjoy in the book. Dumas embroiders upon history a colorful world of swordplay intrigue andomance earning The Three Musketeers its eputation as one of the most thrilling adventure novels ever writtenAn Unabridged Translation Revised and Updated by Eleanor HochmanWith an Introduction by Thomas Flanagan and an Afterword by Marcelle Clements?. ,

Cads They are self absorbed misogynistic and amoral but it little matters since the world they inhabit is villainous and petty and corrupt The King who is the head of the state is a buffoon the ueen a philanderer and the Cardinal leader of the church a man without ethics or morals Any wonder that their men are less than stellar examples of knighthood So without any eason to admire anyone in this fictional world we are able to enjoy the escapades of these men and even cheer them on toward their conuests of women Jack and the Beanstalk: Ladybird First Favourite Tales rivals and the world of French politics In fact they are often fighting other Frenchmen than the English whom they profess to hate but for whom they seem to have greatespect and admiration I can imagine Captain Corellis Mandolin reading this in serialized form and waiting impatiently to find out what happens to Milady and the Musketeers There are cliffhangers at almost every chapter ending and the pace is fast and furious I felt somewhat like a kid again whileeading this I Landscapes of the Chinese Soul remember that joy ineading just for the thrill of the storya sensation I don t always get with my Landscapes of the Chinese Soul: The Enduring Presence of the Cultural Revolution reading these days I thought that ueen Margot couldn t be topped I should have known better Honestly I do not have enough space to fully explain all the ways I adore this book But I ll try to condense it First the four main characters Love love love and love Aramis and Porthos the Merry and Pippin of the group if you ll excuse the extremely dorkish LOTR crosseference made me laugh D Artagnan was charming even though or maybe because he had multiple moments where were I in the story I wouldn t know whether to kiss him or smack him upside the head and the pure unfiltered AWESOME that is Athos cannot be put into words My copy of the book is 754 pages but I was able to finish it in less than two weeks and not even notice the length because the story was so engrossing As soon as I finished it I wanted to flip back to page 1 and start all over again Duels Lots and lots of duels The only complaint I had egarding the other Dumas book I d ead before this ueen Margot as previously mentioned was that there was a total lack of what I will bluntly call the dirty details In Margot all the sex scenes were kept out of the way and judging by the description Dumas gave us of the characters nighttime activities no one managed to get laid for the entire book The Three Musketeers on the other hand is by no means a bodice Media, Mobilization and the Umbrella Movement ripper but is still veryomantic And then there s the scene where D Artagnan decides that nailing Milady will be a good way to get Getting a Life with Asperger's: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood revenge on her for kidnapping his girlfriend Which brings me to my next point Milady Holy crap I try to come up with words to describe her but I can t do it because my brain sort of slows down until all I can hear are the words Most Badass Character Everepeating in my head over and over while the song Cold Hard Bitch by JET starts playing in the background if that makes any sense at all Just go with it okay But seriously let s talk about Milady for a minute She keeps poison in her Wie ich Brad Pitt entführte ring seduces a guard who has been specifically warned that she ll try to seduce him stabs herself in the chest to make people think she killed herselfegularly tries to assassinate D Artagnan and his friends and was generally such a psychotic bitch that even Cardinal Richelieu was afraid of her UPDATEDear HollywoodWhat the FUCK is wrong with you Seriously fuck you guys LoveMadeline This is going to take some explaining but my guiltiest pleasure when it comes to books is Alexandre Dumas The Three MusketeersI hear you saying How on Earth can that be a guilty pleasure I know It s a ecognized classic It has far eaching pop culture impactIt s considered one of the greatest adventures ever written It has two of the most memorable villains in literature it has four kick ass action heroes It has sword fights omance intrigue and most people think it has big laughs it doesn t which is the thing that and most people think it has big laughs it doesn t which is the thing that me off most about its pop culture adaptations Even if people haven t ead the book they know the Three Musketeers Hell most people even know that D Artagnan the main hero of the book is not one of the eponymous Three So how could this book be a guilty pleasure The answer is simple at first then its complexSimple answer Milady de WinterComplex answer Milady de WinterFrom the accepted perspective Milady is an unrepentant nasty evil femme fatale She is an agent for the villainous Cardinal Richelieu spying on plotting against and battling our Musketeers at every turn She foments marital unrest between the King and ueen She plots the assassination of the Englishman the Duke of Buckingham to stop him from aiding the Huguenots at La Rochelle She tries to kill D Artagnan and later poisons his mistress Constance Bonacieux She corrupts a fine upstanding Puritan man And once upon a time she made a fool of the Comte de La F eShe is the accepted villain even worse than her master the Cardinal for whom and under whose auspices she commits her evil acts She is the villain and D Artagnan Athos Porthos and Aramis are the heroes Here s the problem though from another perspective she isn t and they aren tYou see Milady de Winter was a poor young woman who did what she must to survive Forced into a convent for want of food a priest fell in love with her and the pair stole some church property to
*start a life *
a life They were caught and both were branded with the fleur de lys the mark of criminals Alone again she fell in love with the Comte de La F e They were married and she hid her crimes from him Then one afternoon the Comte discovered her brand He felt betrayed and strung her up by her neck leaving her to dieShe lived and entered the service of the Cardinal Under his direction she became a powerful agent doing exactly what it is that agents do The Cardinal the ight hand of the King connected to the is that agents do The Cardinal the ight hand of the King connected to the a man waging a war in the King s name the most powerful man in France has Milady undermine the King s ueen Anne of Austria a woman having an affair with the man Duke of Buckingham who is helping the Blood Orange rebels within her husband s kingdom She is also asked to keep tabs on a troublesome young guard D Artagnan who seems to be thwarting the Cardinal s plans through sheer luck and Gascon audacity She complies Then the man she is spying on kills her lover the Comte de Wardes And if that isn t bad enough the man she s spying on turns up in her bedchamber posing as the Comte and proceeds to make love to Milady The lovemaking is so wonderful that D Artagnan decides to come clean andeveal his true identity Milady loses her temper with some cause I think and tries to stab D Artagnan which he doesn t seem to understand From then on Milady wants vengeance against the murderer of her lover who also happens to be her Trial by Fire (All We Hold Dear (Sequel) Book 2) rapist for that is what he is surelyNext she is charged with assassinating the Duke of Buckingham for which she is issued a carte blanche by the Cardinal but her enemy D Artagnan committing treason against his own King and country warns the Duke and she is banished to a tower while the Duke sails off to aid the Huguenots Well she isn t abou. Porthos and Aramis as they battle their enemies d’Artagnan proves he has the heart of a Musketeer and earns himself a place in theiranks Soon d’Artagnan and the gallant trio must use all their wits and sword skills to preserve the ueen’s honor and thwart the wicked schemes of Cardinal Richelieu With this classic tale. .
Les Trois Mousuetaires