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Istory of British film with an emphasis on the silents and the mid century golden age The majority of silent movies produced by the British film industry are gone forever with few remembering the stars and irectors who made them Since I Knew Next To About These With next to nothing about with exception of the Hitchcock s Of course the subject is inherantly interesting but what makes this a wonderful book is Matthew Sweet s writing I listen to him on BBC Radio 3 s Free Thinking when ever he presents and have noticed he s at his best when truff Long ridiculed as being insignificant by the rest of the film making world Matthew Sweets investigates this history of British film the majority of which very few remain and the silent stars unlike some of their American counterparts are sadly completely forgottenShepperton Babylon unlike Hollywood Babylon Kenneth Anger is not full of over blown and made up scandal of course there is scandal but it is ealt with in a matter of fact and responsible waySweet talked to those who were still living that remembered those ays or when they were no longer living their Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused descendentIt is an interesting look at British cinema from the earlyays to the early 80s sexplotation industry that took over from the film making of the 50sToday British film is stronger than it has ever been and it is a shame that many of these films are lost and the stars forgottenAlthough very interesting the book is very The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Celluar Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hidden Markov M dense and sweet skips over perhaps one of the most famous British Actresses Diana Dors but focuses mainly on the male stars which is a shame and bemusing as she was the glamour movie star of 50s BritainInteresting read but theefinitive book on British Cinema has yet to be written If you re looking for a serious history of British Film making then I wouldn t recommend this book but if you already have some knowledge and you re interested in the gossip then you would probably enjoy it This was a book club choice and therefore not something that I would have chosen myself however I Coming Out of Communism did look forward to reading it The problem for me was that Comedienne who at the age of fifty five reinvented herself as a star of exploitation cinema and fondly remembers 'the one where Irilled in people's heads and ate their brains' Welcome to the lost worlds of British cine. Shepperton BabylonDon t let the clever title fool you Yes it plays off Kenneth Anger s Hollywood Babylon but this is a serious history of British Cinema Call me strange but I love British Cinema I wouldn t recommend the book unless you already have an interest in Britiish film but if you re as strange as I am #THIS IS A MUST READ I D BEEN MEANING # is a must read I Ways of Knowing About Birth d been meaning read this book for a while as I enjoy books about the history of popular culture There s lots of information in here so it took me a while to read and it manages toeal with sometimes shocking and sensational events without resorting to shocking and sensational events without resorting to style attitudes It s a good solid look at the history of British film and at the people who worked in the industry A HeroAca definite must read for anyone interested in film Read this book andiscard forever the idea that the Reading Africa into American Literature denizens of British cinema were in any way less colourful or bizarre than their Hollywood counterparts Sweetoles out gossip hard fact and criticism in judicious proportions His writing is BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) delightful whether he isescribing movies as a window into the lives of the ead or sketching an unforgettable portrait of J Arthur Rank He was a tall bulky man whose crumpled face and pendulous nose gave him the appearance of a proboscis monkey emerging from an old paper bag His interviews with film makers from as far back as the early 1920s preserve insights which would otherwise have been lostHowever since his subject is the LOST worlds of British cinema he intentionally scants the very familiar in favour of the obscure for example there is little here on the Ealing comedies and much on forgotten exploitation movies of the 1960s and 70s Nevertheless I can scarcely imagine a entertaining introduction to the history of British film An excellent book if somewhat incomplete as a general reference text on British cinema no Will Hay Jack Hulbert etc Full of bracing anecdotes and sound stage intrigue Despite Sweet s attempts to find a social studies value in the glut of low rent 70 s sex comedies the later chapters make for grim reading as the state uality and cachet of British. This is a wonderful secret history of British movies that includes the scandals the suicides the immolations and the contract killings the product of thousands of conversations with veteran film makers Here you'll meet ,

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Cinema ecline The slightly forced title aside this is a very ifferent book from Ken s archly cynical romp aside this a very ifferent book from Ken Anger s archly cynical romp the sleazy bywaters of Hollywood lore this is a wonderful witty entertaining book It is in fact an impassioned In My Shoes defence of British cinema kicking back against t I learned so much from thiseeply researched interesting primer on the heyday of British film with a chapter or two thrown in about its BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) decline I often got lost given that I m almost completely illiterate on this specific subject matter and because I m used to a linear storytelling method which this isn t but I m sure I ll beipping back into this when I want to remind myself of specific information Matthew Sweet writes in such an engaging often amusing style I found myself jotting random uotes of his into my book journal just because they made me laugh He suggests that one of his interviews felt like he was in a hostage situation and he worried that perhaps his later affection for his interviewee might be a symptom of Stockholm Syndrome than of the person becoming nicer or interesting So many fun tidbits to be found here for instance Loosening the Grip did you know that ODEON is an acronym for Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation Me neither I also learned that people in the age group I was in when this book was released lookown their noses at Ealing comedies as it happens I uite like them but I on t know if that s because I m a contrarian or because I was born in the States There is a lot to be said for the cultural lens through which we view film or any other media for that matter Get the book invest in lots of post its or a book journal so you can point yourself to the interestingengaging bits of information and maybe set your DVR for movies featuring Donald Cathrop or early James Mason Once you ve read what Matthew Sweet has to say about these folks and many others you may find yourself watching these with new or renewed interest Although the title of this book would infer that the main subject is Shepperton Studios one of Britain s film production sites it s really a general Mong many others the 20s film idols snorting cocaine from an illuminated glass ance floor on the bank of the Thames the model who escaped Soho's gangsters to become the ueen of the nudie flicks and the genteel Scottish. ,