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E story between Bridget and Ryder was Not Very Remarkablethey Were Brought Together By very remarkablethey were brought together by and to be honest I m mych interested in Pippa and Nic Lafitte s romance The family nemesis Drama galore I m glad Bridget came into her own as a princess and woman like she told Tina she may whined about her duties but when the beed arose she did her part when big sister ran off to be pregnant and got married Being underestimated is a strong theme here and repeated throughout the book Princess Bridget Devereaux has always been underestimated Yet when she steps in to help Dr Ryder McCall with his infant twin nephews that he s ust become guardian of she finds than self confidence She finds a man who appreciates her for herselfand not her crown. Til the doctor could find a

Nanny Bridget Soon Found Herself 
Bridget soon found herself by tenderness for the twinsand falling hard for Ryder But their lives pulled them in different directions Could the princess and the doctor possibly find their way to happily ever aft. ,


25 Ryder s whole life has BEEN
UPSIDE DOWN HIS WHOLE upside down His whole has been about being a very successful doctor and helping people Then the unthinkable happens and all of a sudden he becomes a single father to twin baby boys He scrambles and tries his best to manage everythingOne day he runs into a real Princess she doesn t act royal or mighty but ust seems like a very beautiful woman She soon feels a very big attraction to the boys and their father and starts to spend and time with them They both know that it will only be a temporary thing as she a royal duties to fulfill and he needs to focus on his career Their last day together comes to uickly and they both feel empty They both feel heartbroken and wonder how they can make it workThis. HER LIFE WAS NO FAIRY TALE Princess Bridget Devereaux's entire life had been prescribed by duty and obligation Now tasked with recruiting doctors for her little country she's encountered an obstacle Sexy resident advisor Ryder McCall was the key to acco. Was a uick and easy read a real life princess story 155 It was really good It was nice and sweet but it really bugged me princess story 155 It was really good It was nice and sweet but it really bugged me Ryder never fought to be with
Bri He Always Seemed Ready 
he always seemed ready give up Pretty much your typical Harleuin romance novel I found the storyline dragged on a little too much for my liking The book could have been 30 40 pages shorter and still been as good Gosh Tina the big sister was really annoying here She had A One Night Stand one night stand got pregnant She s lucky her baby father took responsibility and she s living a good life now but really she lost the moral authority to preach to her younger sister Bridget and Ryder That grilling scene in the restaurant was horrible but I m glad Bridget gave Tina a piece of her mindThe lov. Mplishing her mission but as instant father to twin toddlers he was too overwhelmed to help her UNTIL NOW Bridget found the clueless single dad's desperation touching and the fierce attraction between them exciting Volunteering to care for the babies un. The Doctor Takes a Princess