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T was all so long ago But I always had problems with this book as it simply had so many untruths It was a short year and many people were highly amused and otherwise at the complete ignorance of these two who arrived with no cultural awareness or practicality and relied heavily on help almost immediately It could have still been a good story and experience to tell without it trying to pretend something it was not I think it s great she wrote the book I just remember the disappointment of Many At The Time at the time it came out It s an isolated place so easy to be alone but Tuin is off Badu and close to TI We zipped around constantly in dinghies All too long go now Great culture of Torres Strait and it s uniue seafaring people if people want to read At the age of 25 Lucy Irvine answered an ad for a yearlong spot as a wife on a desert island She and her partner Gerald Kingsland who was twice *Her Age Were To Play *age were to play being survivors they would build shelters fish and forage for food and hopefully make the use of some seeds be completely on their own Once you accept that they re both rather batshit crazy it s an enthralling read Perhaps a bit reminiscent of Legacy of LunaThere are two main things to consider the survival aspect and their complex relationship but those two factors have a relationship of their own Initially survival is a serious worry They have provisions but only enough for a month or so as the goal is to be reliant on the island One felt that permanently hungry as we were if the sight of a peculiar fish actually put us off there must be something sinister about it 33 There s freshwater but not much of it from the beginning it has to be carefully rationed and as the seasons change that rationing gets and strict They lose drastic amounts of weight Irvine talks of being so malnourished that part of her rectum fell out repeatedly I suppose because there wasn t the muscle to hold everything in place And they constantly suffered from sores and the like as coral made the seawater poisonous and turned small cuts into raw festering woundsBut the story takes a turn when locals from nearby islands start dropping in The locals don t really understand what Irvine and Kingsland are doing who can blame them and seeing the state the castaways are in start bringing provisions of rice flour beans They drop off extra materials to help Irvine and Kingsland build a shelter and in fact assist in building that shelter When they learn that Kingsland nows engines they bring over engines for him to repair perhaps inevitably they invite Kingsland and then both Kingsland and Irvine on excursions off the island The direction of the year changes irrevocablyThis is perhaps where things get most interesting in terms of the relationship Although Irvine says very little about her life before or after the island it is clear from the get go that it is the island not Kingsland that interests her They are married but only becau. UreUncompromisingly candid and sometimes shocking Castaway is her compulsively readable account of a desert island dream which threatened to turn into a nightmare of illness thirst and personal antipathy. ,

I ve been meaning to read this book for most of my adult life and I m so glad that I finally got round to it From the moment I started the book I have been living on Tuin and like Lucy I am a little reluctant to leave There is so much to enjoy in this Lucy I am a little reluctant to leave There is so much to enjoy in this Firstly it is the story of a heroic real life female Robinson Crusoe clinging to survival against the odds Then there are her diary entries that focus on the natural beauty of the island and Lucy s growing love affair with Tuin that flourishes Despite The Challenges She the challenges she Then of course there is dear Gerald Let s be honest if you were to be stranded on a desert island for a year the last person on earth you d want to take along for company would be Gerald Rude arrogant misogynistic apathetic and just downright lazy it seems improbable that Gerald ever managed to get the project off the ground in the first place Lucy s patience and tolerance towards Gerald is admirable and so despite his all too obvious faults she managed to make me warm to him By the end of the year I felt I understood Gerald and Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, knew that despite his gruff good bye there was a soft centre that genuinely mourned the loss of his wife I will be researching what became of these two fascinating characters Like a Jane Austen novel gone delirious with sun stroke New York Times Book ReviewHahagreat description I love the survivalist aspect of this book it s endlessly fascinating to me how people survive when they have little through innovation invention I also love the author s honesty she doesn t sugarcoat either his or her own behaviour or personalities but is refreshingly transparent about their experiences Absolutely recommended Got this off my wishlist for Christmas and read it over the course of a day Once I d started I couldn t put it downThis is one of those books that gets into your head you look away from reading it go into theitchen to make a drink and suddenly a part of your brain s not sur I didn t read much between the ages 16 20 I was too busy rebelling and going to partiesBut I remember reading this one book I just found it again so I thought I would review here it for your pleasure It was about a woman who went to live a la Robinson Cruzoe with some crazy dude and all I remember was that because of malnutrition the main character s anus became so loose her rectum would constantly fall out I am still traumatised Like a Jane Austen novel gone delirious with sun stroke New York Times Book ReviewI don t now about the Jane Austen reference but you re curious now right Immediately on reading the premise I but you re curious now right Immediately on reading the premise I too curious not to read this book In 1981 a man puts out a want ad looking for a wife to join him on a deserted island just south of Papua New Guinea It turns out the Australian government reuired a man and woman to marry before living together even on a deserted island but it seems that G the man really thought the marriage might become something permanent Wh. ' Writer seeks wife for a year on tropical island'The opportunity to escape from it all was irresistible Lucy Irvine answered the advertisement and found herself alone on a remote desert island with a 'h. ,

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O would respond to such an ad Enter lucy irvine an extraordinary woman i say extraordinary Irvine an extraordinary woman I say extraordinary not in the jr high book report ind of way but in the unusual and precious way of a truly intelligent brave morally strong yet human and sensitive woman who allows nothing but her own heart to direct her She s an early 80 s woman s libber without ever declaring herself one simply by being wholly herself Not only were her experiences on the island truly riveting but her interpretations on the page magnified the experience into a larger experiment of human nature Lucy never falls in love with G her partner and who can blame her he is a food and sex starved Hemingway whose pet names for her vary between cunt and shithouse but in a loving way she says But Lucy does have a glorious affair with the island itself and her lone sessions with the sea and sun are the sexiest pages innocent but sensual The original intention of this experiment was that the wife was the accessory and the real goal was for G to write a book of the experience It turns out G never wrote that book but Lucy did and it seems she got the experience G wanted but by reason of his character could never have Lucy is not only the brave adventurous character that drives a compelling story but the exuisite author as well Here s a sample of her sensual approach as she gathers water for cookingNow at the edge of the far away sea there is a gentle lapping of water as my tilted bucket fills Whisper whisper of little waves within without The growing day has nudged past a tranuil dawn I want to swallow oceanfuls of this peace and hold it within me always pg 100 Amazing book hard to read harder to put down I found this in a second hand bookstore and naturally assumed it was the basis of the Tom Hanks movie Not Very much not The other reviews tell the story pretty well so I ll mention some other things Gerald did go on to write his book This book was a big UK hit in the 1980s as it told the story of an older man and a younger woman who spend a year together on the desert island of Tuin off the Torres Straits of Australia The couple are combustible from the get go as the man wants sex and an escape from responsibilities while the woman wants to find herself Never a good combinationNow add drought lack of supplies and starvation to the sexual friction and the story really gets good Lucy Irvine tells the true tale from her point of view for Gerald Kingsland s version read THE ISLANDER so The Reader Will Sympathize With Her But Even Then It reader will sympathize with her but even then it a great adventure In fact after reading this you may want to find your own undeveloped island free from resorts and fast food restaurants where the only footprints in the sand are yoursBook Season Summer Absolutely brilliant I loved this book I admire the author s writing style triumphant strength of spirit and total unrelenting honesty What an adventure What a book Read and enjoy I ve taken away my first review as Usband' she hardly newLucy Irvine fell in love with the seductive if cruel beauty of that untouched Eden whose power to enslave and enchant her never slackened throughout the whole of her amazing advent. Castaway