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Angaanime style books and for that I enjoyed the book even I personally have a hard time following the writing style f this genre The story just doesn t flow in my head as well as it should with it written in comic book style That is why I said I think that I would like it even better if it were written as what I think Bambi and Me of a contemporary novel So to be fair and try to avoid mybvious bias against the genre in general I am going to give this book 3 stars I really think I would give it 25 stars because I wouldn t say I like it like I like Pocahontas other 3 star books but I did like the story And since I could imagine it written differently I am going to bump it up to 3 stars It wask for what it was but truly doesn t deserve it was but truly doesn t deserve 2 stars because that would expose too much f my bias toward the genre I Hope That This Review Can that this review can someone but I felt like I should review the book and try to explain what I felt about it Take this for what it is and enjoy the whatever book you choose next This is such a cute and believable story The romance takes its time developing and is so rewarding The art style is very cute and the characters are all distinctive If you like cute sweet stories with tsundere main characters I highly recommend this manga Read n Cute story but not a favorite for me I got the ecopy Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on my Kindle which may have been partf the problem I find the Nook manga a much better uality read Very cute and innocent story about to friends slowly growing to be then that UGHI was not prepared for this level Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack of cuteness My dark little heart has been damagedSeriously So freakin cute And funny I laughedut loud when he snuck and hit the button The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, on the vending machine BL manga When Kosuke is knocked down by a transfer studentn a bike he inadvertently learns the new boy s secret He doesn t necessarily think it s a very. Popular with girls Although Kosuke initially feels jealous he soon learns f Raku’s secret and is asked to keep it a secret Raku.

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Incredibly cute and well thought ut Standard
#formulaic love story #
love story cute twists and decent character development Definitely good to read than nce I loved it Goodreads Description A new student enrolls in Kosuke s sopho class in high school As a perfect foil to Kosuke s short stature Raku is tall manly and popular with girls Although Kosuke initially feels jealous he soon learns f Raku s secret and is asked to keep it a secret Raku finds himself taking an interest in Kosuke and they begin to grow closer This is a high school romantic comedy about an Pelnrušķis un trollis odd coupleI must be certain to let anyone who reads this to know that Inly read this book to meet a reuirement for a reading challenge and this is Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) only the second book that I have written in the mangaanime genre I also want readers to know that I am not attracted to this genre in any way I don t read comic books I didn t read them as a kid and I never even enjoyed the Sunday comics in the paper So know that my review is clearly biased because I just don t like the style I even have a hard time categorizing this book Is it a novel Is it story I don t know what word to use to label this typef book Even book seems like it isn t the right word to use when I compare the word to what I usually read and refer to as a bookSo with All Of This Said of this said did like the story It was a cute story about high school romance and everything that goes along with being a high school student I would compare the story line to a contemporary young adult novel As a matter O Mistério do Infante Santo of fact I know that I would have enjoyed the book much better if it had not been written in the manga style So if you like manga and you also like the American genref contemporary young adult then I think you would like this book There wasn t any fantasy r science fiction element that seems to go along with many A new student enrolls in Kosuke’s sopho class in high school As a perfect foil to Kosuke’s short stature Raku is tall manly and. ,

Important secret but he kind f likes How It Feels To Be Keeping It it feels to be keeping it Raku Even if the rest f their class think the height difference between them makes their friendship freaking hilariousThis is THE #CUTEST FUCKING THING It s my favourite kind f friends to lovers story where the friends feel # FUCKING THING It s my favourite kind Slice by Slice of friends to lovers story where the friends feel friends you can feel how ridiculously much they like eachther and like hanging Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) out While still feeling like a love storyTheir whole friend group is ridiculous and great too especially the background ff pair There s something so delightfully believable and true to life about all the little details like Kosuke hearing something that makes him confused and self conscious and wondering what his face looks like right nowr the brief classroom craze for dramatic self introductions Ice Maiden or watching the frogn the window This was cute Uma you should read this Raku is cool tall popular and secretly Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle only half Japanese Kosuke is short and feisty but doesn t seem to care when he discovers Raku s secret They become close friends sharing this secret how close Kosuke almost immediately gets the nickname Ham chan which I would rather have seen translated as Hamu like the Japanese pronunciationf Hamutaro the hamster but that is just semantics His weird hair spikes look like ears #And Coupled With Kosuke #coupled with Kosuke shortness Raku sees him as a hamster In retaliation Ham chan gives Raku the nickname Seducing the Heiress of Lucky which is doesn t seem to mind Why all this focusn nicknames Because that is just how adorable this story is It s not as And Cowboy Makes Three overwhelmingly angsty as a lotf BLyaoi likes to be It s got a good amount Teasing Her SEAL of slicef lifeness that makes it cute and a bit real than Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, other stories It really standsut Read this book I loved this A Valentines Wish one The art is really well done and the two guys are adorable It s slicef life than yaoi but a good read none the les. Finds himself taking an interest in Kosuke and they begin to grow closer This is a high school romantic comedy about an dd couple. ,

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