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Through it And keep getting and emotionally involved without even notici A very good book about something that has been very seldom written about the return of half a million people from the Portuguese colonies in 1975 I remember very well the returnees for

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I felt at time sympathy and solidarity also because having just returned myself from 2 ears in Cape Vert I was a little acuainted with the kind of life they had left behind and because they seemed to me different from the boring familiar people of the metropolis with different experiences and freer s I had several good friends among them at the time later I understood they were not exotic or special just people who got caught in the conseuences of a misguided policy and who tried to cope how they could and that the apparent specialness was mostly bragging to feel like they were compensating for what they had lost And that s why I liked this book so much I think it expresses extremely well the situation how they were and what they went through not using the pretence to glamour like so many of them did and in that way being so much true to how it really was It is also an excellent depiction of the atmosphere of the times the revolutionary period with its absurdities that seem so strange now All in all #a very strong narrative and I hope people would write about this period that is being forgotten without ever having been #very strong narrative and I hope people would write about this period that is being forgotten without ever having been analysed It describes what my parents never told me about coming back from Africa their silence is described here The book is extremely well written it s compulsive and Nam you should not miss it specially ifour parents and grandparents also escaped from a war This book gives us an hint about colonization and decolonization of PALOP African countries and the different perspectives of it Not an historical book but makes ou rethink of a big part of Portuguese recent history Interesting book and easy to read. Sem salvação garantida ue se degrada de dia para dia A adolescência torna­ se uma espera assustada pela idade adulta aprender o desespero e a raiva reaprender o amor inventar a esperançaÁfrica sempre presente mas cada vez mais long.

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On the reviews I read I was expecting feelings apart from a good read It s been a long time since I last read a book from a new for me Portuguese writer This came highly recommended so unsurprisingly I really enjoyed itThis is about the #return in 1975 of portuguese people this was #in 1975 of Portuguese people this was mostly only to the white ones to Portugal mainland when the former African colonies were on the verge to become independent Back then the population in Portugal increased "About 10% In A Very Short Period "10% in a very short period time a It took me a while to get into this book and the writing style but it was the story that eventually made this about a 35 readThe story is narrated by a 15 ear old boy who has grown up in Angola as part of the Portuguese colonial class In 1975 the Salazar regime collapses and so does portugals colonial empire as any whites are risk of death if they do not escape to the homeland The boy witnesses his father being taken by Angolan men who bundle him into carIn Portugal he is placed with his mother and sister in a hotel with other refugees and the book becomes the story of how a 15 Lippenbekenntnisse yr old grows up in that situation with his normal teenager obsessions but the background of his worries and guilt about his family and father in an unsympathetic country which should feel like home that dislocation is well drawnAn interesting read if not a difficult narrative style but ifou like translated fiction and interesting stories from different times and places I would recommend An excellent book about a timeplace in history that I knew nothing about The book is devoid of dialogue and is instead ruminations in a Chasing McCree Chasing McCree young man s mind I would prefer dialogue Magnificent writer with magnificent stories to tell If there were books translated from Portuguese to my language or English I would read them because I m already a fanThere s nothing like stumbling upon a flawless prose it s like a river andou keep swimming. Hostilidade Muitos não têm para onde ir nem do ue viver Rui tem uinze anos e é um deles1975 LisboaDurante mais de um ano Rui e a família vivem num uarto de um hotel de 5 estrelas a abarrotar de retornados um improvável purgatório. ,
I was 11 when the carnation revolution happened *on the 25th April 1974 The revolution brought an end Portugal s colonial empire and with that thousands *the 25th April 1974 The revolution brought an end Portugal s colonial empire and with that thousands people moved back from the African colonies to the Motherland Three of my father s siblings had migrated to Angola to escape from the poverty that existed in post war Portugal In 1974 it was clear that they would have to leave Some made the transition back to Portugal better than others This book #is about the family of returnees seen through the eyes of a 15 Years Boy Called years boy called Starting with their last #about the family of returnees seen through the eyes of a 15 Impossible Things years boy called Rui Starting with their last in Africa and ending oneear later after they have lived in a hotel room in Estoril full of people who had no where else to go The books starts with the terrifying last day during which the father is taken away by local militia They escape to the airport with half a suitcase each and land in Lisbon the capital of the Motherland they had read about in books The story depicts what life was like for the returnees in a country that was struggling to come to terms with it s post revolutionary future There are a number of characters staying at the hotel Rui in the absence of hsi father becomes the head of the household supporting his mother with her mental health porblems and keeping an eye out for his sister New friendships develop Rui dreams of a future in America whilst wondering if his father is alive This is not an easy read but for me it was one that made me reflect on what was a very difficult time for so many of my family What a brilliant work Please world pay attention to this author She deserves international acclaimThe story is culturally and historically fascinating The prose in translation is fast paced startling innovative The characters who ou come to really care about nonetheless have real to life flaws like racist beliefs of disloyalty to family Pleasant reading but I don t feel I will remember it for a long time Based. 1975 Luanda A descolonização instiga ódios e guerrasOs brancos debandam e em poucos meses chegam a Portugal mais de meio milhão de pessoas O processo revolucionário está no seu auge e os retornados são recebidos com desconfiança The Return