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Gents And there are so many racial stereotypes just as the first book CONCLUSION The concept of this series is very cool but I found the contents of the book lacking Might still read the third book because I need to know what happened I on t know whether I ll recommend this to people or not WELL WOW THAT WAS ON HECK OF A ROLLER COASTER RIDE Oh I loved it Definitely But seriously I need a nap after all that I idn t like it uite so much as book 1 This is book 2 in the BZRK trilogy and it has a lot of action and intrigue and it messed with my mind and the stakes got higher and higher and the catastrophes were BLOODY and HORRIFIC Michael Grant writes books that scare my braincells Literally terrify me II could use a hug too you know The whole idea of NaNo technology is freaky andugh Rewiring people s brains SOMEONE HIDE ME IN THE PANIC ROOM Why didn t I like it as much as the first book I missed Vincent He s barely in this one t I like it as much as the first book I missed Vincent He s barely in this one course seeing he s been rendered insane by Bugman s attacked No Ophelia and Wilkes was basically not here There was too much of the Dollship and the Armstrong twins UGH THOSE DISGUSTING MONSTERS I hate them like I haven t hated a villain not since President Snow from The Hunger Games I so utterly the Armstrong twins that I on t want to read what they re Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes doing And there was way too muchetail of their sick psycho ness I wanted from our main characters And I was so so STRESSED Seriously This book absolutely stressed me out I love itbut I hate it at the same time At one point when Bernosky from the Bad Side brushes against Sadie from the Good Side I nearly cried I just so so Aliens Genocide Aliens didn t want Sadie to be messed with that I stopped reading for severalays How sad am I But I m so into this book that I just can t handle the pain I CAN T DO IT MY FEELS ARE TOO STRUNG OUT I also ship Keats and Plath so so badly it HURTS Like Plath is so coldI just want to slap her and tell her to trust Keats And they Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts do love each other THEY DO But Plath won t admit it and Keats is such a gentleman I love him so much I love how heoesn t have to save her He supports her I love how Person in the Memory despite her not wanting to be in love with him sheoes They care for each other It s freaking adorable BUT BAD STUFF GOES DOWN ERMAGERD WHY DO MY SHIPS ALWAYS GET A BEATING I alsmost feel too stressed to attempt the finale I love where everything is going and I m so super curious now HOW IS THIS GOING TO END The tables have flipped Massively bad stuff has happened to the BZRK crew and also good stuff I can nearly breath after the fabulous climax Although Michael Grant knows how to be mean to his characters So obviously

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favourites are going Stealing the Gila: The Pima Agricultural Economy and Water Deprivation, 1848-1921 die right RIGHT Nope I can to this I M TOO EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED This review is also posted at had kept BZRK on my To Read list for a while so when I got access to an ARC galley from the publisher I pushed myself to go ahead and check it out of the library to read I love sci fi novels and while BZRK was inherently nothing special it was interesting enough to get me into the this seuelThis seuel however was similar to an English homework reading assignment It seems as if it took me ages to read and I kept putting it off in lieu of television or other books I was also reading Procrastination at its finestFor one I never felt connected to these characters The series as a whole has severely lacked character Literature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America 1958-1987 development It s hard to care about the characters situations when youon t even care about the characters in general And the whole PlathNoah relationship is so underdeveloped it s of a laughing point in the plot than anything elseThen we get to the main plots of this novel While the plot of BZRK was ok the plot of BZRK Reloaded reminded me of a train wreck We had numerous Academic Advising Approaches different plot lines going on and most of them never connected or made any sense at all My main point here without getting into spoilerepth WHOS WHO IN AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE VOL.1 detail is the Doll Ship I realize Plath made one of the conjoined twins a little crazy at the end of the first novel when sheid a haphazard rewiring of his brain but the Doll Ship is something that appears to have been in the works long before that And I guess it is a legitimate concept to point at and go Wow these guys really are crazy sociopaths no wonder they want to take over the world but then we get into the gray territory of somewhat plausible sci fi to crazy sci fiOverall it s hard to pin point exactly where BZRK Reloaded lost me when I was okay with the first in the series Perhaps it is the accumulation of all the plot pitfalls and lack of character Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations development combined or even something else that I can t uite put my finger on but BZRK Reloaded wasefinitely not up my alley and I Alphas Abused Mate do not plan on taking this series any further in my reading lists. Ot people Bug Man can afford toisappoint The nano is as terrifying exhilarating and unpredictable as ever But the wall of secrets that surrounds it is cracking What will it reveal And once the ust has settled who will be sane enough to find out Releases simultaneously in electronic book format ISBN 978 1 60684 395.
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BZRK ReloadedWhat a elightful read I *read the first book in this series long ago when it first came out But * the first book in this series long ago when it first came out But many other series I never got the chance to read the seuels I am now This book was honestly very good It is YA but its main themes and plot Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) does not read like majority of YA books The series features Noah and Sadie who want to fight a world that is shaping up to be a utopia They want feelingThe book is very interesting because of its sci fi elements The wars here are through nanobots and biots that go throughifferent people s eyes and ifferent organs to control them The premise is very well executed and intriguing There s politics involved wars fought and anger around very well executed and intriguing There s politics involved wars fought and Saint Germain On Alchemy danger around corner I am going to read the last book in the series immediately Youon t see such YA books everyday Maybe it was a good thing after all to wait all this time as I m generally much objective about YA books these Chasing the Red Queen days See reviews on my blogBZRK Reloaded took everything BZRK had to offer and kicked it up to eleven On the other hand the whole thing suffered from a bit of middle book syndrome It wasgood but itidn t really have its own story so much as it was a vehicle for moving us along to the final bookMiddle books are really hard There s a mix of good and things that are pretty Haylee distinct to middle books especially in a series like this which tells one long story instead of something with a episodic set up For instance we got a lot intensity out of the characters because weidn t have to spend any time setting them Backstory establishing scenes meeting all the other characters all of that was already The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) done with so we could jump straight into theevelopment And in this book s case it was uite excellent There s a lot going on with these characters are they get and embroiled in violence and all the guilt that goes along with that and the connections between the characters get pretty intense On the other hand the plot of the book turns into of a very long set up for the big shebang at the end There wasn t much of a goal in this one Things just progressively got worse in an attempt to make the main conflict extra sticky and tense in BZRK Apocalypse And it was unfortunately obvious than usual in this book that that s what was going on It was all very interesting stuff there s no lie about that but there was a sense that it Hijacking the Brain didn t really have a purpose besides 1 making chaos and 2 providing impetus for the characters to getepressedStill those character moments are what made this book I would uite honestly read just about anything for the sake of those character moments There was some stuff in here that was just really really brilliant and a lot of it happened outside of our main group of kids Especially the plot line with the President I was blown away by that I loved the amount of focus that was put on people out in the world It gave the story a sense of being complete of being part of a complex world instead of being focused on just a few random teenage kid heroes Of course other people would learn about the megalomaniacs Of course they would try and o stuff about it There are after all a lot of very observant people in the world yeah And there were just enough of those outside POVs to make the point without pulling too far away from the core group Although I o wonder if that s because our core group wasn t The Path to Gay Rights doing much Maybe I justidn t mind being pulled away from themOverall it was a very emotional read for me and that s probably most of the Karen vs Alien draw Yeah the horror and the action are both still there but give me that introspectiveespair any ay of the week 45 stars Personal Response I think that BZRK Reloaded is a very good book The only thing I would change in this book is the fact that it jumps around so much I would start to get into something and then mid page the scene would change over to someone else Other than that this bo BZRK reloaded by Michael Grant takes place in an alternate present ay Teenagers are the soldiers in this These teenagers are like Romans with nanotechnology The main focus of this book is on the NYC cell of BZRK They are being tracked Alien Disclosure at Area 51 down by people who want themead There are many characters that are just phenomenalTo sum up the book in one word Awesome I m a nanotech fan so this book was good regardless Beyond the the tech the characters where great The plot had its good point and then it s great point Michael Singing the Law didn t just leave it at they have these little bots that work for them He eveneveloped the normal people so that they become awesome as well The who love or not to love in the beginning is a better alternative to the I love you right at the start Most of all this book had me laughingI would recommend this book to anyone who wants something a bit ifferent Teens wil. From best selling author Michael Grant comes the highly anticipated terrifying and mind bending second book in the BZRK trilogy The entire BZRK cell including Noah and Sadie has been left in pieces after the last round of battle with the Armstrong Twins conjoined brother who plot to rob mankind of its free will Vince. ,

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L love this book There is action comedy and romance The book Will Amaze You There amaze you There so much going on at all times and I am living You have a bunch of We Sell Drugs different POV characters but it never gets confusing Though it jumps around from one to the other in no particular order it s always clear who you reealing with and what they re oing And the action I said it in my previous review but lol for you Action scenes are rarely what get me in books but these are so exciting Not only is the whole nano thing really cool still but you never know who is going to come out on top Speaking of "I was just gonna leave a sentence for my fave but then realized that would be spoiling that "was just gonna leave a sentence for my fave but then realized that would be spoiling that survive book 1 so GASP I just SPOILED that the entire cast of characters isn t killed off in book 1 Oh NOOO From the fingers of Michael GrantBZRK Reloaded is even better than BZRK There are scenes in there that made me laugh at the sheer unbridled strangeness and intensity 75 out of 10 stars I m a bit isappointed with this seuel The first book was kinda ok but this one is uninteresting The nanotech concept is still very cool though Keywords scifi biopunk nanotechnology madness trigger warning suicide gore violence A biot was not an other It was not outside of you it was part of you It was like a finger or a leg p 372 REVIEW In Bzrk series scientists had found a way to make nanotech weapons One of them is nanobots a nano sized robots that can be controlled from afar and held in the hand of our antagonists the Armstrong Twin They used it for controlling people s mind and attempting to take over the world The other nanotech is biological Biots is a nano sized avatar linked Literature of Africa directly to people s mind and can be controlled in a risk that if biotied the owner will went insane Our resistance group Bzrk were using biots to fight against the Armstrong Twin This bring us to raging nanotech battle edging between Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change death and madness Bzrk Reloaded continued in what we were left in the end of the first book After failing in their mission Bzrk branch New York gained fatal blow one of Vincent s biotied thus making him slip to insanity The team left uncertain with the events had to stay low and Nijinsky recluctantly appointed as their leader Meanwhile the Armstrong Twin had another plan and began experimenting their mind controls en masse Will Bzrk able to stop them I ll just say it Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature directly because this review is long enough What I like from this book The bleakepressing and edgy tones Just like the first book it still very bleak Just the amount of edgy tones that I like The romance As I mentioned in my review of previous book the romance is instalove It s the I m Rebuilding desperate afraid andangling between sanity and madness so I need you as a Intro to Alien Invasion distraction kind of thing Some might think it s cheap but I really buy the romance and I like it greatly Theynamic between the Bzrk team Bzrk New York team was left Therapy of Love devastated after previous event And I like how Michael Grant wrote the tension between them Everyone is on edge Sadie uestioning why sheidn t killed the Twin and took the blame of their loss Keats madly in love with Sadie and want her to safely get away from it all Wilkes still very bitter about what happened to Ophelia Anya is trying to cope with Vincent s betrayal and her love with him Nijinsky who Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism don t want to lead forced to the role and thinking he s not good enough Vincent who went insane and struggling with hallucinations I like theirynamic and how they tried to move on and Museum Activism do the next mission regardless how broken they re The biots and nanotech battle The nanotech concept is awesome Alas most of the scenes in this book are in macro and only some of them seen in the meat or from controlling the nanotech I also like how the nanotech began taking control of people s mind and there s always some kind of side effect to it You can t get away tampering with other people s brain What Ion t like Some scenes make no sense Some scenes feels weird and irked me because it making no sense I Narcissistic Mothers don t mean the scifi nanotech part it s the plot There are scenes that came as cheap and too convenient for the plot Ion t care about 50% of the story I only care about the Bzrk gang s plot and there are some other subplots that feels like filler and I m bored to Falling For A Kingpin death reading it Namely theoll ship part And it s like half of the book so I read this half without any enjoyment at all Too much new characters I Violence and Trauma in Selected African Literature don t care about them With the new subplot came new characters and I found that I can t connect with them and Ion t care about them at all Stereotypes I find that several passages of the book might be insulting to some groups of people There are some that might seems ableist some others might be insulting to those with neurodiver. Nt's mind is shattered and his memories hold The Social Rebellion dangerous secrets secrets that Lear BZRK's mysterious leader will stop at nothing to protect Meanwhile Bug Man has taken control of the President's brain but playing with sanity is aangerous game The conseuences can spiral way out of control and the Armstrong Twins are ,