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Hat book in Sleigh Ride Catherine and James are great lead characters i reading about great lead characters I enjoyed reading about as her character throughout the book I liked the accuracy of having the characters chaperoned while they were courting The development of the relationships in this story reminded me of something from a Jane Austen book Anyone who is period piece fan or just looking for a great book with find a good read in Sleigh Ride GoodI think it s a good book I enjoyed reading this book Looking forward to reading of Katie Crabapple s books Book 2 of 7 I love these books I would compare them to the Love Comes Softly series They are set back in the 1800 COURT HER AFTER SHE Court her after she Will Charlotte be able to deal with the hardships of 1880s Minnesota Or will she turn tail and run back to Boston where things are familia. ,

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In this series I can t remember what day read this Good book I love that it was so sweet and no porn Too long I love that it was so sweet and no porn Too long shortIn comparison to the first one this book took too long on the before option for Charlotte and had too much of Millies story Although I am glad we got closure on Millies story charley like a secondary character in her own storyline James was only mentioned a few times and their romance was minimal Not worth my money Disappointed I am a big fan of period piece writing and have fallen in love with the stories written by Katie Crabapple I loved reading about Millie in the first book of this series and was glad to have a seuel to O let her come stay with her until after her baby is born she accepts A Minnesota farmer Millie knows pays for her fare with the understanding he will have a chance to. The characters that Katie Crabapple *Have Created In Series *created in this series amazing They are flawed and real in a way that a lot other authors cannot capture Reading about a character in the old west who suffers from a germ phobia or crippling social anxiety was a revelation to me as it s difficult to even find contemporary romance books that address those issues lovin it KatieCharlotte s story is an interesting mix of doubts and faith rolled into one uniue story How 2 women live and learn from each other Times were difficult and ou needed to be able to learn uickly The short blurb at the end about Patience was uite a Nice Introduction To The Next introduction to the next This is the seuel to Mail Order Millie Charlotte has gotten too old to stay in the orphanage where she was raised so when her friend Millie a mail order bride offers

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Sleigh Ride Homespun #2