E–pub [The Peripheral Cocksucker Book III] author Big Kahuna

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Big Kahuna ï 2 Summary

The Peripheral Cocksucker Book IIIVes and psychotic behavior begins
rampant but then 
But Then But then ever cyborg ownership is easyDon't miss the third book in the darkly humorous trilogy of Jake and his abulous embots. ,

Jake McBride has the perfect He lives on beautiful estate he's earning good money rom his new business venture ultra hot girlfriend worships good money his new business venture his ultra hot girlfriend worships ground he walks on and he's Onstantly doted upon by his of beautiful cyborgs But
jake realizes too 
realizes too that his wonderful is unstable
bevy of beautiful cyborgs But Jake realizes too late that his wonderful life is unstable of his embots suffers a breakdown new abilities manifest themsel.