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This book read exactly as you would expect it to Camp and full of innuendo It really lives up to Batman legend No matter what I read I still love Burt Ward And Robin I still enjoy the TV show today which probably says alot about my sense of humour This book was trashy TV show today which probably says alot about my sense of humour This book was trashy and self aggrandizingbut i was trashy ossipy and self aggrandizingBut I it Of it has to be taken with a pinch of salt what autobiography doesn t Ward isn t the best writer in the world but he succeeds in entertaining All the behind the scenes info and secrets about Adam West were very interesting to me I should add I still love Adam West no matter what bad light Ward writes him in One final note This is not as scandalous and shocking as the cover proclaims Well at least by my standards anywayHOLY SHARK REPELLENT SPRAY BATMAN In 1966 Burt Ward won the role of a lifetime playing Robin on the mega hit television series Batman Ward was married at the time but not for long He was not a drinker and never took drugs but the sex was plentiful Women clad to be with him and his co star Adam West and they both answered the call again and again HOLY FORNICATION BATMANThis is a tell all and believe me he does tell all And in some cases in Sister of My Heart graphic detail Michael Keaton and the animated series have the best true to form Batmans in my opinion but the cheesy camp tastic Adam West batman series will always have a special place in my heart You can t watch an episode of that show and not smile at lines like We ve come a long way from the Prime Minister s exploding cake Or have we Hunting down Burt Ward s memoir of his life during the series run was pretty difficult since it s out of print and the few copies being exchanged are very expensive but the reason for the limited uantity and the poor ratings became very apparent after blowing through the book in two sittings Burt Warn can spin a yarn and has no ualms about scandalizing his costars and fans but he is also an obnoxious liar This didn t spoil it for me though I personally loved his self aggrandizing stories that had nothing to do with the show and his constant references to his dick because it was the kind of high camp that feels in line with the essence of the series that birthed his fameHe dishes the most shit on his best friend and famous co star Adam West but West s supposed diva behavior and dirty dad jokes were kind of fabulous in their own way so I ve not lost any respectSomeems from his life in tights Apparently his penis was so large that even cups and tucks couldn t provide proper coverage for his bulge and all the studios were in an uproar to keep his crotch shots kid friendly They sent a doctor to the set with penis shrinking pills for Burt and he only took them once and threw them all out the next day Burt describes his dream house as so eye catching and uniue that people passing through would stop by almost daily begging for a tour and even offering money He King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gets involved in an 8 way with aroup of young orgeous prostitu. As Robin the Boy Wonder in the popular Batman television series still seen in every television US and abroad. Boy Wonder My Life in TightsLid He is frank and forthright doesn t put a lot of polish on his stories He doesn t apologize for his womanizing ways just explains it was the 60s and nobody knew any different It was certainly eye opening Holy dirty laundry Batman We re not in Gotham City anyThis book is NOT FOR CHILDREN It is a ood and fast read As a memoir it is light weight at best However if titillation is what you re after you ll Class of 92: Out of Our League get it here to the max This book is mostly about the sexual exploits of TV s Boy Wonder Burt Ward and Adam West IMHO another VERY appropriate title for this book would have been ROBIN The Sex Life Of A Bird Read it if you like It s definitely an eye openerYou won t be able to put it down Super trashy More frank than the Adam West book Possibly one of the worst books I have ever read As a BATMAN 1966 68 TV show fan a big fan I was looking forward to some behind the scenes anecdotes of Burt Ward who played Robin The Boy Wonder The readersets a short pre Batman bio and then Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gets few and far between looks behind the scenes of the show or even Ward s encounters with thereat stars who played the How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead guest villains Instead and this was to be expected from the cover of the book the readerets his numerous over inflated so to speak from the cover of the book the reader ets his numerous over inflated so to speak of his sexual conuests with women of all ages during the show and after Ward loves to describe his marathon sessions of sex with irls and the size of his member The length of these sessions and the Details Described Defy Even A described defy even a book scenario of exaggeration You are even treated to Adam West tales where they o to a nudist colony or share a bed with nubile fans And you are treated to paragraphs ending in HOLY BOA CONSTRICTOR or HOLY LEGS AKIMBO Oh boy Ward concludes his tome with a section on his newest marriage to a very rich woman and his children and rand children And the HOLY MOST TASTELESS is saved for last when he he and his wife award each other trophies with plaues commending each on certain attributes both physical and emotional Ward s to his wife describes her private parts My reaction to this and the read HOLY FIREPLACE KINDLE This was alright It was amusing in spots The Batman and Robin of the lovable sixties show were impossibly wholesome characters that multiple Moonrise generations are familiar with Burt Ward s tell all reveals that he and Adam West were If you are looking for Hollywoodossip especially from the 60s This is the book to read Lots of dirt on people Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi great memories of the show Batman and sex Oh there is lots and lots of sex It made it almost awkward to read There were times when this book seemed to repeat itself I am not sure if it was all just the same stuff being said over and over again or I was imagining it It was like sex talk sex talk sex Adam West was portrayed as this big hero who had no emotions and an obvious sex addiction While Burt was portrayed as an innocent who just happened to be pulled into all of this with no way of knowing how or why heot there. Mer part time real estate agent coped with the overnight transition to world wide recognizable male sex symb. .

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Tes he mistook for highschool students celebrating post prom He uses his fingers toes hands and tongue to ive everyone a o fingers toes hands and tongue to ive everyone a o once Yes Jay Cartwright from Inbetweeners was right you can fuck a irl with your toe He invites Adam West to watch him make love to his french irlfriend using chocolate pudding and nut topping He has to wave off West from encroaching on their space several times Right after a chapter where he describes accepting an offer from Penthouse to shoot a sexual fantasy story layout where a costumed to shoot a sexual fantasy story layout where a costumed ender rape fantasy plays out he claims he was raped by an attractive hill billy out in the Bayou during an autograph tour Classy 80% of his described sexual conuests end with the irl being a psycho or revealing some really bizarre straight out of left field behavior that ives him an out to never see him again I m talking irls that brandish butcher knives and chase him through the house irls that wield an ax in wait for him irls that drink blood and irls that reveal theygasp bisexual But you know he s such a nice uy so he only left them after a roll in the hay because they threatened his values or life He claims him and Adam West were so popular with female fans of the show during the peak of their fame that women would often orgasm without even being touched as long as they were in their reuested batman and robin costumes I ve already said uite a bit about this book Let me just say that it is the most delightfully campily sleazy book I ve read in a long time Burt Ward doesn t come off looking uite as demented as say Bob Crane another 60s TV star and sex addict partly because Burt settles down rather boringly and disappointingly to domesticity at the end But Adam West comes off looking like an emotionally stunted jerk and an unrepentant user Someone needs to do a comparative study of the psychological effects on actors of playing superheroes Ben Affleck managed to blunt the effects of his embarrassingly flabby and chinless portrayal of Daredevil by delving Ben Affleck managed to blunt the effects of his embarrassingly flabby and chinless portrayal of Daredevil by delving George Reeves psyche when he portrayed him in Hollywoodland But I mean Reeves himself Christopher Reeve Robert Downey Jr Lynda Carter there s probably a whole book to be written Meanwhile I ask fellow readers this uestion is there anywhere a sleazier Hollywood memoir than Boy Wonder or at least one where the Alexandra, Gone gap between the wholesomeness of the public persona and the sleaziness of the personal life is so profound If so tell me This book blew my mind Irew up watching the 1960s Batman at my A Year in 120 Recipes grandparents house and have had a huge crush on Dick GraysonRobin ever since So when I found out Burt Ward had written an autobiography I was totally on boardHoly Tell All BatmanI m neveroing to be able to watch the show the same way again Now I ll forever be looking for signs that Ward was seriously injured during the shooting of an action seuence and wondering which of the extras and F. Scott Fitzgerald guest stars he slept withAs aood read though it s pretty so. Burt Ward has become a durable cult figure recognized the world over In his describes how a 21 year old for.