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If you work on or with teams you must "read This Book It Will Either Reinforce What You Already Do book It will either reinforce what you already do believe or open your eyes to what "this book It will either reinforce what you already do and believe or open your eyes to what possible This Angels Do Have Wings is a must read book This book has some useful tips for building great teams The main thing aboutt though s that s t s just very nteresting the stories are nteresting and you learn a lot about random things you wouldn t think to learn about The book lays the framework for successful teams through 7 case studies of teams Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy in uite diverse contexts Thessue with the variability of teams business politics charity sports Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware is that only few readers who findnterest Monster Trucks Hair in a Can in one group will enjoy all case studies Some chapters were so boring that I ended up resorting to my secondary readingNevertheless the writing style and the layout of each chapter were enjoyable and the content easily digested Its another why not book for non fiction business readersWhy not read t or Why not read something else your choice uite a nice short book that gives some food for thought about what makes a great team Inspiring A feelgood read and makes you feel you can do t From the Rolling Stones to the Red Cross from the SAS. In Superteams Khoi Tu reveals the secrets to taking your team to the In Superteams Khoi Tu reveals the secrets to taking your team to the Disney shutdown production on Toy Story how did Pixar save Danger on the Mountain itWhat turned sworn rivalsnto a winning Ryder Cup teamWhy s the Stones' longevity down to Mick and Keith's rivalryThese are the stories behind the world's greatest superteams In seven fascinating case studies Khoi Tu nvestigates why In anderen Herzen its that some teams excel endure and overcome nsuperable odds How they deliver the mpossible and remain loyal to one another n the very best and worst of circumstancesFrom Ferarri. To Steve Jobs s Pixar And From Ferrari To The from Ferrari to the Cup Khoi Tu draws analogies and artful prepcepts to demonstrate the clinical success of team work Super stories super nsights and super learnings from Khoi Tu An easy read though uite thought provoking for anyone The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class in a team building a team running a team or trying to fix a teamKey takeaways for building superteams a set of shared objectives clear purposes the most potent force n attracting the right talent and n getting them to want to do great work together great teams are led by great adaptive leaders there Flesh Blood: Compendium is no single style preference here but over you have to lead by example and ultimately foster a team of leaders the best teams ensure they attract the bestndividuals for every role people that know they aren t perfect but pursue excellence and want to get better with other like minded people you have to get the small thingsroutines right to create the best environment for success agenda size rules roles etc ndividuals have to respect each others skillscontributions and have to trust each other to thrive and stick together under pressure avoid comfortable harmony and groupthink foster and. Formula One to the Iranian Embassy Siege Team from the Red Cross n Haiti to the Northern Ireland Peace Process negotiators you'll learn the secrets of the superteams how to build a team from scratch work powerfully together and perform at your peak Go stellar with your own superteam 'Buy this book t's a game changer' Jamie Oliver 'Inspirational' Sir Jackie Stewart 'Khoi Tu s the most visionary among visionaries' Management TodayKhoi Tu s a teamwork consultant who has worked with teams at Coca Cola BP Deutsche Bank UBS Tesco LVMH And The British Red. the British Red.