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Is in my estimation the greatest living theologian His explanation of the Christian teaching about the Holy Spirit is balanced scholarly and thoroughly edifyingAs his focus Ferguson considers the Person of the Spirit and then His distinct work and indeed the work He accomplishes together with the Father and the Son Broadly the book can be split into two main sections how God the Holy Spirit is revealed in Scripture and how the Holy Spirit of the Scriptures communes with us the bride of ChristOf particular highlight in an all over superb work was his thorough deconstruction of the modern charismatic movement while at no point being uncharitable showing how well meaning and otherwise orthodox folk make serious category errors in their approach to multi levelled prophecies Another highlight was Ferguson showing the Spirit s role in Christ s ministry on Earth specifically how the mircales and supernatural events of Christ s ministry cannot simply be attributed to the fact that He had a Divine nature as such formulations tend to deify the human nature of Christ making Him into a pseudo human pseudo divine being with one mixed nature Rather Ferguson argues that supernatural insightful knowledge was imparted by the Spirit of ChristThe Book Stands As A Work stands as a work great honour to the Holy Spirit wiritten with great clarity in a time where the subject of God the Holy Spirit is in great confusion An outstanding book by one of the best theologians of the modern age I particularly liked his discussion of the Spirit of Christ and the argument that Christ s power to work miracles should be ascribed of the Holy Spirit enabling him to perform wonders and cast out demons The view prevalent among Fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals that the miracles should be attributed to Christ s divine nature probably reflects their inadeuate understanding of Christ s humanity For instance did Christ know about the woman of Samaria s marital history because he was God or know about the woman of Samaria s marital history because he was God or the Holy Spirit endowed him with a prophetic insight It was the latter because otherwise you would have to assume that Christ was omniscient in his human mind which is an impossibility as a human mind cannot be omniscient Dr Ferguson also interacts well with the modern charismatic movement and especially with moderate continuationists such as Wayne Grudem This is a book which every serious Reformed thinker should read sooner rather than later A masterful exposition of the work of the Spirit Ferguson rightly positions pneumatology as being necessarily coupled with Christology as the Spirit most of all seeks the glorification of the Son by accomplishing the proper union between him and his saints Most of all Ferguson proves that the Spirit accomplishes the comprehensive application of redemption and Ferguson s appreciation of those various soteriological components throughout demonstrates the Spirit s uniueness within the Trinitarian economy of salvation All too often Reformed theology is accused of diminishing the Holy Spirit Ferguson does an excellent ob of proving the opposite true Whether it be through the sacraments our union with Christ or our sanctification the Spirit is at the center of our Christian lives The chapters The Spirit of Christ Spiritus Recreator and The Sanctifying Spirit were personal highlights. S are explored and answered Clarity and insight radiate from every page Here is the mature reflection of a Reformed theologian who will summon respect and charity from those who disagr. Persuasive Theologians biblical scholars pastors and serious layreaders would all benefit from this book Overly intellectual than it needs to be in my opinion Hard to read through I did not find it very helpful in my personal life or understanding of the Holy Spirit Comprehensive treatment of the third person of the Godhead well worth reading I can see this one being referred to again and again There s no doubt that Sinclair Ferguson is a savvy theological writer There s no doubt that the Contours savvy theological writer There s no doubt that the Contours Christian Theology series by IVP is a theological heavyweight either While I couldn t exactly call this my favorite Ferguson title it did dig deep as the series is known to do Books in this series don t merely regurgitate the main tenets of a doctrine but linger where it makes sense to look under stones where treasure might be found I always reach for this series when I m starting a detailed study of a particular doctrineChapter 1 introduces the Holy Spirit in an effort to shorten the distance that stands between Him and most believers while explaining all kinds of theological perspectives Chapter 2 looks at the Spirit of Christ by explaining Paraclete and Scoping Out The Relationship Between out the relationship between and the Spirit Chapter 3 looks at the gift of the Spirit by examining Pentecost Chapter 4 tackles the ongoing aspects of Pentecost Chapters 5 through 7 wades through the Spirit s role in salvation I felt the author bogged down in a pet subject here His theological positions are well known and whether you agree or not perhaps some of this would have fit better in a different book Chapter 8 looks at other issues involving the Spirit and salvation like first fruits and sealing Chapter 9 reviews the relationship between the Spirit and the body before chapter 10 dives into the explosive territory of gifts The final chapter on the Cosmic Spirit serves as a great conclusionFerguson always stretches my mind Whether I agree with him or not I always find a warmness of one who loves Christ as he writes There s no way I d study the Spirit and not see what he has to sayI received this book free from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Not scintillating but solid R C Sproul calls Sinclair Ferguson the world s leading expert on the person and work of the Holy Spirit todaySinclair Ferguson is one of those rare authors that gives you MUCH than you bargained for In reading Ferguson you re not ust learning about the Holy Spirit but so much Union with Christ sanctification what it means to be made in the image of God the history of sacraments what it means to fall short of the glory of God In reading great authors you reap the benefit of decades of wisdom compressed into a few hundred pagesIt s not a fast read And you ll have to look up a few words in the dictionary But great for reading a few pages every day in your uiet TimeVery Biblical and Christ centered book The center of the Spirit s ministry to illumine the person and work of ChristI ve been a Christian a long time and have heard the Holy Spirit taught on many times Reading this book made me feel like I had never understood the Holy Spirit before Simply magnificent Sinclair Ferguson. The Spirit and conversant with the wide variety of contemporary Christians who have explored the doctrine of the Holy Spirit Foundational issues are surveyed and clarified Hard uestion. Sinclair Ferguson s biblical theological treatment on the Holy Spirit is a rich and sumptuous theological feast for any serious minded believer who wants to know about the so called shy member of the Trinity In eleven meaty chapters Ferguson gives a comprehensive if not
Exhaustive Biblical Overview Of The 
biblical overview of the and work of the Holy Spirit all along the way drawing on historical theology and charitably interacting with perspectives different from his ownChapter one The Spirit and His Story surveys the Old Testament s shadowy teaching on the Holy Spirit with a careful biblical theological approach The Spirit of Christ chapter two is an exceptionally rich chapter on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus Christ is seen as the uintessential Man of the Spirit Because his entire life was lived in The Spirit S Power Ferguson Starts With Spirit s power Ferguson starts with conception and moves through the various aspects of Jesus life all the way to exaltation Jesus is now the Lord of the Spirit 2 Cor 318 The One Who Sends The Spirit To His Church the One who sends the Spirit to his church reproduce the human holiness of which he Jesus is the patternThis moves into the next two chapters which focus on The Gift of the Spirit and Pentecost Today exploring the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost and its significance in redemptive history and for believers today The Spirit of Order chapter five discusses the ordo salutis order of salvation and how the Spirit applies the redemptive work of Christ to the individual believer This is an excellent chapter which focuses on union with Christ as the central motif for understanding how the Spirit applies salvation in our lives Throughout both this chapter and the entire book Ferguson writes with a solid understanding of the inaugurated eschatology of the New Testament allowing the alreadynot yet tension to inform his treatment of the various aspects of the ordo salutis ie ustification regeneration adoption sanctification glorificationSpiritus Recreator chapter six discusses the Spirit s role in the new creation while the next chapter The Spirit of Holiness explores his role in sanctification These were two of the most helpful chapters in the book for me personally Ferguson maintains the Christ centeredness with which he began the book as he shows how the Spirit reproduces the image of Christ in believers through his definitive act and progressive work of sanctification Also very edifying is chapter eight The Communion of the Spirit which deals with the personal ministry of the Spirit in the life of the believer as seal firstfruits and earnestguaranteeChapters nine and ten talk about The Spirit and the Body and The Gifts of the Spirit the former discussing the role of the sacraments under the Spirit in the life of the church and the latter addressing the issue of spiritual gifts with Ferguson taking a firm though gentle cessationist position His critiues of Wayne Grudem deserve careful reflection from all who hold a continuationist perspective The final chapter The Cosmic Spirit discusses the Spirit s work in what we might call common grace and points us forward to the eschatological fulfillment of the Spirit s work in the worldI thoroughly enjoyed this book the best book I read in 2008 and learned much from it Ferguson s articulation of a Reformed view of the Holy Spirit is intelligent and. Ferguson's study is rooted and driven by the scriptural story of the Spirit in creation and redemption Throughout he shows himself fully at home in the church's historical theology of. ,