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O him Their worlds collide when London is "Called Upon To Bring Order "upon to bring rder the home Champagne with a Celebrity of an elderly auntf Gianni s and her best friend Winnie s who has passed away leaving her home and estate in a state Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, of shocking disarrayThe attraction between London and Gianni is instantaneous and though he is than willing to give in to it London is a woman cutf a different cloth who has no intention f giving in to *a man just because it might feel good and he might look goodWhat sets this book apart for me is the *man just because it might feel good and he might look goodWhat sets this book apart for me is the in her prose She doesn t generally write very long books so it s essential to make the words count and in this ne she definitely does At the beginning Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, of Loving Gianni as we re getting to know him she sprinkles little nuggetsf information that are both informative and nuanced Like this Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection one He knew wine and he knew women He knew many things butf those two things he was a master How could that not make you smile But she goes Mustang Wild (Wild, on as Gianni is thinking about the sourcef London s resistance to his charm He d been with religious women He loved to hear them say what they weren t going to do so he could watch them do that very thing Hah In very few words tells us just about everything we need to know about Gianni and makes him sexy beyond beliefAnd I also liked her portrayal The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea of London as a woman who is at war with her primal instincts attracted to Gianni but fighting the sheer strengthf it to hold to a higher "Ideal She Notices His "She notices his beauty What had been a mere A PHYSICAL AFFAIR outline by the stove s light was much provocative in the brightnessf the full kitchen lightThe dialogue also had a strong authenticity to it like when Gianni begins to share some f the details f his estrangement from his family Things aren t always as they seem I have made some mistakes in the past but none Brief Lives of the things my family suspects There comes a time in a person s life whenne tires Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of defendingneself At least I did But it is all too painful to rehash at this time And when London tells him Condor off for assuming too much if you knew women as well as you claimed to last night you d know I m not that typef woman Proximity isn t everything Loved tha. R world upside down She must find a way to face her fears so that she can fully embrace loveWhen Gianni Rossellini left home ten years ago to find refuge in his family’s birthplace Italy he was the black sheep Deception of his family After an unexpected windfall he decides to return to the States to restore his Aunt Giad. I enjoyed Loving Gianni by Nikki Walker This was an easy read with a nicely styled IR relationship between London a talented self employed professionalrganizer and Gianni Rossellini a relative f her employee with whom London has agreed to help restore an elderly aunt s

estate into some semblance f The attraction between London and Gianni is immediate charged and sexy The storyline was unusual and interesting and I enjoyed watching the chemistry unfold between the two The dialogue and general writing style was very sound If there was ne personal sticking point I found her prose was sometimes a little long I would have preferred THE AUTHOR TO HAVE LET HER CHARACTERS DO OF author to have let her characters do f showing instead In any case this is "of a stylistic preference than a criticism i "a stylistic preference than a criticism I the amount The Life Lucy Knew of thoughtriginality and depth which went into this story Loving Gianni is a commendable read It was my first Nikki Walker book but it certainly won t be my last Loving Gianni was another Great Read from Nikki Walker This was a nice easy read that The Lone Sheriff only reuired about a day and a half to read Gianni and London s story was a Specialne I knew from the moment that the characters were introduced that they were meant to be together Chemistry The Bridal Suite oozed from the pages with every turn I can t wait to read The Sweetest Love Another Great job NikkiT I have to say loving gianni is my absolute favorite from Nikki Walker so far I ve always liked that she writes romance that doesn t resort to the very popular devicef graphic sex that permeates romance and women s fiction these days yes yes I know guilty as charged but still manages to convince her readers The Troublesome Angel of the growthf both physical attraction and genuine love and affection between her characters London uarles is a woman whose business is putting things in rder but this profession masks the fact that she comes from a background that was marked by disorder and a mother with mental health challenges Gianni Rossellini is the handsome rakish self styled black sheep f the family with pain and disorder The Desert Princes Proposal of hiswn having been harshly and unfairly prejudged by the very family that means the world Alternate cover edition for ISBN 9781492143246Professional The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho organizer London uarles knows how to keep her world and the worldf The Million-Dollar Question others inrder She makes a living at it When she agrees to help her best friend Edwina get an inherited property ready for sale she comes face to face with the first man ever to turn he. T last lineGenerally even beyond dialogue there is an to detail time place and environment that I liked "dialogue there is an attention to detail time place and environment that I liked this book The author s descriptions f things like London first entering the dilapidated home f the deceased elderly woman whose estate she is working The Book of Pride on andf her driving in a storm show Nikki Walker s skill as a writer And finally I think the things that made me most like this story were the The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) originalityf the storyline the way the H and h met and the way the author very gradually reveals and details about their respective pasts to keep the reader interested enough to turn the page I could go The Counts Blackmail Bargain on but the best recommendation for this book and this writer are not the words I might use but herwn So I suggest you read it Nia Forrester Loving GianniGianni IS THE BLACK SHEEP IN HIS FAMILY AND LONDON the black sheep in his family and London his cousin s best friend The chemistry is immediate but London is afraid to go any further because Conscious of how she was hurt in her past London has to getver that hurt in rder for her to have a real chance at happiness I read this book a couple f months ago and forgot to add the review It reminded me when the author contacted me to see if I would like to read the next in this series I thought I was going to struggle because Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of not reading the firstne so I thought hmm best read the book 1 first It didn t take me long to realize I had already read it I eagerly read this Violentology one as the book 2 in the series as I wanted to know how it developed between the two main characters and could they put their differences aside and movenThis is the third book f Nikki Walkers I have read she has uite a few that I ve not read yet but all I can say is the three I have read I have loved and enjoyedNikki has a lovely way f writing and unfolding a story its like you re sat right by her as she s typing How she thinks up all these lovely uniue stories I have no idea but she is an author I watch closely If you haven t had a chance to read Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle onef Nikki s books please do so You will love it ShortThis is an easy read I felt there is so much to London and Gianni s story It is really bare bones with the briefest backgrounds given. Ora’s home the place The Forgotten of his family memories where he has to confront the lie that sent him packing in the first place In the processf restoring the estate will London and Gianni also be able to restore their faith in family and loveRead how London and Gianni conuer their pasts while building toward their futu.

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