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Double Cross FBI Houston #2Lost me with this book It s like she left information out that would have helped me follow what was going onIt all started with the hero being told by his grandfather that he thinks some man got him to sign p for life insurance He s because he has Alzheimer s Disease There is no evidence of an actual insurance policy except a brochure has Alzheimer s Disease There is no evidence of an actual insurance policy except a vague brochure apparently isn t for a real company However a huge chunk of money was withdrawn from his bank account sing the information he gave the fellow It was a fraud Then a person dies an apparently natural die and it comes out he d signed p for the scammer s life insurance Everyone concludes the scammer had them sign real policies why do the police never try to find the company changed the beneficiary to themselves and is killing these people off Only it s really hard to kill people so it looks natural probably isn t easy to prove the death if you re not a relative and why doesn t this insurance company check out why one person is suddenly receiving money from several policies And frankly wouldn t it be easier and less prison time to do fake death certificates since these people don t know who their policy is with anywayThe scammers had been From Mistress to Wifey uietly scammingntil they drew attention and then they d disappear Suddenly they decide to stick around trying to kill well everyone including a horse even when the police are on to them and the deaths aren t going to pass off as natural It makes no sense The heroine is pressured into faking turning to the dark side as the lover of a man she betrayed and who swore to kill her and this makes it really difficult to get the bad guys to let them in on the scheme Makes no sense that the FBI pressured her to work with a guy who swore to kill her nor that they d go along with something that made the case difficult to solve And so on And of course the good guys don t guess who the secret partner and mastermind is despite the mounting evidence Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia until that person publicly pulls a gun and confesses to everything before several witnesses becauseokay why did whodunit do thatThe heroine feels like she s too messedp and sinful for God to accept but she slowly changes her mind about this due to Christian influences There was no sex or bad language If you re looking for a cozy nice romantic readlook elsewhereDouble Cross is the latest novel in Diann Mills FBI Houston Series is a thrill ride from start to finish This is my favorite genre and Mills is top notchI am NEVER disappointed when I pick Dance With The Devil up one of her booksI know that I m about to visit places I ve never been see things I ve never seen and experience dangers I could never face in real life I m too much of a chicken But in the safety of my cozy chair I get to live it all through her brave charactersThe author brilliantly weaved in a sensitive topic that many people are facing with their own loved ones and I was glad to see the characters face true to life circumstancesit just gave them depth and realness to meThis story really kept me guessing I wasn t sure who could be trusted I just LOVE when an author can keep me this intriguedIf you enjoy edge of your seat thrillersdon t you dare miss this one 45I truly enjoyed the suspense in this fast paced action story My favorite character was Abby the grandmother She s a force to be reckoned with Though it did seem out of. Ed to put him away he is now her best lead Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton fears his grandparents may be the scammer's next targets and he'll do anything to protect his family even force inter agency cooperation But he'sickly drawn to Laurel's empathy and zeal and agrees to follow her lead even if it means team. ,

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After reading the first book in this series I knew I d enjoy the second book however it just didn t have Smitten uite as much action as I enjoyed in book oneElder abuse is a booming business right now for scammers and is a terrible problem I was glad to see this brought to light in a setting where people might start to keep a better eye on their bank accounts and those of their older relatives too However there were some fairly serious inconsistencies with the banking issues in this story I also didn t find the plot to beite realistic enough for me with Laurel s A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel undercover activities I was surprised they put her back into the samendercover position she had previously but I suppose that does happen sometimes Anyway all that aside I really enjoyed the relationship that was cultivated between Laurel and Daniel I also appreciated how the lifechanging events brought multiple characters either to Christ or back to ChristI m curious where book three will take 1898 usThis book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review DiAnn Mills does a great job of marrying a crime suspense novel with just enough romance to keep the female reader interestedFBI Agent Laurel Everston lost not only her partner in her lastndercover assignment but her self respect as well Posing as Morton Wilmington s fianc e she crossed lines in order to capture him and send him to prison What did she gain A death threat from Wilmington and a position in the white collar crimes nit Now prison What did she gain A death threat from Wilmington and a position in the white collar crimes nit Now years later as she investigates crimes against the elderly she finds out Wilmington might be her best bet in finding the people behind the scams Even though Wilmington proclaims he s Lay My Burden Down undergone a Godly transformation while in prison Laurel doesn t buy it She figures Wow What a suspenseful ride This story had several main characters a lot of twists to it I tried to figure out like always who the bad guy was In this case you knew who one of the bad guys was but not the mastermind Along with trying to figure out who that was there was the puzzle that was Mortimer I wondered about a few people endedp being wrong about them It wasn t ntil towards the end of the *Story That I Got It *that I got it There were a few things that didn t jive for me but overall it was a good story I liked how the author handled Laurel s animosity towards God The way that Daniel his grandparents modeled Christ to her instead of trying to push their religion on her Also how she took the time to search instead of a ick no working through issues conversion I m looking forward to the next book in the series It took a while for me to really immerse myself into the writing but once there I finished the book in record time I enjoy DiAnn Mills writing style Her way with words and the ability to string the action and plot together into a tapestry of reading is wonderfulWhat I didn t like was that the book didn t hold my attention long enough The action seemed too bland at times There were no muscles to the storyline I expected in depth description to the action and crime scenes And maybe a little deeper emotional turmoil for Agent Laurel Evertson s spir Double Cross is a Christian romantic suspense novel It s the second in a series but it works as a stand alone novel There was plenty of suspense and I liked the character Abbey Miss Marple with a gun but the author. FBI Agent Laurel Evertson's investigation into a scam targeting the elderly takes an Beyond the Qumran Community unexpected twist when key evidence leads her to Morton Wilmington a felon she arrested five years ago on her firstndercover assignment That case has haunted her since and though she's vowed to forget Wilmington and what she sacrific. ,
Character to have her reading Game of Thrones booksugh I loved that she was such an outspoken Christian and so eager to protect her familyDaniel and Laurel made a good couple and the mystery as Daniels Pet usual for Mills had so many twists that it s hard to guess the ending I managed to guess it about 80 pages from the end but only because I know how much she loves to bring a good solid twist into the book Someone is scamming elderly dementia patients into buying bogus life insurance policies then bumping them off and it s got one Houston police officer angry Forced to work with an independent minded FBI agent creates a lot of sparks especially when things start getting really complicated and dangerous Hard to know who is telling the truth and who to trust Dynamic police drama revsp in action and edge of your seat suspense Great plot twists and interesting characters kept me guessing right p to the exciting end No skimming through this book as every detail counts Loved the theme of redemption and forgiveness woven in too A must read for fans of Christian suspense RATING 45FBI Agent Laurel Evertson S Investigation Into s investigation into scam targeting the elderly takes an nexpected twist when key evidence leads her to Morton Wilmington a felon she arrested five years ago on her first ndercover assignment Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton fears his grandparents may be the scammer s next targets And He Ll Do he ll do to protect his family even force interagency cooperation I felt this second in DiAnn Mills FBIHouston series started a little slower than the first But once it grabbed my attention I couldn t put it down I loved the premise of the story based on elder scammers especially those with Alzheimer s It was obvious that Mills did her research about the realities of the problems those with Alzheimers face as well as their caregiversI liked that the second book focused on Special Agent Laurel Everston who had made a brief appearance in the first book She and Daniel made a great team in their dogged determination to find the culprits behind the life insurance scam as well as their deep care and concern for those suffering from Alzheimers Abby Daniel s grandmother was a feisty senior pistol packing lady My heart broke for his sweet grandfather as he slipped in and out of periods of dementia Mills also includes a good faith thread that winds it way through the storyline as Daniel tries to make Laurel realize who and what she needs in her life Another great suspense read from Mills I m looking forward to the last book which focuses on Special Agent Thatcher Graves FAVORITE UOTES Good times Tough times But always with God at the head of their marriage Too many people failed to notice His hand in the events of life thinking being a Christian made them free of heartache and troubleI m not interested My list of sins is far too long Your God isn t interestedThere s no such thing as God not wanting anyone Not matter what they ve doneOne day Laurel would be faced with a decision a choice of living either the world s way or God severy person encountered a breaking point when their need for a relationship with God became real and they had a choice to make I absolutely loved this story Lots of twists and turns that will keep you in suspense ntil the last minute You won t be disappointed if you decide to read this. Ing PHILIPPINES 1/1M3 up with a felon As thenlikely trio ncovers evidence suggesting the scam is extensive and deadly than they imagined both Laurel and Daniel find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer Together they must decide if they can trust Wilmington's claims of redemption or if he's leading them straight into a double cro. ,