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Eismond author Jan Costin WagnerThe main character is Detective Kimmo Joentaa "In This Novel At The Very Beginning "this novel at the very beginning the book his wife die Throughout the story Kimmo is dealing with his grief You can feel his grief and feelings of disorientation and dissociation with reality throughout the book an overwhelming sadness that he keeps inside as he uestions everything around himDuring his period of grief a serial sadness that he keeps inside as he uestions everything around himDuring his period of grief a serial is killing people in their sleep by placing a pillow over their faces while they sleep until they die As Kimmo sees the bodies of those who have been murdered while they sleep he has thoughts and assciations of Shanna his wifeThe story goes back and forth between Kimmo and the thoughts of the murderer The murderer who also has a very deep dissociation unreality in his thoughts of life around him his connections with the moon This was an interesting book where the protagonist police officer investigates a serial killer while trying unsuccessfully to deal with the death of his wife It is really almost a study death and loss than a true murder mystery drama I did find it a good read but was a bit unsatisfied with the ending it really did not feel right to me how the case was ultimately resolved Hopefully the next in the series will be a bit better However that being said the author does instill in the reader the sense of grief the protagonist is experiencing altho he doesn t always explain the emotions of the other ancillary characters as well A Finnish police detective goes back to work the day after his wife s death hoping to distract himself from his grief Instead he becomes obsessed with solving the muder of another oung wife Recently finished ICE MOON by Jan Costin Wagner was an unexpected pleasure It seems that Wagner has a bit of a reputation in his homeland of Germany for turning the traditional form of crime fiction on its head and if that s the case then he s done it again with ICE MOON Whilst there is murder and an obviously very disturbed serial killer in many ways ICE MOON is an exploration of grief The book opens with Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa confronted with the death of his oung wife from cancer Returning to work straight away he is left trying to understand and deal with her death whilst a strange series of connected killings begin to occur involving a range of seemingly unconnected victims Whilst the crime investigation proceeds through the book the focus of ICE MOON remains Kimmo s struggle with grief the affect that the grief has on his decision making his life and his work Ultimately it s that overwhelming sense of his own grief which tempers and informs the entire book it s significantly less about the crime and an explor. Schlafes Bruder so nennt man den Tod Und tatsächlich wirkt Sanna als sei sie nur friedlich eingeschlafen Doch Kimmo Joentaa weiß dass eine tödliche Krankheit seine Frau besiegt hat auch wenn. ,

Ation of this one man s grief This was undoubtedly one of the most moving books I ve read in a long long while the crime was handled well but what ou come away from is the awfulness of loss and Kimmo s tentative steps back into his life i had a problem understanding or relating I had a problem understanding or relating this book It is definitely a murder and police procedural mystery but it is also a psychological mystery and those elements were very strong It was not a cut and dried Thing And Certainly Not and certainly not hard boiled detective story I wish I could have rated it higher The Finnish was of real interest to me My grandfather was born in Turku and the lakes and forests sounded as I would like to hear and know Alot would probably like this book but I guess psychological mysteries are just not for meAlthough the protagonist went back to work immediately after the crushing to him death of his wife it did not help him to handle his grief in any way He had hoped by immersing himself in his work he would somehow normalize to where he could live with himself Young policeman with no flaws His wife dies and this book is as much about his struggle to come to terms with his grief as the murder investigation So painful to read in parts but so beautifully written This book has truly been lost in translation because I rather enjoyed the German version The translation however is choppy and far too descriptive for my liking The translator has no concept of show not tell and I found myself in many parts extremely bored because of the copious info dump The story however is very good and is far deeper than a typical murder mystery At its heart it deals with issues like grief and acceptance Kimmo s character is rather like Will Graham I would go even as far to say that the relationship between the detective and the killer had elements of Graham s relationship with serial killers though it fails to achieve even a fraction of the complexity and depth portrayed in Harris s novels However it is a very uick read both in German and in English and parts of it are rather captivating If one does plan on reading this though I do recommend they go for the German version The main character is struggling to "Come To Terms With His Wife S "to terms with his wife s while trying to solve murders that seem to be linked Because his grief is so severe he is operating at a deficit et he still manages to figure out who committed the murders and whyThe author subtly uses the murders as a device to cause both the main character and the reader to contemplate and explore the meaning of death The writing isn t elegant it may have suffered some in translation but it is expressive I really felt for the main character and although the. Er ihren Tod noch nicht begreifen kann Auch die junge Frau in seinem aktuellen Mordfall scheint nur vom Schlaf überrascht worden zu sein In Wahrheit hat der Täter sie mit einem Kissen erstic. Re were times when I wanted him to get over it "I completely understood that it was a process he had to go throughThere is no happy ending to the story is "completely understood that it was a process he had to go throughThere is no happy ending to the story is ever in a murder mystery but there is hope This is the first in a series and I look forward to seeing how the main character develops from this point onInteresting note The novel is set in Finland but is written by a German whose wife is from Finland I can hardly comment on the accuracy of his portrayal of life in Finland since I ve never lived there but it seems consistent with "novels I ve read that are also set there Strangely enough another series "I ve read that are also set there Strangely enough another series really like that is set is Finland is also written by a non native the Inspector Kari Vaara series by James Thompson Set in Finland this is a psychological thriller about the many different ways a person handles or hides their grief Liked the lead detective Kimmo Joenta who doesn t know how to handle the fact that his wife as died and finds himself back at work and involved in a murder case Intrigued enough to read his next US release called Silence which came out last week Police detectives who inhabit Scandinavian police procedurals tend to be an introspective and often morose group Detective Kimmo Joentaa of the Criminal Investigation Department based in Torku Finland amplifies this image tenfold as he struggles to survive an emotional tsunami created by the death of his wife Sanna in the opening chapter of Jan Costin Wagner s Ice Moon So the murder of Mrs Ojaranta while her husband claims to have been away on business provides some escape from the void that has suddenly formed in Kimmo s life There are only a few puzzling clues at the crime scene a wine glass and half a bottle of white wine in the kitchen another wine glass and half a bottle of red wine in the living room and a missing painting of no monetary value There are no signs of a break in no fingerprints no apparent motive for Mrs Ojaranta s murder For reasons he doesn t uite understand the grief stricken Kimmo experiences an emotional connection to this woman s death he is determined to solve this crime But as Kimmo plods through the investigation he must determine if this crime is related to "or separate from the other murders that soon "separate from the other murders that soon He desperately wants to understand the motives behind these seemingly unrelated and random deaths And why was Ketola the chief of the CID and Kimmo s boss exhibiting such violent mood swings And Kimmo wonders what is the point of living without Sanna With it s Finland setting and well drawn characters Ice Moon is a worthy addition to the Scandinavian titles in this genre I highly recommend it to fans of Scandinavian mysterie. Kt Für Kimmo Joentaa Polizeiinspektor im finnischen Turku gerät die Suche nach dem Mörder der seinen Opfern das Leben im Schlaf raubt zu einer Suche nach einem Leben ohne seine geliebte Sann.