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Louis Fynaut a Belgian youth who moved To Nazi Occupied France At Beginning Nazi occupied France at the beginning WW II was suspected by the Gestapo of taking part the French resistance So he was designated NN Nacht und Nebel night and fog a political prisoner to be secretly transported to a forced labor camp and once he was no longer considered useful banished without a trace First he was carried to the infamous Auschwitz death camp where he survived transportation mistreatment overwork undernourishment and illness. I Survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald

Summary I Survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald

Obviously he was considered valuable for slave labor and some months later he was transferred to Buchenwald another camp in proper Germany Ironically his closest brush with death happened here during an allied bombing raid just a few days before liberation After the nd of the war Louis returned to Belgium where he was put on a nourishment program to build up his Strength And Allow Him and allow him reintegrate into society Louis' stomach was damaged beyound repair To this respect his words were I ju. St learned to live with My Weak Stomach Acids And Get On weak stomach acids and get on my life as best I could Initially the ditor Paula Fynaut Louis' daughter contemplated the dition of his memoirs; they are written the way he One Giant Leap expressed himself in English withmbodiment of his Flemish language And so they were typed by his wife in an age before computers automatic correction And they were typed by his wife in an age before computers and automatic correction grammar Paula resisted this temptation and decided to stage the manuscript to the world the way the way it was initially conceived.