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Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice eWithach other The prose in For Sizakele is luscious yet Edicts of Asoka easy to follow and I read thentire book in one day because the characters captivated me so much This is a book that glows with not only the author s culture but also ueer identity and love of AfricanAfrican diaspora womenThe MC Taylor is a Nigerian American student passionately devoted to her activism She recites stirring poetry About Identity At Events And Brings Social Justice Speakers identity at local and brings social justice speakers her community to inspire others She knows who she is and is confident in her worth as a person but sometimes her activism takes up 25 hours of her day Meanwhile her girlfriend Lee is dealing with family abuse and betrayal which left her in so much pain that it spills Out Over Her Edges To Hurt The over her Upgrade Soul edges to hurt the she lovesInto that volatile situation comes Sy She s African like Taylor and they bond instantly over shared diasporic sorrow over shared food cravings and over shared celebration of African women s beauty They speak toach other not only in English but also French and in Pidgin skipping merrily from language to language holding hands clasped tight with understanding Their interaction is a wonderful rich picture of friendship floating into love ven as they deny that s what s happeningI was surprised that Taylor was bisexual and one of her sources of conflict with Lee was Lee s insecurity about it Readers who have dealt with biphobia in their own lives may find Taylor s stirring defense and rebuttal validating When Lee wasn t spouting vitriol she also spoke some very real truths that masculine presenting women often aren t allowed to go about their lives without their hairstyle clothing tc being read as some kind of deliberate statement The way women like Lee dress and act has nothing to do with men yet so many men see it as a blow to their specific Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 egoThe resolution was satisfying and a happynding but it s not always necessarily obvious which relationship will win the way it is with some love triangles so I m not going to tell you I think that shows deftness on the part of the author The happy Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist ending also has some raggeddges but that just made it realistic and believable for me TW for partner abuse within a ff relationship and for Lee s past trauma Lisa Moore has done it again published a wonderful book that xpands our sens. Otographer whose similarities make them instant family Taylor battles Lee’s jealousy As Taylor ncounters challenges to her femme and African identities she finds ways through the kins. I read this book in two sittings Easily could have in one but I TRIED to savour it It s a book that finds in one sentence a way to pull out but I TRIED to savour it It s a book that finds in one sentence a way to pull out deeper part of you And it does it with a sharp but lush style How can language be so textured and beautiful while also feeling so comfortable in your mind s voice This is a work of true genius This kind of writing is painstakingly crafted but flows asy like water for the reader I m reading it again because I can t remember the most beautiful phrasings that I want To Remember Read This Book Especially If You Re Ueer remember Read this book Especially if you re ueer if you re a person of colour specially if you re black But truly it is universal Like Any Great Story For Sizakele By Yvonne Fly Onakeme any great story For Sizakele by Yvonne Fly Onakeme is a vibrant novel that gives voice to a community not often seen in literature young African lesbians The main characters deal with sexual abuse partner violence and finding the courage to love someone fiercely The writing is captivating the characters vividly drawn and the message of owning the hurts and highs that come from opening yourself up to love is profoundThe novel opens with a spoken word performance Taylor a Nigerian college student is performing to a rapt audience that includes her lover Lee The two are students at an unnamed New York college Lee is a basketball player reluctant to deal with the sexual trauma in her past Taylor is an activist who often puts her causes before her relationship and Imaginary Runner education It is because of her activism she meets Sy a Cameroonian photographer When an act of partner violence causes Taylor to seek refuge in the arms of Sy friendship morphs into romantic feelings The novel deals with Taylor Sy and Leevolving past their hurts which range from molestation to family rejection The appearance of a woman from Sy s past and Taylor s current circle causes tension between the two However the From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 ending of the novel is ripe with promise of better days forveryoneEtaghene Fresh Water explains that the death of South African lesbian activists inspired her book title as part of her outroduction She wrote that she wanted to write a warm fuzzy tender loving story about the joys and pains of Black women lovingach other For Sizakele honors the memory of those slain lovers by crafting a touching story of love between two African lesbians open to xploring life. Taylor a ueer Nigerian college student is in a passionate relationship with Lee a black American basketball playing pianist When Taylor develops romantic feelings for Sy a Cameroonian ph. E of what is possible in the world For Sizakele is a wonderful love story about young African American women with healthy doses of politics slice of life in contemporary New York City and a bit of poetry too Pick up this book today I was prepared to love this novel but I have some issues with its depiction of the butch lesbian character1 there is nothing terrible or discriminatory about wanting dyke to be a lesbian term I personally do not mind it when terrible or discriminatory about wanting dyke to be a lesbian xclusive term personally do not mind it when women who are not in relationships with men call themselves dykes but there is nothing biphobic re lesbians having different feelings re the reclamation of this slur2 butch women do have a harder time than femme women i m not butch or femme but this is an obvious fact it is not simply From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read everyone has it hard but in different ways butch women have it harder thend and when people suggest that butch women don t xperience sexual harassment from men you re wrong and you should feel bad3 that the butch woman sexually assaults and chokes her girlfriend and that is parsed as being a result of her biphobia and femmephobia and maybe also as the result of having xperienced csa why are you writing this narrative i don t get why you would put all of this on your butch lesbian character and how the femme character keeps on saying that in assaulting her the butch lesbian was behaving as a man this whole scenario of a butch woman having toxic masculinity what s this is very woman who sexually assaults someone lse accused of having toxic masculinity or is this just a weird way of saying that you hate butch lesbians because they are masc of center or whatever creepy garbage how butch women are depicted as being monstrous as being male ven by other lesbians and bi women it s so depressing and disturbing monstrous as being male ven by other lesbians and bi women it s so depressing and disturbing it needs to stop4 another butch lesbian does talk about how abuse is not acceptable for butch women but it s interesting how this butch lesbian is introduced as talking about how she is still allowed to be a butch and wear lipstick a kind of shoutout that some butches are okay the butches who aren t that butch5 i wanted to love this novel but it just made me think about how discourse today like discourse forever hates butches and lesbians but now in a Progressive way and that saddened me Deep painful love storybut worth very word. Hip of her friends to define herself on her own terms For Sizakele addresses transcontinental identity intimate partner violence ueer gender and how we love as illuminators of who we are.

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