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K to Dragon in Exile to re read the bits with Tolly and Tocohl in them yep they were stored there in my subconscious underneath a layer of sleep deprived insanity Seriously gotta stop reading stuff under the lash of compulsion Strong addition to the series Deals mainly with the off planet situation and plot threads of Daav and the AdmiralVery interesting how the Mentoring proceeded and Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs further development of what may be the current evolution of Cantra s original makers RecommendedFirst read Mar 2516 Wonderful I enjoyed it immensely2019 Reread I hadorgotten the ending with Shan and Padi Very good2020 rerea. What you want to read the characters and personalities that make you enjoy meeting them I rarely rave on and on about stories but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories” Anne McCaffrey “These authors consistently deliver stories with a rich textured setting intricate plotting and vivid interesting characters Gray Bishop fromully realized cultures both human and alien and each book gets better” Elizabeth Moon “Delightful stories of adventure and romance set in a ar uturespace opera milieu It’s all a rather heady mix of Gordon R Dickson the Forsythe Saga and Victoria Holt with Lee and Miller’s own uniue touches making it all sparkle and sizzle Anyone whose taste runs toward SF in the true romantic tradition can’t help but like the Liaden Universe” Analog “The many ans of the Liaden universe will welcome the latestcontinuing young pilot Theo Waitley’s adventures” Saltation “Aficionados of intelligent space opera will be thoroughly entertainedThe authors' craftsmanship is top notch” Publishers Weekly on and Miller’s popular Liaden Universe® thriller  I Da. Exity and nuance needed to make it believable And we have characters to love and cheer orSo hey go and buy and enjoy The best book I ve read this year So enjoyable I really need to stop reading super good books in the middle of the night because I didn t remember Tolly Jones AT ALL And I know I didn t skip it because I don t skip stuff In Sharon LeeSteve Miller Books Also Haz Is One Of Sharon LeeSteve Miller books Also Haz is one of aves When I m all sleep deprived and insane I think I just can t remember stuff Well about THIS book it was great I need to read all the books again I m great I need to read all the books again I m orward to the next book with unholy Noir fervor3292016 Went bac. Ling journey is Padi yos'Galan the master trader's heir and his apprentice Padi is eager to make upor time lost due to Korval's unpleasantness with the Department of the Interior She is also keeping a secret so intense that her coming of age and perhaps her very life is threatened by it  About Alliance of Euals continues to delight with genteel interactions between mild spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions and its immense scope between mild spoken characters who are capable of great passions and swift actions and its immense scope a well realized and comfortable universe Publishers Weekly About series preuel  Dragon in Exile “Sprawling and satisfying Space opera mixes with social engineering influenced by Regency era manners and delicate notions of honor It’s like spending time with old riends ” Publishers Weekly About  Necessity's Child “Compelling and wondrous as sharp and graceful as Damascus steel  Necessity's Child is a terrific addition to Lee Miller's addictive series” #1  New York Times best seller Patricia Briggs About the Liaden Universe® series “Every now and then you come across an author or in this case a pair who write exactly. This book is 19 in the very popular Liaden series Since this is my irst and long overdue encounter with the series I will confess I was not sure how well I could catch up with all that went before I also have this weird reaction where I either love or hate space operaReader I goddamn love this book YOU SHOULD READ ALL THE BOOKS THAT CAME BEFORE should read all the books that came before you don t need to We have complex trade negotiations We have the Gaffer falloutrom some rather extreme measures taken by Clan Torval We have newborn AIs and a young woman on the cusp of claiming or rejecting her powers We have a vivid world that includes all the compl. A new novel in the popular and exciting science Circumstantial Evidence fiction Liaden Universe® series  Over a half million Liaden Universe® books sold with an audience that keeps growingBeset by the angry remnants of the Department of the Interior challenged at every turn by opportunists on their new homeworld of Surebleak and somewhat low onunds Clan Korval desperately needs to reestablish its position as one of the top trading clans in known space To this end Master Trader Shan yos'Galan aboard Korval's premier trade ship Dutiful Passage is on a mission to establish New Business Associations And business associations and build a strong primary route that links well with existing Loops and secondary routes But reestablishing trade and preserving the lives of the Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers few remaining members of the clan aren't all of Korval's problems Matters come to a head as Dutiful Passage accustomed to being welcomed andeted at those ports on its call list inds itself denied docking and blacklisted while agents of the DOI mount armed attacks ports on its call list inds itself denied docking and blacklisted while agents of the DOI mount armed attacks others of Korval's traders under the very eyes of port security systems Traveling with Dutiful Passage on this unsett. Alliance of Euals