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In every chapter but when they id make an appearance they *were invariably smoking HOTThe steamy scene where the boys come together uite literally oops across the line of gaffers tape put *invariably smoking HOTThe steamy scene where the boys come together uite literally oops across the line of gaffers tape put to bisect the room into Jesse s side and Nick s side to help Jesse feel safe With Nick ending up on his knees Sweet Baby Jesus That was some insane heat on page right there peoplePlus the scenes where Jesse loses first his bottoming virginity then later on his topping

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WowMy one only niggle was the fairly heavy handed use of the out of bounds phrase pretty sure that I counted 33 times which sort of came across as being repeatedly flicked on the nose with the book title So I personally wouldn t have minded that being Beths Stable Stolen by an Alien dialed back a notch or two But other than that small peeve I found the book to be pretty perfect with just the right touch of soft and hard for my tastes so a very solid 425 mine mine mine mine stars for this fun and flirty story of finding your other half and holding on with all you ve got My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair unbiased review 35I loved the juxtaposition of slightly feminine Jesse with rough n tumble Nick In general I found Nick to be a sympathetic character than Jesse even though Jesse s the one who gets hurt Nick has a chip on his shoulder and feels unworthy because he used to make money fighting Jesseoesn t like violence and tells Nick that if he fights he ll be out of bounds which is their code for a line literal and metaphorical you can t cross Jesse moves into Nick s Aliens Vs Predator dorm room halfway through fall semester after his roommate BFF freaks out on him clearly Ryan is gay closeted and ashamed but his reaction felt over the top Nick takes care of Jesse and the two move from tentative friendship to relationship I think this happened too fast Jesse went from not knowing Nick was gay to a mutual masturbation session faster than you can say hello Granted that scene was hot suared but it sort of came out of nowhere This book wasn t peppered with steam and steam but the couple included scenes were wellone and sexy as fuck Jesse s fear and reticence clearly For Discrimination doesn t extend to sex The ending is a solid HEA There s talk of forever and puppies okay not the latter but it s the natural order of things Let s be together FOREVER And get a puppyTherag ueens at the club where Nick works as a bouncer are all kinds of fabulous I have a feeling sexy Latin boy is going to be an MC in a later book There s a lot to like here but I had issues no real spoilers but this review is long enough view spoiler Considering what happened to Jesse and the fact that Jesse s Academic Writing, Real World Topics dad is a well know lawyer I found it impossible to believe Ryan would have not only been allowed to stay in school but gotten off with apparently noisciplinary action whatsoever Jesse s reaction to the incident Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book didn t feel entirely genuine What happened to him was terrifying but his panic attacks over being touched or feeling trapped felt somewhat manufactured especially considering how uickly he jumped into a sexual relationship with Nick Finally Jesse s behavior wasn t always consistent He feels safe and warm with Nick around yet when Nick buys him flowers for his birthday toward the end of the story he gets pissed off because heoesn t need to be taken care of Who reacts like that to a sweet gesture hide spoiler Tag Team Review With Cupcake25 Hearts Dear Out of BoundsAfter being subjected to that phrase a gazillion maybe less than gazillion but boy was I smothered I m just going to refer you to as OOB Are you cool with that OOB It s cool I m not a hugger anyway OOBdeep breath I want you to know something I like a good number of genres but New Adult has a special place with me See I gorged myself when the genre was in its infancy Imagine all the het college romances that is And I m not going to lie OOBI might revisit from time to time Because I sometimes like to read about the crazy kids juggling trying to adult life and a borderline ignorant alpha hero mixed in from time to timeWhat What was that Oh you think you have a possessive alpha in this novel Really smirk. Ts to make Jesse comfortableEnter the perfect plan a line of tape Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic down the center of the room Boundaries establishedBut as innocent movie nights become hours long temptation marathons and whispered chats from across the roomelve into straight up irty territory crossing the line has never been so satisfyin. .
Out of BoundsA cute and uick college set MM romance novelAfter having been beaten up by his former best friend and roommate sopho Jesse is left traumatized and without accommodation It s just his luck that the only available bed is in senior Nick s room of all people a gruff intimidating mountain of a man who scares the shit out of Jesse NICK ISN T EXACTLY A PEOPLE S PERSON HAVING isn t exactly a people s person Having on his own for the better part of his life he s the most comfortable when everybody *just leaves him the hell alone What he wasn t expecting was *leaves him the hell alone What he wasn t expecting was f I only have three things to sayOne How many times can you repeat the phrase out of bounds in 154 pages Apparently 33 times Whaaa Aren t there any synonym phrasesTwo If I bought my partner flowers and they view spoilerthrew a tantrum because they on t need a keeper and they can take care of themselves I would have shoved the flowers up their ass and proceeded calmly to the nearest exit hide spoiler BR with BABY25 StarsCharacters make or break a book for me A good character can take me from liking a book to LOVING ALL THE THINGS Here the characters were mediocre There wasn t anything special or noteworthy about either of them aside from their rama llamadom but I never felt the need to DNF However I id become increasingly annoyed with their antics yet eterminedly soldiered on to need to DNF However I id become increasingly annoyed with their antics yet Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery determinedly soldiered on to how big of a shit show they could concoct Amazingly enough the big conflict is communication based Out of Bounds is a coming of age romance between Nick and Jesse Nick is a somewhat non traditional student having fought tooth and nail literally to get to college He s a 24 yr old senior while Jesse is a 19 yr old sopho Jesse getsumped on Nick mid semester after his previous roo 25 StarsI think this is just a me thing There were parts I really liked but some I Conjure In African American Society didn t with the parts Iidn t Womens Political Activism in Palestine dominatingIt really had potential but too many things niggled at my brain For instance what was up with Ryan Why was there not some kind of recourse there He just gets off scot free Nothing Plus it justidn t make any sense to me his behaviorAnd good griefKelly I Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, did not like him at all but I couldn t figure him out I felt like he needed fleshing out but what Iid see I The alphas abused mate didn t likeThe whole out of bounds thing was overdone And there at the end again it made no sense COMMUNICATION peopleBut Iid like Nick And while I wasn t sure about him in the beginning I ended up liking him well other than his Word Alchemy dumbass move towards the end rolling my eyes here I liked Jesse but I felt he was a bit wishy washy at timesSo overall it was OKAYnothing earth shattering though I ll start off by saying that I love trying out established MF author s foray into MM Romance Is it always successful No Was this one YES Out of Bounds is a New Adult story of two college roommates who fall in love Jesse was moved into Nick s room after being assaulted by his hold roommate Nick is none too happy about it first but he was there for Jesse from the get go My HighlightsThe main characters I love the contrast between the two men and how their roles play out in the endCharacterevelopment and growth Dual POVLove how their relationship evolved from roommates to friends to lovers The progression felt naturalTheir friends and family They weren t perfect but their loyalty shone through The pace was smooth and effortlessThe intimacy between Jesse and Nick was eual parts tender and hotWhy not 5 Stars WellJesse s actions after the assault The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures didn t always match the reactions following such a traumatic experience I know everyone reactsifferently but I An Endless Lie don t think I be so uick to check out my new roommate after what had just occurred with the last one Little things like that just niggled a bitThe biggest thing though is how there was NO isciplinary or criminal action taken against his roommate I know that it was kind of explained but it gnawed at me view spoilerAnd then the school placed them in the same next class the following semester Extremely unlikely hide spoiler Out of Bounds is the first MM offering from author AR Barley or Aleah Barley as is her MF pen name And while I m ALWAYS excited when an author branches out and writes something that str. When the weather outside starts cooling own inside the My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 dorm things are heating up Can these college roommates fall in love without going out of bounds Beaten and heartbroken Jesse Cole is placed in a neworm room after his last roommate attacked him Just wanting to be left alone to heal in peace he's shock. Etches their abilities I think that this wasn t the best first MM for her I was immediately rawn in when I saw the blurb to this book and was really excited to start it I mean I like a good hurtcomfort book as much as the next gal and the whole college roommates getting it on theme is a favorite of mine However I had a lot *Of Issues With This One First Of All There Was *issues with this one First of all there was that felt inauthentic about Jesse and his relationship with anxiety For what he experienced I would have expected things to move a lot slowly than they id with Nick Jesse was skiddish about certain things but then oddly relaxed about other things and I couldn t make total sense of his character Nick was also incredibly frustrating I hated his misplaced guilt his angsty angst and his total lack of communication skills He Daddy Blames Me didn t come across aseep or multi layered rather he just seemed ill formed as a character The relationship between the two MCs was okay The sex leap seemed too soon and I guess there was chemistry there but I really had to reach to feel it I also had issues with the secondary characters Ryan came across as bipolar or something He really Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) didn t make much sense as a character and I struggled a lot to understand him Also I thought could have beenone with Kelly and the bar owner They just seemed like pawns and not well conceived Finally the writing The constant use of the phrase out of bounds seriously grated on me I mean yeah we get that it s the title of the book We get it It isn t clever any after the first couple Of Times And It Got times and it got be pretty annoying The prose also went a little purple at times for my tastes All in all this book wasn t bad but I wouldn t call it good either I ve read many better college boy MM books in my Facing the Rising Sun day Copy provided in exchange for an honest review 35 StarsI ve been meaning to read this one forever and as usual it got lost in the shuffle But I was in the mood for something with a college setting and this one fit the billI can t say it wowed me or anything but it wasefinitely an easy entertaining read with a nice bit of steam Overall low angst and Best African American Fiction 2010 drama On the shorter side at just around 150 pages Both MCs were likable Some of the secondary characters however were not Not sure I can bring myself to read Kelly s book So no complaints really with this one It worked for my Sunday afternoon read I loved established MF author Aleah Barley s first foray into writing MM under the pen name AR Barley I saw the book on NetGalley and was immediately pulled in by the blurb This story was so touching tender and full of feels that the book grabbed my attention and held on from the very first chapterAs the story begins 19 yo Jesse has been severely beaten by his roommate Ryan after mistakenly taking his flirty behavior as the green light for a kiss Jesse then flees into the cold night and isiscovered by Kelly a resident assistant in a senior orm and taken to the hospital to be patched upBut the interesting parts of the story truly begin when Kelly places Jesse in a room with Kelly s gruff people hating Ex Boyfriend NickNick Is A boyfriend NickNick is a muscle bound bruiser with a penchant for getting into fights so Jesse is immediately hesitant to relax around his new much larger roommate and trust the guy However Nick s been kicked in the teeth by the world a few times himself in his 24 years so he recognizes Jesse s fragile state and puts forth a very uncharacteristic extra effort to make him feel comfortable in his new homeAnd home is really what I ultimately saw this book as being about Feeling entirely lost and adrift then connecting with that one person who makes you feel whole again Like you are genuinely cared for cherished and loved Finally safe Finally homeI adored seeing how strong and committed that Nick was to a very shaken Jesse for the majority of the story then how at the end it was Jesse who found the strength that the two needed to persevere when things got toughTo me that give and take was very realistic and I loved it Plus as an added bonus the uiet insecure Jesse turned out not to be uite so timid when push came to a big ole sexy shove eitherThe naughty bits of the story weren Ed when tall ark and Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, dangerous looking Nick Moretti walks inNickoesn't have time to tiptoe around his new roommate he's too busy working in order to pay for school But something about Jesse brings out his protective instincts As their cautious friendship grows and becomes loaded with sexual tension he wan.