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The Rat Stone Serenade DCI Daley #4I thought I smelt a atThis is the fourth DCI Daley thriller if you ve Special Agent Francesca read the previous three But the first if like me you Deeplyooted within its Scottish location and customs the action takes part during the Hogmanay period where the area is in the grip of an unusually fierce weather system Snow is as much a character in the novel as all the heroes villains and victims we encounter in its path The actual location is the Kintyre peninsula and I apologise if I appear to know what I am talking about I don t I ve never been there And I don t want to Not because I don t believe that the natural beauty of the place would be breath taking but because this book scared the bejesus out of me And I can t tell you why because that would spoil itThere s an ancient curse against a wealthy privileged family and the police are Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks reuired to do some protecting as some grisly events unfold that threaten just about everyone it seems The plot is complicated and I m not sure I evereally grasped all the ins and outs of it There is a laudable Agatha Christie type attempt to unravel and disseminate towards the conclusion I might have been persuaded to offer five stars if the implausibility of parts of the novel had been defined and convincing There is nothing wrong with implausibility if it can be endered believable at times it fell a little short of that for meJim Daley seemed to have less of a presence than some of the other police characters which if intentional is very clever There s a touch of the Jimmy Perez about him but I fear that may be my succumbing to Scottish fictional detective stereotyping My bad But I warmed to some of the other personnel And of the other characters No one is uite who they seem So it becomes unnerving when you think you have things sorted in your head and then it all get turned upside down But isn t things sorted in your head and then it all get turned upside down But isn t part of the pleasure of a good crime novelA palpable atmosphere is created throughout and the impenetrability of the weather makes you feel cold A great ead for a summer heatwaveWhizzBreakaway Reviewers Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 received a copy of the book toeview Dire That s the only word for this book The previous three have been uite good but this one plumbs new depths I ve lost count of the number of the number of characters in the book and what they contribute to the plot or plots I ve also lost count of the number of plots in this piece of nonsense Thankfully it s the last book at least the last book by Mr Meyrick that will cross my path If you e looking for fantasy here s your man If you e looking for police procedural with a bit of supernatural ead James Oswald This is just a waste of time My only egret is that I wasted MY time finishing it I was no wiser at the end no explanation no denouement just a few bodies The fourth novel in the DCI Jim Daley series by Denzil Meyrick THE RAT STONE SERENADE is set as always around the ural town of Kinloch on Scotland s West Coast A place that is not unused to cold wet although the monumental snow storm that covers the landscape in this outing is a little unusual because of the of the snow and the length of the storm itself This might not stop DCI Jim Daley his trusty sidekick DS Brian Scott Daley s off and on again love interest PC Mary Dunn and their new boss when they are called upon to investigate some truly baffling goings on but it does certainly slow them downAs always there s a hefty component of the personal in this novel Jim Daley is back with his wife and their baby son James and Mary Dunn has moved on with a new boyfriend Daley is planning his esignation from the police force he s had enough of the darkness and the worst of humanity Their new boss is also new to the area and a bit of a character in her own ight and she d prefer it if Daley stayed on as would DS Brian Scott Although in this outing Scott is eally battling with demons bought on by his excessive drinking to the point where he s haunted by the spectre of a young boy the son of the Shannon family gone missing he s haunted by the spectre of a young boy the son of the Shannon family gone missing the house on the clifftop many years ago whose bones may have just been discovered on a nearby pagan altarEverything in this novel The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands revolves around the Shannon family their house on the clifftop that theyeturn to yearly for their family company s AGM the past that got the family to this point and the secrets they are holding onto There s a pagan element It’s December and the Shannon family are Biopower: Foucault and Beyond returning home to their clifftop mansion near Kinloch for their annual AGM Shannon International is one of the world’s biggest private companies with tendrilseaching around the globe in computing banking and mineral es.

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O the historical elements as well as the current day situation as a photographer and then the journalist he was working with are found dead with some of the elements of those deaths being decidedly weird and itualistic The weather here is used to create a typical locked oom scenario where Daley his new boss and their small local team are inside the killing zone with outside help unable to get to them The threat is an odd one local itualistic focused on the family and their business interests so it could be somebody who lives there or somebody the Shannon s have imported in their own travelling circusI listened to this novel うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] rather thanead it and it s certainly possible to keep track of the many layered plot here with the historical aspects woven into the current day action Whilst I ve always admired this narrator in this instance the accent deployed for the local vicar supposedly Australian was than enough to make me desperate for him to be an early victim or in the end the guilty party Mind you I wasn t 100% convinced by those in use for the American characters interwoven here as well but to an Australian s ear well there is no way any Australian sounds like this In the end whenever the Vicar appeared I did not care what he was up to too busy wishing him out of my hearingTHE RAT STONE SERENADE sees the love lives of Jim Daley and Mary Dunn get worse or better depending upon your perspective and Brian Scott s drinking is hitting crisis point With touches of woo woo unless you want to put that down to the DDT s the plot is twisty and complicated with past and present bought to bear although to be honest not too hard to fathom once the hauls of some local thieving are identified All in all though this is a nicely engaging series the new boss Carrie Symington is a welcome addition to the ensemble cast and even with the gruesomeness of the deaths in this one and a bit of daft police jep for a very nice change mostly male and that god awful accent it was an entertaining if not slightly way out there listenhttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi Too much of a good thingA hundred years ago blacksmith Nathaniel Stuart was driven off his property in Blaan a village on the southernmost tip of the emote Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland Of tinker stock Stuart cursed the landowner Archie Shannon declaring that every fifty years calamity will befall his family and their descendants until the end of time Fifty years later young Archie Shannon hid from his mother in the woods behind their home for a lark and was never seen again Now in the present day the Shannon family is eturning to their ancestral home in Blaan for the annual general meeting of the hugely successful international company they now own But things take a sinister turn when the bones of a young child are discovered on the Rat Stone an ancient site surrounded by much superstition and fearThere is so much to like about this book that I eally
*i was ecommending *
was Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival recommending so much like about this book that Ieally wish I was Lifting recommending highly It s very well written and theecurring characters of DCI Daley and his small team are done well each with a distinct personality each flawed but all likeable as individuals and working well together as a team The Mathruhridayam remoteness of this part of the world is increased when an unusually severe snowstorm cuts off theoads to the mainland and causes power cuts throughout the area Meyrick creates an excellent atmosphere of isolation and menace with some nicely spine tingling supernatural undertones With no likelihood of einforcements getting through any time soon it s up to Daley and his colleagues not just to investigate the old bones but to try to stop the sudden crime wave that is sweeping through the villageAnd therein lies the problem Too much too much The body count is completely idiculous For a large proportion of the early part of the book each chapter introduces us to someone who is then gruesomely killed It seems like there s a million strands each esulting in gory death for someone and for a long time too long the connection between all these events is entirely unclear And with so many deaths happening so uickly these characters are no than names so that when they e eferred to later in the book I was having eal difficulties emembering who they were or how and where they died The book is like an Irish stew everything has been thrown in One detective is an alc. Ourcing and it has brought untold wealth and privilege to the family However a century ago Archibald Shannon stole the land upon which he built their home and his descendants have been cursed ever since When heavy snow cuts off Kintyre DCI Jim Daley and DS Brian Sco. Oholic trying to lay off the booze while a couple of the others are having an affair with each other There are dead businessmen human sacrifices dodgy business dealings vicars with secrets ex nuns tinkers curses and about three people all having visions either supernatural caused by drink or due to brain damage Corpses with their all having visions either supernatural caused by drink or due to brain damage Corpses with their flayed corpses on bonfires corpses on sacrificial stones Every now and again new people had to arrive by helicopter or boat just so there would be people to bump off One felt an investigation wasn t The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field really necessary leave it a couple of days and only the bad guy would be left alive One of the detectives is given what I think is supposed to be a Glasgow accent though it feels like an anglicised speaker s idea of what a generic Scottish dialect sounded like circa 1950 a bit too Sunday Post which will mean nothing to non Scots sorry Twee perhaps is the closest comparison However kudos to the author for at least trying to keep the book feeling Scottish in tone and I must say my ear did get tuned in to the dialect after a while and it began to sound authentic It picks up towards the end and while the supernatural stuff is left hanging for the most part theest of it is explained even if the credibility is stretched way past breaking point Despite all the The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division ridiculous stuff it s still veryeadable because of the overall uality of the writing Although I Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) really feel this one goes so far over the top it becomes farcical I would be willing toead another in this series I was Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl reminded of the artist Agatha Troy in Ngaio Marsh s books who never knew when one of her pictures was finished and needed her lover Roderick Alleyn to tell her when to stop painting Ieally hope Meyrick can find an editor who will perform the same function for him the stopping bit not the lover ing bit and tell him when enough is enough Loads of potential in this series I hope in future books to see it fulfilledwwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom The Rat Stone Serenade is the 4th instalment of Mr Meyrick s DCI Daly series set in the fictional town of Kinloch on the west coast of Scotland It has a slightly darker tone and the humour befittingly subdued than its predecessors but it is a cracking ead with LAYER UPON LAYER OF SCHEMING INTRIGUE upon layer of scheming intrigue double crossing It is also fairly violentThe novel opens with Jim Daley contemplating his early etirement but he is soon pulled from this and his holiday by the discovery of a child s skeleton on the eponymous at stone a large stone dating from ancient times which has links to the Druids and general bad things The skeleton is assumed to be that of Archie Shannon the heir to the vast private company Shannon Industries who disappeared 50 years previously in line with the curse laid on the Shannon family 100 years ago While the police are investigating the skeleton and trying to keep the annual gathering of the Shannon clan safe the mutilated body of a paparazzo is found and there is a spate of burglaries in the town Jim Daley s cup uns over when the Black Gold in North Dakota reporter working with the paparazzo is also found dead by blood eagle I hope you are keeping up because this is only the start Through the whole novel the worst snow since 1963 wreaks havoc by cutting the town off preventing free movement or the arrival ofeinforcements I should point out that snow is very are in the coastal towns of Western Scotland and hardly ever lies for longI ead this book in one sitting as it is utterly engrossing I was desperate to know what was coming next and was unable to predict anything about the plot It isn t very Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection realistic or even plausible which normally I prefer in my police procedurals but it s a great yarn and tremendous fun The characters are becoming familiar as the series goes on but Mr Meyrick isn t standing still and they are evolving in every novel Jim Daley is having a bit of a mid life crisis determined to leave the police and his feelings for Mary Dunn behind to concentrate on his marriage and new son Brian Scott is suffering from the DTs now that he has given up the drink and has hallucinations He still manages a few good one liners but given his condition it is a bit subdued They have a new boss in the form of Superintendent Carrie Symington a very welcome addition as she is smart pleasant and not frightened to get her hands dirty if only all bosses were like herHighlyecommended. Tt are assigned to protect their illustrious visitors As an ancient society emerges from the blizzards and its creation the Rat Stone eveals grisly secrets ghosts of the past come to haunt the Shannons As the curse decrees death is coming but for whom and from what. ,