[Creatures Great and Small] Kindle æ Karen Patkau

Scription is given and "sometimes two examples of fish insects given in no than two sentences on each page The text "two examples of fish or insects given in than two sentences on each page The text written to appeal to a wide variety of age groups The animal provides a self description For example the Dwarf Goby says Even though I am transparent can you spy my little eye in this freshwater stream Because I have no eyelids my eyes are always open Even while I sleep Some of the vocabulary might pose a problem for younger students A Kindergartener might appreciate the bright bold illustrations in this book and it will introduce them to various animals but words such as transparent fossil rows of bony scutes echolocation and nocturnal to name a few would become a whole other lesson for children in grades K 1However I think the book is still versatile and can be adapted to the age group being taught Younger students can use this to learn about the variety of animals and study some of the animals characteristics and habitat such as the animals color how big or sm. Ula to extremely small ones such as the bumblebee bat dwarf gecko and fairy shrimp embark on this informative beautifully illustrated voyage of discovery Even the simple fact filled text is enchantingly presented in the voices of the animals themselves A glossary. Creatures Great and SmallOur world has so many wonderful creatures that exist all around us Children love learning about all creatures great and small Colorful pictures with short bursts of information makes reading about animals that live in the water and on land easy and fun Animals and insects come in all shapes and sizes Their diets range from drinking the nectar from a flower eating insect Creatures Great and SmallGrades K 3 Non fiction SciencePatkau captures realistic characteristics seen in her illustrations of various animals but she gives them a cartoon like uality by using bright bold colors and large illustrations to appeal to children The inside and back covers are a blue and white map of the continents and oceans with small illustrations of various animals in relation to their geographical location Most of the animals are illustrated across two pages with minimal text The top corner or bottom corner of each page will introduce the animal s classification as "SUCH AS FISH MAMMALS AND REPTILES A DE. "as Fish Mammals and Reptiles A de. Toronto author and illustrator Karen Patkau as she explores the world of insects mammals sea jellies reptiles amphibians birds crustaceans arachnids and mollusks From extremely large creatures such as the blue whale Chinese giant salamander and goliath tarant. All it is does it live "In Water Or Land Older "water or land Older grades 2 3 can start learning the animal classification system study the animals characteristics in detail and about the animals geographical location and habitats specifically in which continent or ocean we find certain animals #Overall I think children of varying levels will really enjoy this book because the illustrations will certainly get #I think children of varying levels will really enjoy this book because the illustrations will certainly get attention The large format illustrations of animals are bold large and colorful and will appeal to most younger children s sense of natural curosity about the animal world Grades K 3ScienceSocial StudiesThis book can be used for a variety of age groups if the lessons are adapted appropriately for the age group This book can be used in a multi thematic lesson plan that covers science and geography to teach animal classification and habitat and world geography Very interesting brief bios of large and small living creatures Amazing facts well presented This book is wonderfully illustrated. Map endpapers and handy charts introducing the concepts of scale and proportion by comparing measurements of animals that are “Big” and “Really Big” To “Small” And “Really Small” “Small” and “Really Small” this book a must have for parents schools and libraries alik. .