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Found this work thrillingly fulfilling and captivating with strong very motionally realistic heroine and an anti hero who is not trying to be a romantically portrayed by default And that was in fact the best part of the book the consistency of their true nature while they Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust evolved as characters through out the story It s complex complicated blurred and yet you can still see how they stay true to themselves within the turmoil and inner struggle I ll be reading the next installment in a blink of anye First off Triggers Triggers Conscience and Memory everywhere If that is a concern for you as a reader I would caution you to not try this oneAlright So Pearl is smart she s anngineer she s a product of the foster system and she s dating a guy named Jacob Jacob is your run of the mill awful boyfriend He has gambling issues he s a liar he s crap in bed and treats Pearl like a doormat Lovely right I d like to think most women would dump him to the curb but I know many stay in bad relationships regardless of how they re treatedThen Jacob loses his job And parks his ass on the couch Jacob s life revolves around beer tv and generally turning their apartment into a pigsty for Pearl to clean up after she gets home from work For WEEKS this continues The don t get up I ll deal with it attitude she had was incredibly annoying The don t get up I ll deal with it attitude she had was incredibly annoying I get it and understand that not all women are as confrontational as I am Cause I fo sho would have handled that nonsenseBut that s just me So Moving on Pearl is understanding patient and deals with Jacob s pity party until he finds another job Once he does Pansy Vol. 6 everything turns around for their relationship Heven wants to take her on vacation That s Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods exactly what she needs after being the houself for as long as she has The Bahamas Sun sand drinks with little umbrellas Heaven Things are looking up for the two Until the worst happens Pearl and Jacob are attacked and she s taken by human traffickersNow I don t want to go into too much detail about what happens to Pearl immediately after she s taken Basically she s tossed onto a ship with other women who are in the same situation and told that some of them are going to auction To be sold as slavesIt s the real Pearl that we meet on the ship With Jacob we saw the Pearl that just takes care of things because she has to the Pearl who is patient and who doesn t stick up for herself We saw the Pearl that goes with the flow and ignores when she s being done wrong But on the ship we see the survivor the fighter the woman who doesn t weather the storm She IS the stormTHAT is the Pearl I was waiting for THAT is the boss ass bitch who will survive this book And she is GLORIOUSAnyway stuff happens on the ship More stuff happens after they dock And stuff after that happens that really sucks I don t want to spoil it for you by detailing it out hereSo instead of details I will give you gifs Read it 5 stars Cheers This is hard to review because I m still trying to figure out what was just readPearl is a captive in human trafficking situation Crow is no one s hero but only time will tell how much harm he will bring to her This is a very dark read Non consent times 10The Good1 Crow is a very interesting character Though not as fleshed out something about him reminded me of my ultimate alpha Barrons with the same scary hotness2 Pearl my ultimate alpha Barrons with the same scary hotness2 Pearl t a weak heroine which helped me continue reading despite so many scenes that made me flinch3 I liked the whole button thing4 The dynamic between Pearl and Crow intrigued me and kept me investedThe Bad1 The beginning almost did me in Kind of surprised it didn t Elizabeth I end in a DNF2 The dialogue outside of the conversations between Crow and Pearl often had me laughing in a bad way It s very over the top and inauthentic3 Where the hell did Pearl anngineer get these supergirl Angelina Jolie movie spy thriller fight skills She was taking down trained security stealing guns and making Education in a New Society excellent shots like it was nothing4 I am open to non con type books but prefer the titillating ones This was brutal in ways that didn t work for me Pearl s previous owner Bones was disgusting5 What the hell kind of revenge plot is this Final ThoughtsThe first half of this book was a chore but totally picked up by thend I will continue with the next book to see how it all Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education end. To the darkest cruelest and most beautiful man I'vever known TRIGGER WARNING There are some dark and disturbing scenes of abuse and punishment.

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It had been some time since I d read a dark captivity themed book but Buttons and Lace proved to be worth it I love dark stories with themes that send many of my friends running for the hills Needless to say this book is the kind of book that will trigger many people It is dark twisted graphic and horrifying Be forewarnedIf you don t shy
away from books 
from books very dark themes and a plethora of abuse then this one is worth a shot I listened to the Audible version and I could not pull myself away from it I was completely sucked in to Pearl s terrifying reality I listened to ach of the books in this series one after the other until I had listened to The Baby Swap Miracle every audiobook in the series that has been releasedIn the beginning I thought that Pearl was going to be a weak heroine Her boyfriend Jacob was a total douchebag and she just seemed to tolerate all of his outlandish behaviors I kept thinking when will she get a spine and put this guy out on his ass The guy was a total loser and for some unknown reason she kept him around long after any self respecting woman would have sent him packingWhile vacationing with Jacob Pearl is kidnapped She is taken by human traffickers and sold into a life of sexual slavery Bought by an incredibly sadistic man Bones Pearl is forced tondure unspeakable acts of cruelty This is a huge turning point in the story Pearl undergoes some sort of magical transformation She volves into one of the toughest heroines that I ve ver ncountered It was like she morphed into a completely different person I chose to go with it since the change was a positive oneJust when you think that this story couldn t get any twisted she is kidnapped again This time her abductor plans to torture her as a means to avenge his deceased sister Twisted right Her new master Crow is a business rival of Bones His sister was killed by Bones because of their rivalry and he lives with the guilt of her death Recognizing that Bones has a fondness for his new slave Crow and his brother Cane decide that the best way to xact their revenge is through Bones slavePearl finds herself going from one captor to another Both seem to take pleasure in her pain and seem determined to destroy her bit by bit Her life is one of sufferingDespite his bad intentions something in Pearl calls to Crow He can t carry out his plans to hurt her ven though he wants to Her pleas for mercy get to him He shows her mercy ven as he knows that this will put him at odds with his own brotherWhile he may not be willing to hurt her the way that he had initially planned Crow isn t willing to free Pearl Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation either He wants her and he s never pretended to be a good man Crow offers Pearl a proposition that she can t refuse She canarn buttons in Gender Justice exchange for sexual favors He ll let her buy her freedom when she has 365 buttons Let the game of dubious consent beginAs Pearl s story progressed I reluctantly grew to like Crow Even though what he was doing was horrible hendeared himself to me Right along with Pearl I fell for this despicable man What can I say I have always had a weak spot for anti heroesThe first book in the series Buttons and Lace does Generations and Collective Memory end with several unresolved issues Ixpected that and dived right into the second book immediately I couldn t wait to see where this story was headed If you like dark offensive and disturbing stories Then This Is A Great One Avoid this is a great one Avoid if you can t stomach books that deal with topics such as rape abuse human trafficking tc This is not a warm and fuzzy type of book You won t find any rainbows and unicorns hereCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom 35 Button StarsI m familiar with this author s writing I read a series before from her and I loved that You know I like the characters she creates The heroins are so strong they r naturally fighters they don t accept anything they don t want without a fight they don t act like victims And the heroes she writes them in such a fight they don t act like victims And the heroes she writes them in such way that sometimes you want to hate them but you couldn t and that s when you re at war with yourself This one started out really good dark like what I like them but then the story continued without anything special to happen And then it fell flat but the thing is the writing was good nough that I couldn t stop reading it intrigued meTold. I owe him a debt A big one The payment can't be settled with money or favors He only wants one thing Me Every action gets a reward A button Once. In dual POV 1st person It s the first installment in the Buttons series and it nded with a mild cliffhanger All in all it was a good read and I hope you like it as well 45 button starswell blime me I liked itmy first book by Penelope Sky and it was a damn good oneinspite of the fact that this story revolves around a very well Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America excerisizeduation of the infamous trope captorcaptive hatelove relationship this was in fact a pretty raw vile scenery of the very same theme meaning when our main heroine Pearl gets kidnappedsold while on her vacation with her shmuck of a boyfriend and is brutally and constantly raped by the man who bought her for 3 million dollars her perspective of the current situation she happens to be stuck in changes the very outcome starting with her posture and attitude At first she s traumatized shocked and brutalized by this monster and his associates to whom he shared her with she finds a strength to harden her inner spirit and overcome the mistreating of her body She ndures it all and she changes the tactics and an approach towards her conditioning and the man called Bones who nslaved herShe gets under his skin by complimenting his power and masculinity aiming to nhence his basic vanity and he falls for it giving her a different treatment by
showing her off 
her off the outside world and inside his business I d become a great liar since I started living there When my life was on the line I did crazy things to survive and just when you start thinking how long can she put up with all the gruesome vile molesting the plot changes direction by leading us into a twirlwind of vents that would utterly change Pearl s life perspective thoughts but it will also make her stronger if possible her inner fire AND SPIRIT WILL KEEP HER ON THE EDGE WHILE spirit will keep her on the dge while again fights for her freedom as she once falls into the arms of another ruthless man who acted upon a very personal revenge against his mortal nemyrival Bones He s Crow Barsetti and he s dangerous ruthless and cruel BUT he never xecuted any indulgens in sex slaves and when Pearl becomes a leverage against a man he hates and wants to destroy he never accounted for the power play and the spite of the resilient spirit this woman imposed onto him ven in the unfavorable position she was in I may be a prisoner but I m not a slave You can try to do whatever you want to me but I ll fight back Foraging for Survival every single time When you leastxpect it i will kill you and that s a goddamn promise He becomes fascinated with her and he also can t Fragments execute the desirepunishment in a forceful way inspite of the fact that she s a collateral and a means to annd Their interactions are borderline crazed and intense Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries empowering and yet they both breach their personal inner limits sexually andmotionally inspite the hatred inspite the situation inspite the odds and the game they start to play as he offers her a deal I m not giving you freedom You re working for itYou breathe fire You re strong Nothing can break you not ven meThen why did you come up with this button arrangementBecause i could tell you wanted me You needed an xcuse to be with me You re too proud to give in to your captor ven if you re attracted to him i had to give you a reason And freedom was the only way to do that I was willing to lose you as long as I got to have you first will only bring complex complicated notions lingering as they both cope with facing what s really starting to unravel between themespecially within Pearl the ongoing turmoil self uestioning In one way Crow was worse than Bones He actually made me want to stay He gave me a beautiful place to live with the freedom to venture outside He respected my privacy and never forced me to do anything I didn t want to do he made me feel safe when I shouldn t feel safe at all and that made me not want to leaveSo he was much dangerous and the real danger in the following unfolding implications have yet to playoutThis is a new author for me and I have to say I m than intrigued with Penelope sky s writing The story telling is asy to follow the plot was multi layered and very well presented and despite some issues I had with details not mentioned but were somewhat significant in my opinon concerning the story and the development in the characterisation I fill his jar with three hundred and sixty five buttons he'll let me go He'll let me walk away But I have to arn very single one By submitting. Buttons and Lace Buttons #1