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Many clients random sections of the text ending in cheesy lines from a Forbidden Knowledge porno just to make sure you re stillaying attention and truly in the best sense of this cliche much much This thing is a fucking goldmine of inspiration humor and genuine heartThe first example is a journal entry Jan 22 1991 Started work this week Yesterday was company dinner 220 Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms people fancy hotel the grand ballroom I amlaced at the Burnett management table I hardly know anybody It s shit boring Nobody really knows anything to say White And Gold Uniformed gold uniformed waiters huge steaks with enormous foil wrapped bake The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick potatoes my new boss leans over and whispers I llay you 500 of my own money if you take this otato and throw it across the room I do A oor waiter laden with silver trays bowls and Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns plates walks straight into theotato s flight ath He is hit Smack on the forehead He goes down Trays fly I AM SO SORRYThe table snickers Suddenly there s conversation Drinking starts Heavily Four hours later medics are ushing drunk eople out in wheelchairs This story encapsulates the man and his approach to design Hilarious huge balls and the ability to transform any shitty situation into something wonderful sometimes even by accident I wanted to end with something that resonated with me another journal entry Another thing I am still afraid of sitting down and working on a concept I guess its the fear of not being able to come up with anything fear of failing So he s human too Good to know As a designer it makes you want to ick up and uit your job A completely honest recollection of one of the top designers on how he got to where he is today Every Genocide of One page is a joy GENIUS I love good design especially if it s a little transgressive and I love crazy Austrians so Stefan Sagmeister is my favorite combination of those things It s also hard not to like someone who has such an ironic view of his own importance and who s willing tout himself naked into his own design book or as he labels it Another Self Indulgent Design Book The book itself is very cool it comes in a red Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online plastic jacket which makes it look like there s a smiling doggy on the front But when you take it out of the dust jacket the dog isrinted with green that makes it look hideous and ferocious The back cover as well with the dust jacket you see only Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal positive reviews of Sagmeister but with it off comes Who is the asshole who designed this Twist the book and the edges read Made you look Twist it the other way and there are dog bones Inside there s a flip book animation of a running dog being chopped in half If this sounds toosycho for you well Sagmeister thrives on controversy and being on the edge This guy was crazy enough to have the text for a The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage poster cut into his skin with an exacto blade theoster consisting of a hoto of his nude torso with the red words visible on it You can also go to YouTube and hear him give a lecture on design and happiness Like most Austrians an ironic slightly wacko exterior barely contains a sentimental interio. Ouching The story is a conversation between Peter Hall's text and Sagmeister's handwritten commentary a erfect and believable device for an absorbing dialogue Self indulgent as Made You Look may be Sagmeister lays himself open with idealism irony and humor creating one of the most moving books about design Juliette Cezz.
Of Such Is The Kingdom Part III (Kingdom,
I chanced upon this book many years ago when I was visiting Amsterdam and was so enthralled as I was skimming it I almost arted with all of 50 Euros but for the fact that I was a student travelling on a budgetYet I regretted my decision then admittedly the one I saw was the hardcover edition with the sychedelic 3D image slip cover which now unavailable to buy online As I remembered it it was very authentic and original kinda like Bruce Mao but electrified with wildness and freedomIt remains the single book that I ve continued to look for ever since and I will always remember that cloudy day in Amsterdam where time seemed to stop as I browsed through this book one of many gems in a bookstore stocked by a true curatorEdit Sagmeister just replied to my uestion on his insta account I am now officially his apprentice If you want to know all about Stefan Sagmeister you could do worse than this book I enjoyed his telling of The Rolling Stones design for Bridges to Babylon cautionary tales of client interaction and inspiring thoughtfulness of his design It was a little frenetic to read the copy his hand written notes the margin text similar to much of his design there was always something to surprise and interact with Including random ieces of other stories scattered throughout Great visual design There was a telling moment In an extract from his journal snippets of which are about a third of the total content of this book genius designer Sagmeister talks about arriving in New York and looking through a book of some of the local design studios recent work While much of it was very good which is no surprise considering it would have been from some of the best studios in the world he found it boringEverything was good nothing was interesting And this is all Sagmeister want s to do something interesting Not something that reflects the tastes and styles of a time nothing that references great moments in design history nothing for designers to look at and simply sputter oh yes that s a clever referenceThe obvious thing to say is that he is an incredibly talented designer The second obvious thing from this book is that it s filled to the brim with interesting and original work thought Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set provoking executions and guts Sagmeister has guts It would be so easy to look at his work and just think about therocesses he s gone through whether it would be a rinting techniue an illustration style or a certain use of images and think this is where the magic lies It wouldn t be a complete non truth much raise can be given to the Robot Programming processes Sagmeister devises as they are often very clever interesting and dare it be said uniue Butrocess alone is empty Sagmeister raises a oint Katherine McCoy makes design can not raise ABOVE IT S CONTENTSAGMEISTER S TRUE MAGIC LIES IN it s contentSagmeister s true magic lies in how to make the content interesting in asking the right uestions of the client and trying to considering the audience as best he can Many of us will stick to what we re given take the content rovided and wrap it up. Another self indulgent design monograph Our Fake Relationship practically everything we have ever designed including the bad stuff is Stefan Sagmeister's hand scrawled subtitle for the first book about his work Made You Look This and the book's clear red case and silver gildedages seem contrary to the raw handwritten style he is known for .
Nicely It seems as if Sagmeister tries to do than this and if the content is dry attempts to make the design so interesting that it s hard to know where it finishes and content begins More than talented he s charming He s honest open and willing to let it all hang out often literally Buy this book and you will see him naked Several times This isn t a collection of greatest hits like most designer s monographs are but a collection which has made Sagmeister the designer nay the erson he isThrough very honest writing from Peter Hall and Sagmeister s own journal entries we don t just see his winning moments but Über Nacht probably often than not the things that went wrong We hear about the expensivehotoshoots that return Ad Astra poorhotos the long and stressful hours to roduce subpar and boring work It s so easy to ut the legends of our fields on high horses and assume their work flows from their hands as easily as blood from a vein This might be a burden the successful have to bear we become so use to their uprisings that their downfalls are often kept hidden from us lest they are thrown from their steeds It seems as if Sagmeister cares little of his horse often appearing as if he has fought his ego and won at least in Everything But The Girl part We see the work he is embarrassed by and he tells us he s embarrassedThis reminds us that he is human that he is a normal designer with the same shitty client experiences we all have had to endure and even worse the same self doubts But he keeps going He s listened to hisassion and allowed it to flourish always wanting to do work he finds interesting I can t help but wonder if this is why he is such a good designer Because he doesn t allow his ego to hide his scars Because he is always willing to do something uniue and interesting and different the kind of thing most of us might consider for a moment then just as easily brush it away thinking it too bizarre or expensive or that the client won t go for it A random fact from my childhood came through while reading this book one I m not even sure is true but robably doesn t matter whether it is or isn t Michael Jordan held two records most baskets sunk and most baskets missedI think Sagmeister like or isn t Michael Jordan held two records most baskets sunk and most baskets missedI think Sagmeister like isn t worried about the times baskets missedI think Sagmeister like Jordan isn t worried about the times ball missed the ring but might even be roud of them knowing that to have missed he had to have thrown the ball One of the greatest books that I ve ever read I also agree about what Lou Reed musician new york said about Sagmeister If Stefan was a movie he would get five stars Never been that good Stefan Sagmeister is just brilliant I could lavish Modern Art Death of a Culture praise upon his work for the entirety of this review or go ahead and give you a couple of examples of the sort of thing you ll find in this book which ranges from the many tricks in thehysical The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture presentation of the book all of which will evoke some child like wonder in you touching journal observations scanned in from his own messy handwriting hilarious stories related and otherwisebut always relevant beautiful workersonal uotes from his. Lready setting us up for a wild and very Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie personal ride through almost the entire corpus of the 39 year old designer's work Sagmeister once scratched words into his skin for his own lectureoster at Cranbrook and this is the book version sometimes enlightening sometimes embarrassing always self conscious and ultimately ,