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Ware Within the first 50 pages THE AUTHOR ADVOCATES CHANGING THE CODE author advocates Changing the code your garage door remote every couple "weeks Abandoning your children in the house when a hom. And thrive in these trying sometimes terrifying "Abandoning your children in the house when a hom. And thrive in these trying sometimes terrifying for  Prepared Not Scared The second best thing to having Bill Stanton personally watch your back is to buy his fantastic new book  Prepared Not Scared   Sylvester Stallone Prepared Not Scared brings attention clarity and empowerment in the uncertain times f fear distress and danger A must have book in today's world  Bill Bratton former NYPD commissioner and LAPD police chief Prepared Not Scared the title speaks for itself Bill brings awareness and an important understanding Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of how to make changes that can significantly improveur chances in a life threatening situation  Dr Drew Pinsky board certified internist addiction medicine specialist and media personality In my career I've reported A Valentines Wish on shocking crimes from terrorism to murder cases kidnappings and beyond manyf which dominated headlines around the world I've interviewed both perpetrators and victims and it has always left me with the same uestion How could crimes like these have been avoided  Prepared Not Scared provides real answers giving practical advice Paixão Sem Disfarce on how to stay safe while helping us better understand the way bad guys think MUST READ  Megyn Kelly TV broadcaster None wants to be a victim and the best way to keep from becoming Rain one is to know  what to do in advance At  Inside Edition weften rely In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover on Bill Stanton to showur viewers ways to stay safe in all kinds I Met Someone of potentially dangerous situations Now his readers have a resource to time tested advice to protect themselves and their lovednes  Deborah Norville anchor Inside Edition  Working and training with friends and Martial Arts icons like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris I've spent my life teaching karate and how to best protect Quantum (Captain Chase oneself Bill's book does the same It's like getting a Black Belt for your mind  Bob Wall legendary martial arts master actor authorf  Who's Who in Martial Arts For than 20 years Bill Stanton has been The Other Islam onef the best known security analysts in the nation ffering.

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E invader makes entry Firing a warning shot into piece f furniture to effectively let them know that I m truly armed and mean businessI won "t finishing this n. Practical and easy to execute tips Now with Prepared Not "be finishing this n. Practical and easy to execute tips Now with Prepared Not uses that expertise to show how some basic planning and strategy not fear can keep you and your family safer Who wouldn't want that   Dan Abrams Es founder Law and Crime Network We all seem to daily face the looming threats Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault of terrorism gun violence and personal attack and as a doctor I can confidently say that basic first aid education has woefully failed to keep up withur current challenges Prepared Not Scared tackles medical emergencies head n in a realistic actionable way Read this cover to cover to boost your confidence and know how in any medical crisis  Dr John Spears DO special forces veteran counter insurgency expert and spinal surgeon Prepared Not Scared should be in every home From protecting your nline identity to detecting deception this book tackles new modern and current uandaries in American security This is not your mother's safety guide Read it yourself then share it with your loved nes  Phil Houston CEO Verity And A 25 Year CIA a 25 year CIA and co author f The New York Times bestsellers  Spy the Lie and  Get the Truth Prepared Not Scared is a much needed addition to American bookshelves everywhere Just as threats change ur reactions need to adapt too The book you hold in your hands is the update we all desperately need to correct what we were taught in school and by ur parents  Prepared Not Scared  is modernized common sense filled with smart uick tips for staying safe and secure whatever the day brings  Dan O'Connor founder Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, of The O'Connor Group 26 year CIA veteran and former CIA chief administratorf US facilities in Europe and Central and South America In my professional life as an attorney handling many headline cases that play DogFace outn the nightly news and front pages What You Owe Me of America I can't thinkf having a better investigator than Bill Stanton by my side In my personal life handling the safety and security f my family it's his book  Prepared Not Scared   Joe Tacopina Es       . Prepared Not ScaredIt never hurts to beef up on modern day survival practices Not as good as The Gift f Fear r Dangerous Personalities modern day survival practices Not as good as The Gift f Fear r Dangerous Personalities has some solid tips and advice for being The ultimate guidebook for protecting yourself and your family from the terrifying dangers surrounding us all written by Bill Stanton arguably the nation’s most recognized and respected expert in personal security and protection What do a CIA spy FBI cyber security expert EMT firefighter thoracic surgeon NYPD police chief pastor attorney Secret Service psychologist and a Special Forces Green Beret have in common Two things Like you they all care about the safety and security f their families And they all look to Bill Stanton for the practical life saving tips and advice that can help them prepare for the worst In Prepared Not Scared author Bill Stanton has amassed than 500 years f combined security experience and advice through his connections with world class experts in criminology psychology military science self defense technology and emergency preparedness But Prepared Not Scared is no dense plodding textbook It moves rapidly with dramatic storytelling fascinating expert interviews practical street smart advice and Stanton’s wn brand f no hold’s barred humor           Peppered with useful tips actionable bullet points and factoids the book both an entertaining read and an easy to use reference manual that will help you and incorporate the advice into your daily life With each chapter you read you understand and incorporate the advice into your daily life With each chapter you read will increase your chances f protecting yourself from ever becoming a victim A Boy and A Bear in a Boat ofChild abduction Home invasion  Active shooter situations Identity theft  Terrorism  Sexual assault  Pet injuryr abduction Con jobs  School violence Workplace harassment Opioid abuse Drug addition  Auto safety and security Cyber crime Personal security breaches Deception Muggings       With Stanton’s help you’ll also learn how to uickly identify the bad guys and know exactly how to react in potentially dangerous situations In all Prepared Not Scared will give you peace SOS of mind and the confidencef knowing that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to survive.