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This is just my luck The one RH I actually enjoy is the one where none of the other books are out yet I really loved this ONE LUNA WAS AWESOME I WISH Luna was awesome I wish was action though it just seemed like nothing happened besides her trying to form bonds with her mate I enjoyed all that but it just need ommph I ll be checking out the next book Well this was fucking amazing Gives me all the ood vibes and i adore it reminds me in the best of ways of the lost sentinel series another RH with a badarse female Fuck me i love RH especially awesome RH theres a lot of it out there thank the Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age gods but very few are as captivating and wonderful as this HOW IS THIS YOUR FIRST NOVEL HOWFuck this is like that time i read amanda bouchets kingmaker chronicles and was blown the fuck away and then went to check out this amazing authors what would no doubt be multiple award winning series only to find out IT WAS HER DEBUT FUCKING BOOK Ive been blessed To think another amazing creativeoddess could be finding her courage and penning my next fuck me sideways experience in this very moment and not even know it makes you lad to be alive How delightfulVery pleased to find out you are now an Aussie as an Aussie myself this pleases me immensely Dont ask me why i have no clue must be some tribalism type thing but finding out you also have chronic illnesses pleases me that came out weirdly fucked up i wouldnt wish chronic illness on anyone but as a sufferer of those fucking debilitating bastards myself who also finds solace in books and Fantasy Romance RH especially well it was like Finding A Kindred Spirit a kindred spirit fucking knew i liked whomever waa behind the magical words but just finding out one of the many reasons why was that much fun Next thing i know youll be liking cats and chocolate and ill et all paranoid and have to start wrapping alfoil on my head Also fucking well done on the sexy time scenes Like especially iven you arent the same enre of sexual love as luna ive read some pretty mundane and uninspired romanticbedroom scenes by very married with kids ladies which now that i think about it i feel bad for them like uess they need RH in there lives anyhoo its 530am and while i will always be readingsleeping as you can tell my brain is off its rocker and well as the best of times its off in fairyland like thats a bad thing But considering i need like 10hrs sleep like im a toddler and not a fully rown female this also means im at that slighty existential delirious The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States giggly but brain dead stage hence the batshit crazy review I intended to devour this series so no pressure or anything but please Lol Like i need to just fall into this book world and live there for a bit alsoimme oddess powers please and a dragon or wings or really any magic would be reat healing magic would be the dragon or wings or really any magic would be Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth great healing magic would be the but ya know that or a bunch of mates in the animal planet descriptor and not the aussie slang way Basically id like to be luna moon pleaseandthankyou Arguably am already a luna something atm lol I forgot my train of tho. I thought that the hardest thing I would have to face this year would be Trial Month Gods I was naïve My name is Luna Moon Don’t ask me what I am because complicated doesn’t even begin to cut it I recently found out that everything I knew to be true has been a lie Including who I am Theoddesses and their chosen Guardians have been keeping a secret and in the. .
The Last Vessel The Chronicles of Luna Moon #1Was perfect Truly It has everything I love shifters werewolves sirens yeah irl sirensMALE sirens fae elves and my personal favoritevampires But not only does it sirens fae elves and my personal favoritevampires But not only does it all that it s also DARK It s bloody and sexy and GOD the angs Maybe like 375 but I liked thisIt has insta lovelust but I didn t find it bothered me as much as it normally does For one there is no actual sex yet so that helps the relationships not feel to absurdly rushed and the bond they all feel towards her is an integral part of the story so I uess this made me tolerate a trope that normally has me eye rollingI liked Luna There was a few moments where she was a bit fraustrating but the vast majority of it was authentic to her character My biggest issue with her was the whole I m such a leather clad bad ass and I don t do irl stuff like dresses thing which I always find a bit annoying as if you can t be a leather class bad ass and enjoy wearing a nice dress and not think it somehow weakens or degrades you But this was a very minor thingI liked all of the uys are they were well distinguished from one another and had a reasonably well characterised compared to a hell of a lot of RH out thereThe world building was decent as wellSo in summary if you can put up with The Fated Mates Trope fated mates trope Luna being a little annoying occasionally then I would recommend this book The Last Vessel is one of those easily predictable books in this enre in addition to that it weirdly discloses a lot of the chunky plot points without much of fun fare in the beginning chapters itself Luna as a character starts off very strong She had my attention when she is kicking ass in the chapters before she leaves the wolves territory but once she meets the uys It S All Led Downhill Uickly Her Character Stops Holding s all led downhill uickly Her character stops holding own and seems to pretty much float around in the story as like a vessel merely for the plot than a vessel who is a main characterThe Hello, Snow! guys are over protective alpha males sure but it s the speed at which they reach that place of being completely smitten with Luna that kills the mood Ehre is an asshole for barely few scenes before they are bonding already like whiplash much The whole thing of having no friction with Luna while they are developing a relationship just made this so bland for the reverse harem aspect The plot itself is served out so easily taking the mysterious aspect with it that it hardly leaves anything to make me curious and keep reading It s not even the uestion of being predictable any because the book already tells you so much so uickly that I m just left feeling sleepy and putting down the book often than seeing what might happen next Holy fck woman I m totally on an adrenaline high from the last part in the book I swear I mrinning like a lunatic You are fcking awesomeThis book was brilliant and I devoured it in one A Little Dinner Before the Play go I m pretty sure I speed read it It justot better and better Damn the bookhangover I ll have to deal with now though it was totally worth it I can t wait to et my hands on book two. S of Luna Moon series This will not be your ordinary love story for they are not your typical heroes The Last Vessel is a medium burn reverse harem intended for readers 18 years and over It contains strong language violence and adult themes The series also contains overbearing overprotective Alpha males who will try anything to keep Luna safe I did say ‘try’ rig.

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Ught but basically yay you Good Work You Did The work you did the dorky double thumbs up I wish you all the spoons and idk what chronic demons you ot being bitches but i hope they are exorcised to hell etc id say be strong but you obviously already are So keep your chin up or your crown will fall off and put on sunscreen even in winter cause this aint rainy ol england haha For real though skin cancer aint cute HOOROO Best read of 2019 for me Rose killed it This was beyond mesmerizing Not one time did I find a lull in the story telling Literally on the edge of my seat the entire time Luna is easily in the top 3 of toughest heroines I have read Never had a moment of irritation with her Usually with female leads they do something incredibly naive and stupidLuna was kick ass from page one Such an amazing character This novel does not lack For MCs At This Point There Are 4 Solid MCs MCs at this point there are 4 solid MCs of them I love All dominate All possessive All extremely sexy Vulcan has my heart at the moment but I have a feeling they will all own it before this series is over Storyline is off the charts Rose clearly took her time laying this out to perfection No random moments No repetitions No moment where I had an urge to scan Gah this was incredible I Can Not Wait For book 2 You Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch go Winter Rose Happy reading DD 25 stars 3 rounded upI finished this book at 2am because I couldn t put it down I even dreamt that I was in a reverse harem and men were falling in love with me left and right So yeah this book really spoke to me or I was just incredibly tired and sleep deprivedHowever I disliked a lot abou One of my big tests of how much I am into any RH is if I can remember the names of all theuys at the end I m happy to say that this time I definitely can Luna and her Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood guys arereat distinct personalities and I can t wait to see what happens to them in the next book Effort put into this reviewIt all started off so welland then went all wrong I thought she was a badass female killing it in the Elites I thought we d et some training sessions or trials but no It all went into mate stuff and suddenly she was so super special etc etc everyone was drinking blood from everyone It was all about the bonds and not in the way I usually like I should have liked it but it was just so cliche After several moments it felt as though the blade was no longer a separate entity but an extension of my own body Like she had been mine forever and we had somehow been reunited Crazy I knowReminds me of The Lost and the Chosen I am FLOOREDFirst of all this was a debut novel by Winter Rose And I am FLOORED I think you all know by now that I am a very big reverse harem fan After I read my first one I fell head over heels in love with the trope I m a whychoose when you can have all of over heels in love with the trope I m a whychoose when you can have all of Kind of irl But it s books like these that really solidify my love for not only RH books but the fantasy A Northern Line Minute: The Northern Line genre as a wholeThis story was well crafted the world building was top notch the characters were relatable and theuys were SWOON WORTHYThis book. Wrong hands this secret would plunge our worlds into chaos We are the only thing that stands in the way of the realms’ Future Focus greatest evil escaping his eternal prison Scratch that I’M the only thing standing in his way Themis’ scales have tipped Nobody is safe Nothing is as it seems No one can be trusted Author Note The Last Vessel is the first book in The Chronicle.