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FunAnother fun and entertaining book I enjoyed reading about this group of individuals i also enjoy this group of individuals I also enjoy bots Makes me smile ust thinking of reading the next one Great bookInteresting book great fun to read Cool characters that works hard to be on top of things even if everything happens to them Great book Hilarious So much fun and action this crew is so laugh out loud funny Bob and Nikki and family are in new adventures and finding Lost Guides and rescuing them So many spacecraft and so little time Such a good bookI rated books one and two only four stars because I didn t think of the stories as serious Well serious or not they re still excellent stories and deserve a five star rating which is what I ve given this bookBooks one and two are ust as good as this one and this one is flavorful dialogue rousing adventure and wonderful charactersThese books have been very well worth my time and I ve enjoyed every moment So Will You 25 StarsBob you 25 starsBob Nikki has all the makings of a great television sitcom but the book series is pretty meh pushed barely into okay in the audiobook form due Bob and the boys continue their crusade against the scourge of pedestrianism John is taken hostage by desperate des.


Shady Oaks Bob and Nikki #3Actic community idea and earth a backward planet is a award winning idea I love the storyline of the do good and sleep at is a award winning idea I love the storyline of the do good and sleep at On to winning idea I love the storyline of the do good and sleep at On to next book Loads of fun First contact at its bestI have really enjoyed this series I say that a lot as I m a rabid reader I enjoy the characters and the plot It is good clean entertainment and enough twists and turn to keep the pages turning I don t review with details That is for the reader I ust tell YOU THE BOOKS I LIKE THIS the books I like This certainly one of them Light hearted Science Fiction This is book 3 of a series of a multitude of of events following the rescue of a saucer pilot Nikki trying to repair the saucer in Bob s garage Which took place among other adventures in book 1 Books 2 and 3 the one I m trading now carry on with downhome humor and surprising challenges to Bob s ability to fix things up for better rather than worse I look forward to reading the rest of the series Still Smilin The series continues with humorous bits of memorabilia plucked from movies and songs and used to accent actions and emotions Skillfully played if confusing at times. Place on their feetGet the answers to these and other burning uestions on the next episode of 'As the Frisbee Turn. O the stellar narration The premise is fun the characters are somewhat likable even if they are extremely same y and the tone is very lighthearted The biggest issues here are that the pace of the overarching plot is much too slow for a book series hence why this would be better as a TV sitcom and the dialogue while legitimately funny and lighthearted is extremely repetitive This third installment introduced some solid progression in the overarching story but was still much too slow to carry the series The only real draw here is the fun sci fi elements and sitcom humor which is fine if uninspired After three books I m officially done with the series as it seems clear nothing will ramp up very fast which is a bit of a shame I can only hope Hollywood will see the potential here and make an adaption that highlights the great parts while leaving the glaring problems on the page good little booksthese books were not on an interesting there they were enjoyable as well enjoyed reading "all of them good work Jerry I m having a blast These books are outstanding I keep grinning as I "of them good work Jerry I m having a blast These books are outstanding I keep grinning as I The gal. Erters Can Dee save him with the power of SidewaysThe Residents Of Shady residents of Shady need exercise Can Snitz get the whole.
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