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Cover aside there is so much Yes there is an element of the fairy tale of Cinderella but that is where the comparison stops This has a much real dark heavy and Victorian element to it The rit and Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character grime of London really was areat backdrop for the feel of the book At times it even sprouts a moment of Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences gothic and eeriness to it thatave me chills It slowly draws the reader in initially but as the story heats up so does the pace I was on the edge of my seat uickly turning pages to see how the story of Ella and the choicesdecisions she had to make based on her circumstances and the wishes that were Anaphora and Conceptual Structure granted or not I enjoyed the twists and turns as well I enjoyed Ella as the main character She was like able yet imperfect and flawed I found myself in her corner from the very beginning I really enjoyed the journey I was able to take with her The supporting cast of characters really added to the novel as well 55 starsFor anyone that loves aood dark Between Silences gothic and historical novel that has a dash of fairy tale added Thank you NG and HarperVoyager for this arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinionI am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my and BN accounts upon publication I d like to propose a bargain I will offer you seven wishes Whatever you ask for I shallrant you There are few limits In this dark retelling Eleanor is our Cinderella After the death of her parents she was cared for by Mrs Pembroke who Eleanor remembers fondly It s been three years since Mrs Pembroke s death and in that time Eleanor s once soft hands have reddened and cracked the result of her new role as one of Mr Pembroke s housemaidsEleanor s life is a daily struggle her body aches from the work she does she is never warm enough and she is always hungry Then there is the constant threat of Mr Pembroke himself Reading is Eleanor s only escape The dark spines of the books were rows of windows waiting for the shutters to be pulled back Eleanor imagines what she would wish for if she were Betrayals granted some like the characters in books she s read Eleanor wishes that she could live a life without poverty hunger and danger Eleanor tried to beood she tried to be kind but she wanted so many things that she could feel them Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations gnawing at her from the inside Eleanor needs to be careful what she wishes for though because her fairyodmother isn t the one who made you believe bibbidi bobbidi boo was a real spell image error Cinderella has been retold in many formats over the years but The Shadow in the Glass is a particularly othic and sinister version of the fairy tale When the mistress of the house dies Ella falls from her privileged position as ward to lowly housemaid at the mercy the lecherous widower Mr Pembroke to lowly housemaid the mercy of the lecherous widower Mr Pembroke is desperate to do anything to change her circumstances so when a dark sorceress offers her seven wishes in exchange for her soul she makes the deal But each wish has a price and Ella has to consider what she s willing to do to et what she wants This story is a slow burn It is not overtly magical at the start the fantastical elements creep in slowly and insidiously you re never uite sure where the boundary is between the psychological and the supernatural In this way it did remind of the ambiguity of Laura Purcell s novels By the end I was thoroughly invested in Ella s transgressions a thrilling monstrous tale of wish fulfilment I ive this book 25 stars Once again the tagline A smouldering terrifying new spin on Cinderella perfect for fans of Laura Purcell and Erin Morgenstern set it up for disappointment I am a huge fan of Erin Morgenstern and this book is just different than that Much Gothic dark and destitute Erin s work always has bright spots and lightA very dark retelling of Cinderella Ella Eleanor after losing her mother is taken in by a wealthy family but

the woman of the house Ella is forced into serviceThe book is a classic deal with the devil that you know won t end up well but you still hold onto the hope Ella is 17 18 years old and the book and though her many many thoughts and considerations would belong to someone that age it dragged on too much for me One is responsible for their bad deeds and most of the book she is trying to justify itI believe the book is set somewhere around 1800 and the reality of life for a lot of people was told and explained very well I learned tons of new words but so incredibly sad for a lot of people especially for women The book is well written and sucks you in to olden days London but for me the book would have been powerful if was edited out Thanks to HarperCollins UK and NetGalley for iving me the chance to read and review this bookDNF at 28%Woa talk about a misleading blurb This book is so not what I expected it to be when I reuested it I am so sorry to ive up on it because judging only by the 28% I have read the writing is uite ood and Ella makes a Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War great main character but I thought this wasoing to be a fairytale with a twist and instead I Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French got a darkothic novel with no less than 5 trigger warnings so far including view spoilerbereavement child neglect murder rape and sex trafficking hide spoiler. S hers to make as she pleases But each wish comes at a price and Ella must to decide whether it’s one she’s willing to pay it A smouldering terrifying new spin on Cinderella – perfect for fans of Laura Purcell and Erin Morgenste. Hadow in the Glass did not have ending THAT I WANTED BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY PERFECT FOR I wanted but it was definitely for book The ending is open left to interpretation which works really well for a book of this calibre it also really showcases the depths of Ella s impacts on peoples lives in particular for Charles I do think however that there were some uestions regarding Leah s and Aoife s aftermaths that I would have liked answered at this stageHonestly it s hard to fault The Shadow in the Glass Though there were moments where my attention was pulled elsewhere I found this on the whole to be a dark yet enjoyable journey upon which I would absolutely embark once Content warnings alcoholism poisoning drug use death of parents miscarriage abortion Sexual Assault Murder AdulteryThank You To J assault murder adulteryThank you to J A Harwood Harper Voyager UK and Netgalley for providing me with an e copy in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own Wishes were supposed to be nice things They were Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America granted by smiling fairyodmothers and left everyone living happily ever after They couldn t leave her like this lost in horror and disgust that was deep enough to drown in Eleanor Ella Rose Hartley was once a little At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture girloing on a young lady of society However this all came crumbling down when her charge Mrs Pembroke suddenly died Now Ella is forced to work for the House in which she once held higher standing working long and hard days whilst freezing starving and aching But one night changes everything A woman appears to Ella and offers her seven wishes that ll enable her to change her life The problem is all magic comes with a price and it ll cost Ella s soul To describe The Shadow in the Glass as a dark retelling of Cinderella is an understatement It s a story brimming with cruelty vengeance and desire To liken it to Laura Purcell s work is a ood starting point as I imagine other Purcell fans will notice the similarities to The CorsetThe Shadow in the Glass embodied such an ominous essence in a multitude of ways to easily describe it as harrowing To put it bluntly especially when Goodreads classifies this as YA I felt this book s nature was unnerving There is physical abuse of the household maids multiple references to past rape and potential future rape of maids and also a raphic description of abortion and miscarriage All of this left me feeling suffocated because of how Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism gut churning and worried I was for the characters and so it certainly isn t a light read By the book s end it s easy to understand Ella s decisions and actions even if one does not agree with them She envisioned a particular life for herself one she feels was robbed from her and from where the story picks up Ella imagines bitterly what life would ve should ve been like It s this bitterness in her heart that underpins everything and prevents her from seeing herself as anything but prey and a victim She was ambitious conceited and devious punishingly so often making her a rather off putting protagonist However in the same vein she sood hearted rounding out her uestionable traits Because of this I found her a strong founded and well developed morally Boggs: A Comedy of Values grey characterI really enjoyed the novel s predominant theme of power through the power imbalance of employer and employee societal social standing and also the magical elements of the power the wishes offered The historical time period permitted such illustrious portrayals of Ella and her fellow maids being subject to the House s hierarchy and the judgement andossip of better off ladies in wider society The power the wishes held over the whole story and not just Ella s options provided such a foreboding feeling about how things would turn out It was impossible not to worry that things wouldn t spell well for Ella However it became hard to accept that Ella wouldn t use her wishes when she faced particular challenges especially when it was clear how conniving Ella could be yet acted holier than thou with respect to the wishes this issue I felt was primarily because of the novel s weakest link leaden prose It wasn t merely descriptive it was excessive at times and subseuently sluggish The book really would have benefited from its length being refined to not feel so overloaded That s ultimately what s knocking my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars to an otherwise enjoyable debut This was a real pageturner for me I m talking laying awake at night itching to pick up my kindle and continue reading I couldn t Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago get my mind off it I stayed up into the wee hours to finish it Other than some repetition and drawn out parts this was an excellent debut It s not the first of its kind but it offers arimly exhilarating spin on a classic fairytale and insight to the potential this author has Berlioz and the Romantic Century going forward Definitely worth picking up especially if you love Laura Purcell Thank you kindly to the publishers and Netgalley for providing me with an e ARC in exchange for an honest review The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood is an excellent novel that has it all historical fiction suspense mystery fantasy fairy tale elements and kept me enthralled throughoutI really really enjoyed this story At first one thinks it is purely a fantasy novel butorgeous. Ed away in the library she isn’t permitted to enter One night among her beloved books of far off lands Ella’s wishes are answered At the stroke of midnight a fairy odmother makes her an offer that will change her life seven wishe. The Shadow in the Glass

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This book is tense othic and so so creepy The beginning takes its time warming up but by the end its a so creepy The beginning takes its time warming up but by the end its a race both literally and emotionally Harwood does an amazing job of bringing Victorian London to vivid life through her Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) gorgeous prose A super riveting read that justot and tense as it went on The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood is a dark Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture gothic retelling of CinderellaAfter her parents died Eleanor was taken by Mrs Pembroke to live at Gainsborough House They treated her like their own daughter They also have a son called Charles But when Mrs Pembroke dies Eleanor s life changes and is set to work as a maid under the lecherous eyes of her once stepfather Mr Pembroke Who has a reputation as force himself on his pretty maids and dispose of them when they become with child and to be sent to work in the workhouse Eleanor s only respite when she steals herself to the library to read the books that take her away to different worlds far away from Gainsborough house She wants for herself and she saved up her wages to escape andet a place of her own But one day she finds her room turned upside down and all her money One Touch of Scandal gone She is distraught until if by chance she makes a deal with the devil Whoives her seven wishes but after seventh wish her soul will be taken But she promises herself she will not make her final wish She hopes the other wishes will help her change her life for the betterAlthough the story was a bit low at first The shadow in the Glass is a dark atmospheric retelling of Cinderella that I really enjoyed This is a historical novel and a bit of magic thrown in But it also showed what a different class woman where at that age and how hard they worked and how they had to ask permission for everything they did This is classed as young adult but I thought adult story due to some of its content 4 stars from me This is a Bulletproof Feathers genuinely unsettling book I m still thinking about it a few days after finishing it Iuess the fact that the protagonist is Ella once a daughter of the house now a housemaid puts us in Cinderella territory Ella is frightened neglected put upon exploited and then she meets a strange woman who offers to make all her wishes come true It s too Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store good to be true Obviously But the story that follows is dark and twisty and disturbing It left me wondering about the nature ofood and evil about Ella s reliability and about the truth of what happened Ella moves from being a sympathetic heroine to being someone whose veracity and motivation the very nature of her soul must be uestioned Harwood takes us subtly and cleverly along this journery She also conjures up a world of dampness and hunger where women in particular walk a fine line between respectability And Survival And Being Thrown survival and being thrown on the streets to starve This London stinks and sticks to your skin It s a very Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 good book Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this For me the ability to make a reader feel all the emotions felt by the protagonist the hatred the betrayal the pain the love is a sign of areat writer Harwood truly immerses
reader in this society where truly are treated as disposable prey The third person narrative really helps you understand the thoughts within Ella s head and I loved being in it As a character she s so well written the perfect example of a flawed teenager who wants nothing than to escape the life set out for her while also trying to navigate first loves and heartbreaks Ella s interactions with characters leave nothing to be desired In particular I fell in love with the character of the black eyed woman a temptress no doubt it was hard to know whether you should love her or loathe her at times I also adored Ella s relationship with Charles He was the perfect love interest and if he existed in real life he would be the man of my dreams The references to the source material Cinderella are subtle but just enough to help you form a connection I loved seeing how Ella s wishes Chameleon Hours gradually became darker and darker until suddenly we re not experiencing the Disney version of Cinderella but the original version as it was intended to be experienced I menuinely impressed with the subtleties here Harwood forbids the source material from taking over her own narrative voice instead coaxing it along in a bid to aid her in the formation of something entirely other setting The Shadow in the Glass apart from the reams of Cinderella retellings throughout historyMy issue with The Shadow in the Glass is less about the writing itself and about the formatting and how it affected my personal reading experience I truly don t have a large attention span and I am enerally against stopping in the middle of a chapter This book is separated into parts some of which span over 100 pages For a reader with a large attention span this works perfectly However for readers like me whose interest is uickly piued by alternate pursuits the long chapters don t necessarily work Therefore there were moments while reading this where the writing was lost on me and felt rather tedious Nonetheless the action picks up in the second half and it truly rips you relentlessly This book does not have a happy ending I should say here that The Once upon a time Ella had wished for than her life as a lowly maid Now forced to work hard under the unforgiving lecherous Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide gaze of the man she once called stepfather Ella’s only refuge is in the books she reads by candlelight secret.