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cheating in getting your way so please do not forgive those who cheat because you are only enabling them to get away with shittiness extending their problem of affluenza Title Stone SoupAuthor Heather ForestIllustrator Susan GaberGenre European folktaleThemes Folktales sharing cookingOpening inesentence There was once a comfortable ittle village nestled in the mountainsBrief Book Summary Stone Soup begins as two travelers come to a town tired and hungry and decide to knock on people s doors and ask the ocals for food After being repeatedly denied and told that nobody has food the travelers decide to make stone soup They get the attention of the town throw a stone in the soup and comment on how much better it would taste if they had ingredients At this point the townspeople begin to offer some of their food to add to the soup ending with a celebration of everyone eating soup before the travelers head on their wayProfessional RecommendationReview 1 Horn Book Guide 4 K 3 series By proposing to make a magical soup from a single stone two poor travelers induce the tightfisted inhabitants of a prosperous village to contribute all the ingredients for a delectable stew induce the tightfisted inhabitants of a prosperous village to contribute all the ingredients for a delectable stew illustrations present a multicultural and an attractive array of characters However with its repeated reminders about caring and sharing this is a rather didactic version of the familiar tale Recipe includedhttpwwwhornbookguidecomezaccessProfessional RecommendationReview 2 Publishers Weekly Forest and Gaber previously paired for The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies The Baker s Dozen revisit this oft told tale to demonstrate the pleasures of collaboration and mutual generosity Two hungry travelers denied food by the inhabitants of a mountain village publicly declare that they can make soup from a stone Only they need a carrot and a potato and a few ingredients to make it taste really good Everyone in the town contributes something pronounces the soup delicious and earns the magic behind it sharing Gaber s bold acrylic paintings emphasize the big black soup tureen and the brightly colored vegetable ingredients As each member of the multiracial town speaks up to offer a contribution a speech bubble appears showing a picture of the offering Forest s jolly #Prose Simmers With Energy Bring # simmers with energy Bring you ve got Put it in the pot cry the travelers Flavorful and nutritious this classic tale is served up with a smile A recipe for stone soup tops it offhttpswwwpublishersweeklycom978 Response to Two Professional Reviews Both reviews seem to feel that this book has bold and colorful illustrations paired well with a story that teaches morals and has a happy ending both of which I consider to be accurate The idea of sharing is clear and repeated throughout the story making it a good read for children I noticed in my reading that the town appeared uite diverse which is a point that one of the reviews brought up as well They each mention that a recipe is included which adds fun and multimodal writing to the pieceEvaluation of Literary Elements The illustrations provide a beautiful and detailed vision of the setting and all of the bright colors really make the big black pot stand out once they begin cooking The imagery describing the smells and sounds of the soup as the town gets involved make it feel even ike you are there Repetitive phrases such as I don t care I won t share There is no food and bring what you ve got put it in the pot make the book especially appropriate for younger readers to be able to get involved in a read aloud The ending eaves readers feeling positive about the story as the pictures show even the animals get a share of the soupConsideration of Instructional Application I thought one of the coolest parts of the book was the recipe included in the back and thought making stone soup in a classroom could be education in a few different ways Recipes could be ooked at as a genre and students could talk about reading and writing recipes In actually making the stone soup all students could get involved by adding something to the soup If parents were able to get involved each child could bring in something from the recipe and since one of the ingredients is sharing this would be a great way to really show the sharing aspect within your own classroom community. Legend author Heather Forest shows us that when each person makes a small contribution the collective impact can be huge Susan Gaber's paintings portray the optimism and timelessness of a story that celebrates teamwork and generosity This story about community teaches readers the importance of sharing generosity and vegetablesAugust House Publishers offer an animated version of Stone Soup as well as free esson plan. .
I remember reading or hearing this story when I was a ittle kid I don t know which particular version I was exposed to though it wouldn t have been this one it s too recent In any case there are probably better versions of the storyThis one takes place in a diverse but weirdly intolerant village There appear to be people of all ethnicities iving together in harmony but they all share one prejudice against the poor When the travellers arrive in the village nobody wants to help although maybe The Villagers Just Didn villagers just didn ike the rather judgme This is the fourth version of the tale Stone Soup That I Ve Read I Also that I ve read I also four stars to the versions by Jon J Muth Marcia Brown and Ann McGovernWhat I iked Gender Justice less about this one is that the magic ingredient of sharing is spelled out than onceWhat I really enjoyed about it is some of the illustrations especially the two page spread with all the vegetables going into the pot and the illustration of the cat bird and dog partaking of the soup at the end when the people have finished eating There s also a recipe for Stone Soup at the back of the book which is cool despite an actual stone being included havingittle true appeal for me I also appreciate the author s note at the beginning that gives some background information about this perennial taleIt is a wonderful story about how selfishness turned into sharing and about how each person making a small contribution can make something great I read this edition for the Picture Books Club the June theme is culinary at the Children s Books group and I was happy to read a fourth version I would be interested in reading other versions too I personally didn t ike this version as much as others as it had a preachy tone Other versions I have read allow the moral to speak for itself or allow the reader to draw their own moral conclusion at the end but this one sort of pounded the idea home in an overly didactic manner which really distracted from the story for me From the cover image and book description of Heather Forest s retelling of the Stone Soup folktale I was expecting to really enjoy this here picture book And while I do appreciate the story on so many evels and am in fact completely wowed by Susan Gaber s gorgeous and evocative accompanying illustrations I think that the narrative itself is than a bit too openly didactic Why is the magic ingredient of sharing spelled out not only so overtly but also repeatedly Most individuals even children are aware of the fact that sharing is considered a virtue and it would have been much preferable to have this message depicted in a ess obvious organic fashion Like other versions of Stone Soup Heather Forest s version of the tale celebrates sharing community and tolerance but I think that part of this excellent and essential message is somewhat if not actually majorly diluted by the fact that it is not portrayed with much if any subtlety but in an at times openly preachy rather obviously in your face mannerI do much appreciate the fact that in the informative author s note Heather Forest gives cultural and iterary background details on some of the many European Stone Soup tales I certainly was not aware of the fact that in some of the tales the magic ingredient is not a stone but a nail As someone who has always been very interested in the cultural background and traditions of folk and fairy tales this is a wonderful additional bit of information I would have also From Notes to Narrative liked some suggestions for further reading but I realise that this kind of goes beyond the scope of Stone Soup And I really doove the added touch of including an actual recipe for stone soup on the Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America last page it would be great to make this soup with a group of children and then read and discuss different versions of Stone Soup All in all though while I do find parts of this retelling of Stone Soup appealing the didacticism of the narrative rather annoyingly and frustratinglyessens its appeal and enjoyment factor for and to me but I would still recommend Heather Forest s Stone Soup as an interesting version an interesting adaptation of the tale and Susan Gaber s illustrations are indeed simply and utterly outstanding When two hungry travelers find themselves in a prosperous ooking mountain village they are surprised to discover that no one is willing to share any food with them Deciding that the residents need a esson in the form of a communal meal. Winner of Parents' Choice Award Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year Two hungry travelers arrive at a village expecting to find a household that will share a bit of food as has been the custom along their journey To their surprise villager after villager refuses to share each one closing the door with a bang As they sit to rest beside a well one of the travelers observes that if the townspeople have. ,

The travelers set out to make that famous culinary creation known stone soup Soon villagers young and old are contributing the ingredients necessary for the soup earning along the way that sharing makes everything go furtherAlthough I have a nostalgic fondness for Marcia Brown s Stone Soup which is the version of this tale I read fondness for Marcia Brown s Stone Soup which is the version of this tale I read up this newer adaptation by Heather Forest is also very appealing Forest has chosen to remove her tale from any specific cultural or geographic setting the Brown retelling is from the French tradition but she shows respect for the folklore from which it #Comes Mentioning The Many Variants # mentioning the many variants the tale to be found in European folklore The accompanying illustrations by Susan Gaber are colorful and appealing depicting a diverse community Although I did feel that the narrative was sometimes a ittle too didactic the reader doesn t need to be told that sharing is desirable the story demonstrates that on its own this was still an engaging title I enjoyed this version of the famous story handed down in various forms for many generations I was surprised to earn from the author s note that the version I heard as a child apparently originated in Sweden An interesting fact and it made me wonder if that was part of the heritage of the state I grew up in uite a few Swedes settled in Michigan in its early daysAnyway I enjoyed this retelling of the story The story is all about sharing and especially in this retelling it s all about community In this safe ittle town where people were afraid of outsiders fears were overcome The townspeople ended up sharing with each other and with the two outsiders As a result the community was enlarged and strengthened The illustrations were beautifully done and added to the theme of a inclusive community by depicting uite a diverse group of townspeople Nicely done Not everyone can turn a pot of plain water into a nourishing mealI thought the two main characters were clever men The fact that they chose not to reveal anything about their backstories only made them intriguing to me It was easy to imagine a few of the places they might have first earned how to create stone soup and why it s something that can only be done after you ve made everyone irresistibly curious about what this meal is and why it s a ittle magicalThe message of this retelling was heavy handed and I m saying that as someone who really enjoyed the traditional story it was based on This sort of soup can only exist if its made with than just physical ingredients Spelling out what those things were wasn t necessary The plot itself made it very clear As much as I iked seeing how the author approached this topic I do think it would have been effective if she d allowed her audience to come to their own conclusions about the meaning of itWith that being said I did enjoy the multicultural take on this tale The original version didn t mention the ethnicities of any of the characters involved Even if it had I always find it interesting to see how a familiar plot might unfold if it s transplanted from the culture that created it to an entirely new home altogether Ms Forest did a good job of showing how the same twists could happen anywhereStone Soup should be read by anyone who enjoys retellings of famous egends I ve gone down a rabbit trail of finding stories that enticed me and stuck with me as a kid This is one of them The sense of community and value one person can bring to a table seating many has always remained with me when this book comes to mind Loved It My Grandma Had A Copy it My grandma had a copy kept in her book treasure chest a good folklorefable that reminds everyone not just children of the importance of sharingbut also the idea that we can pretend we are too busy for each other until the intrigue of a magical soul and everyone wants to participate it unfortunately demonstrates that humans only are interested in something special rather than being happy for the simplicity of beingit appears that human nature to move forward when someone needs something and will stay when there is to offer but i think in the religions it is reminding us that giving nothing is better than taking everything hence the symbolism of jesus that christians want to rub in our faces he died for our sins is not the actual message but the message that he took his Fragments life to give making sacrifices is the actual reason why weive and not iving in one man s hous. No food to share they must be in greater need than we are With that the travelers demonstrate their special recipe for a magical soup using a stone as a starter All they need is a carrot which a young girl volunteers Not to be outdone another villager contributes a potato and the soup grows as others bring corn celery and other vegetables and seasonings In this cumulative retelling of an ancient and widely circulated.

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