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A nice overview of the Pocket Books Star Trek universe from when It Still Existed And still xisted and readable My notable objections mirror my ones of the series as a whole Voyager books are as unreadable as the TV series was unwatchable the original series books were as a whole better than the TNG ones and the DS9 books well they were far hit and miss than the series was a good look at trek thought the lens of its novels. Most dramatic confrontations the strangest aliens the most deadly perils that ver tested Kirk Picard Sisko Janeway and their valiant crews Journey backwards through time to

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the best future has to offer SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE The Star Trek Novel Chronology showing where ach book falls in the grand Star Trek saga because readers demanded This is an OK book if you want to get a taste of books prior to the date of this book s publishingIt has xcerpts from various books with interesting lead ins to small bit from another book So if you
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to get idea of what Trek books are like then this is a good starting point for the older books I got this when it came out this is a good starting point for the older books I got this when it came out it s been a sporadic read since thenI adore the golden ra of Star Trek books. Stardate 1999 To commemorate twenty years of thrilling Star Trek novels Pocket Books is proud to present a one of a kind tribute volume highlighting the most unforgettable moments from a generation of bold The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis explorations by some of the most imaginative science fiction authors of our time Selected by anxpert Star Trek fan Star Trek Adventures In Time. Say 1982 1996 And this
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edited by FAN It s gotten boxed away for years with a dog ared page marking my place and sidetracked by me re reading the books talked about againBut I finally finished it Hands down the longest I ve ver taken to read a book but not for bad reasonsBut still I ve been reading this book for almost TWENTY YEARS It s longer than I ve been married and hell longer than this centuryAnyway. And Space contains page after Page Of Terrific Star of terrific Star moments Over the course of two decades Pocket Books has published hundreds of fantastic adventures set in the astounding universes of Star Trek Star Trek The Next Generation® Star Trek Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek Voyager® Here is the crème de la crème of Starfleet's literary voyages the.

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Adventures In Time and Space (Star Trek: All)