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The Greeks Baby BargainI want Your bookI gave it this rating because IT WAS A GOOD STORY I WAS HAPPY THAT was a good story I was happy that the end of the story she was able to get The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage pregnant the only thing that was not in the story that I would have like to know what was the sex of the baby but all in all it was a good story Dont you hate wheneople cant communicate because one arty just wont listen Their mad so uestions and understanding are definitely out of the uestion Then the entire book is about the discovery of said misunderstanding Well that was this book I *was really disappointed by this book I read and review a *really disappointed by this book I read and review a of books This books was by far one of the worst lots that I have ever read The grammar was good I didn t find any misspelled words In my opinion I would rather read a book with New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book poor grammar and tons of words misspelled if the book has a good solidlot and story lineEmma was in love with her husband The two wanted a child but so far Emma was not able to get Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat pregnant Emma was at her doctors At the end of the exam the doctor was called out of the exam room When he left he dropped aiece of aper Emma icked it up and read the words infertile and endometriosis I don t think she even looked for her name on the Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set paper the doctor had dropped She just went homeacked and left her husband She left leaving a note saying she couldn t be the wife he needed Dimitri had a security detail follow Emma That detail reported that his wife had moved in wi. Emma is desperate She needs money and she needs it fast Banks have turned her down so her only option is her billionaire ex husband What she's not repared for are his terms he will demand Dimitri sees his wife for the fir. ,

Th another man Dimitri never followed her and he did not try to find out who the man was He just assumed the worst about his wife for four years If he would have asked uestions or TRIED HE WOULD HAVE FOUND OUT SHE MOVED IN he would have found out she moved in her brother4 years later Emma needed money so her brother could have surgery She had no choice She had to ask her husband for his help It took the whole book for the two to undercover the truth I felt this book was a waist of my time I felt the hero and heroine wasted four years when a second opinion was all that was needed I also felt if he really loved his wife he would have gone to her to find out was going on A favorite Even though I know the story line I really love this book Heroine is native but it s fun I would love to see Greece i liked this book the heroine was a bit too secretive but how did the hero nt kno that she had a brother and why he didnt immediately look into her running out of there marriage is beyond me sometimes love does follow a confusing ath *Tht Can Be Avoided *can be avoided hav to still maintain that this is a good book and ms lennox is one of my favourite of all time romance writers with the alpha males and shy bt strong females and nt forgetting the lots Enjoyed this bookkind of reminded me of an old Lynne Graham harleuin Our Fake Relationship presentsSome grammar errorsbut it did not detract from the story line I loved this book couldn tut it down Emma Christoph is married to Dimitri. St time in three years and is furious that she still has the ability to make his body ache to The Blitzkrieg Legend possess her When she asksrettily for him to co sign on her loan he refuses Instead he'll give her the money In return she will.

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Christoph but after two years together she left him After four years she s come back to ask for a favor Emma needs money ASAP so she is asking for him to co sign a loan for her The loan is for Emma s brother Brian who needs surgery on his legs Dimitri doesn t know Brian excists Dimitri refuses to sign the loan but instead tells her that he will give her all the money she needs if inreturn she gives him children Emma was stunned from his roposal but agreed because she was thinking of her brother Since he Never Divorced Her He divorced her he her to act as his wife the entire time and she would have to live with him too Emma had a secret that she kept from Dimitri and it is the reason she left him but she was not going to the reason she left him but she was not going to him since the deal was for six months so he wouldn t have to know the truth Oh my goodness I loved this book Very sweet very fast and with a delicious man to move things along The sex scenes are wonderful and the way the lot moves is erfect With a wonderful ending she gets her ultimate desire I realy loved this book It was one that I bought as soon *as I got home from work and couldn t stop reading until I finished it in the wee hours of *I got home from work and couldn t stop reading until I finished it in the wee hours of morning But the story made me smile through my exhaustion the next day Great book and I love this book and would have given 5 stars but when I to age 1071 then it skips to Ad Astra page 1078 It stops at oneoint when it starts up I felt like I had missed something. Share his bed and bear him a child What neither anticipates is that the love they'd reviously shared will ignite once again and throw them into the flames of assion The heat of their desire is too strong for them to den.