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Kayla Eli Discover Jazz oWounding neither readingr writing can heal the pain Manuel is dragged Oxford Examined outf his safe space into an entirely unsafe space a place Einsteins Generation of action mystery and dysfunctional toxic family relationships All this is familiar territory to me and Dolores Redondo creates each character with care and attention and gives truth to the situationMs Redondo also has a strong sensef place and I loved her descriptions both Engendering Song of locations I d want to visit such as the winery Herminia s kitchen and the gardensf As Grileiras as well as nes I wouldn t such as The Priory This is a book readers I know that SOUNDS WEIRD STATEMENT BUT YOU NEED TO ENJOY a weird statement but you need to enjoy "Descriptive Writing About Places And Characters To Truly Enjoy This "writing about places and characters to truly enjoy this It is a book to linger ver a warm appreciation The Great Railway Bazaar of Galicia It is also a heart breaking love story the storyf Manuel and his husband Alvaro another character I lovedIn essence though All This I Will Give to You is a murder mystery full Rue Marquis De Sade of intrigue and unexpected twists And this is where just in the last few chapters I didn t feel in tune with the book It became too melodramatic after all the careful build up and beautiful writing However this is personal tastenly and Five Farthings other people are bound to have a different response It s still a five star book for me The characters and places have become partf my imaginative world I really didn t want this book to end It transported me to another place with characters I became invested in as soon as I started to turn the pagesI don t feel I missed anything by reading the translation it was the perfect marriage between writer and translator I fell in love with the location in my imagination I travelled and existed there I must read My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of Dolores Redondo s work she is a try story teller You can proberbly tell I loved this book with no reservations I guess I m by far in the minority and I don t understand how this book got such great reviews It was so boring Inly finished it because I had invested so much time in it It starts Historias de cronopios y de famas out with a great premise policeffers tell a famous writer that his husband just died in a car accident The author travels to the part Pope Francis of the country where it happened where he discovers a seriesf family secrets that his husband had never shared with himBUT there are a million characters and then characters None seem developed well but they were also unlikeable The entire book is a long series Redemption (Amos Decker, of conversations between twor three characters at a time so it s difficult to keep track f everything We are not given adeuate motivations for some f the characters actions We are told a particular character may have a certain personality trait but t I had not heard Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, of this book until I received a daily email from Turnedut to be The Sheiks Love Child onef the best mysteries I ve ever read Couldn t put it down I ve told all my friends about it Lots The Zoo Story of twists and turns Lotsf empathetic characters Very well written An international best seller A fascinating concept Unusual characters Lots Ghachar Ghochar of twists and turns Loved the geographical atmosphere I immediately researched the area about which I was reading Loved the author s writing style examplesHe was looking for some tracef betrayal A relations. Een uickly closed as a tragic accident Its also where lvaro hid his secretsThe man to whom Manuel was married for fifteen years was not the unassuming man he knewlvaros trail leads Manuel deep into The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London onef Spains most powerful and guarded families Behind the walls The King of Crows (The Diviners, of their forbidding estate Manuel is nothing but an unwelcome and dangerous intruder Then he finds two allie. Hip with another human being leaves upon the skin an indelible mark that s subtle but impossible to erase Jealousy is primeval writers have pouredut rivers Captives of ink describing it and the blindnessf those afflictedLoved being educated exampleWhat does As Grileiras *Mean He Asked It Sounds Like Something * he asked It sounds like something do with crickets Response That s entirely misleading As Grileiras in Gallego are magic herbs with marvelous healing powers just short f miraculous According to the legends they grow along the banks f ponds lakes and fountains The expression comes from the word grilo Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, or grelo referring to the first little shootsf the plantsThis is a very different kind Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) of novel from those to which I normally gravitate ie legal thrillers suspense and was so delighted to have chosen this fascinating story I don t remember what was my reasoning forrdering this book something was intriguing enough to click and Utamaro order and I m so glad I did I love mysteries this is a goodne I haven t read many books that kept me turning the page as this Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle one Set in Spain it starts with author Manuel sitting peacefully at his desk before getting findingut the news his husband has died in an auto accident But Alvaro wasn t where he wasn t supposed to be he had another family that Manuel knew nothing about and Alvaro wound up being rich and powerful Manuel knew nothing about this secret lifeAnd it gets betterThe book is lengthy took me longer to read than normal mostly because Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung of the twists and turns in the story that kept showing up I had no idea who did it until the very end and even then it had a big twist that was completely unexpectedThe best compliment I can give an author isne I am doing right now looking for and buying another book from Dolores Redondo I did it againI fell for the hype n this novel Its premise was intriguing The novel begins with an author Manuel in his home who is suddenly disturbed by loud pounding n this door Turns ut to be two police who have come to inform him his husband Alvaro has been killed in a road accidentPromising beginninga couple husband husbandBut very soon the complication arises the husband who was killed was NOT where his husband thought he wouldshould be And that s the mystery Of The Novel Who the novel who Alvaro really And was he really killed in an accident r did someone kill himIt takes almost 500 pages to solve that the novel could pages to solve that The novel could benefitted from a strict editor think Maxwell Perkins There are passages that have little relationship to the hero There are reams A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess of conversation back and forth dialogue that sound forced There are characters who are not well drawn They are manipulated by the author just to advance the plotI finished this book becausewell damn itI started it And I had bought the paperback But I will redouble my efforts to not fall for the hype And to check the publisher thisne was published by Crossing a subsidiary The Earl and the Governess of that scours the world for non English books to translate So maybe that s my beef maybe I didn t like the translator s choicef words There are times where the word choice is Prima Donna odd And it ends up giving the novel a jerky feel whipping back and forth between serious fiction expression and beach read. S a stubbornly suspicious police lieutenant and lvarosld friendand private confessorfrom seminary school Together theyre collecting the pieces شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد of lvaros past his double life and his mysterious deathBut in the shadowsf nobility and privilege Manuel is about to unravel a web f corruption and deception that could be as fatal a trap for him as it was for the man he lov.

Summary All This I Will Give to You

I tried with this book but found it a hard slog could that be an uninspiring translation at fault I found myself a hard slog could be an uninspiring translation at fault I found myself looking to see how much further I had to go It was hard to remain interested in the plot as the characters did not really live for me and to be honest the plot did stretch ne s credulity a little Characters were wooden and cliched according to their roles in the plot To be honest at 85% I gave up and decided not to waste any time Words of Life on it Maybe I missed a final exciting denouement but to be honest there are too manyther things to read Ten Orange Pumpkins out there which I would enjoy Sorry to go against the grain but I have found this book uite tedious It had an interesting story line but everything takes too long and chapters taken the Kindle Amarcord on average about 20 minutes I can appreciate the beautyf the story but I think the book could have been a third shorter without the repetitive and in my The Lady Elizabeth opinionver the top descriptions I have to admit to not having yet finished the book but hadn t expected it to take so lo This is up there with American General onef the best if not the best book I have read this year Completely captivating from the first page to the last Brilliantly written with some lovely characters you just fall in love with some you dislike with a passion and some you feel sorry for An intricate and very well thought Wishes and Worries out plot that had me guessing right to the end which is very unusual as I tend to guess most endings unfortunately I can t recommend this book highly enough Sorry but whether it s lost in translation but I found this a stodgy read There is too much time spent wanderingff track There is a mystery to solve but really this is about grief and finding The Downs Syndrome Handbook out your deceased partners secrets A good book is hard to put down but this was hard to pick up For some reason the book vanished from my kindle and was unrescuable I would normally find this frustrating with this book I didn t careThe characters are well drawn and the scene setting is vivid but always too drawnut whence 3 The atmosphere is what is lacking which is why I suspect the translation Waiting a whole chapter to move the plot forward is not my idea Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, of a thriller SorryI do notice that 5 reviews seem to come from women so perhaps my maleness is the reason I was fascinated by All This I Will Give to You from the first page I loved Manuel the main character who happens to be gay and a writer and I loved passages such as this which I have to uote in full as it really resonates with me Reading was the fortress from which he could defend himself as he struggled in a losing campaign to control the exultant instinctsf his sexuality Reading was a defense a shield his timidity could use to arm itself a guide to seeking relationshipsBut writing was infinitely than that Writing was an interior palace with secret sites gorgeous places a complex When All Hell Breaks Loose of unlimited spaces He explored them laughing running barefoot and stopping to touch the beautiful treasures stored there I ve read All This I Will Give to You in translation using American English btw as I don t speak Spanish but this writing has truth whatever language may be usedThe bookpens with an event in Manuel s life something so. The award winning international bestselling page turner about the secrets and lies Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, ofne man that lead another into a treacherous house f strangersWhen novelist Manuel Ortigosa learns that his husband lvaro has been killed in a car crash it comes as a devastating shock It wont be the last Hes now arrived in Galicia Its where lvaro died Its where the case has already All This I Will Give to You