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Do We Need Pandas?: The Uncomfortable Truth about Biodiversity: 4Well written Clear and concise Ought to be mandatory reading matter for any eco olicy maker The author offers a non technical over view of the nature and complexity of biodiversity roviding a valuable survey of the literature in a re. How much is really known about the species that make up the natural world In this fascinating book Ken Thompson explains what we Do And Don't Understand About and don't understand about We know most species book Ken Thompson explains what we do and don't understand biodiversity We know that most species undiscovered and that biodiversity is gravely threatened by overfishing habitat loss. ,
Adable style and offering a rich set of ideas ON THE SUBJECT MATTER TO A READER INTERESTED the subject matter to keep a reader interested Purchased this for holiday reading to compliment my interests in biology and ecology It is a very well written book clear and eas. Pollution and climate change Life on Earth has reviously experienced five episodes of mass extinction and we are now in the middle of a sixth Do We Need Pandas surveys the Earth's biodiversity its origins and some of the threats it currently faces It then asks how biodiversity loss will. .

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Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? provoking read thatrovides lenty of readable information coupled well explainedWould definitely recommend A fascinating and thought rovoking read that Bootie and the Beast provideslenty of readable information coupled interesting arguments about the best ways to save biodiversity Highl. Affect the human race Will we even notice and if we do what will we notice It asks what we should be doing to secure the survival not only of the species with which we share the lanet but of ourselves and whether we need to beconcerned about ecosystems as a whole than about iconic speci.